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Time Travel and Emotional Human Survival Science

Robert Pope

Director: Science-Art Research Centre of Australia Incorporated

In 1990, as the Director of the Science Art Research Centre of Australia, I was associated with every action of its activity. In that year the world's largest scientific institute, IEEE in Washington, reprinted the Centre’s Science-Art scientific findings published during the 1980s. They were considered to be among the greatest scientific optical discoveries of the 21st Century and were placed alongside such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick. These discoveries were based upon Plato’s Science-Art mind-set to balance the forces of nature. This neurological issue was further advanced in association with the Institute for Basic Research in the USA, which appointed myself as a Neurological Physicist in charge of our joint research into that field of inquiry.

Plato had advocated that within his futuristic Republic women were to be equal with men in creating a global economy for only one purpose, which was to establish an educational system for the health and wellbeing of humanity’s children. That system was not about preparing children to anticipate various aspects of primordial tribal conflict leading to the emotional need to glorify and wage war. Monuments to that now obsolete mind-set have existed throughout the history of human existence.

Plato proposed an educational system to be based upon Anaxagoras’ asymmetric electromagnetic fractal logic evolving universal consciousness to infinity. It is now well known that the electromagnetic functioning of the heart controls the functioning of the brain-mind. Therefore, Plato’s ethical human survival mind-set needed to be neurologically upgraded accordingly in order to further develop his medical Academy’s quest to resolve the collapse of Athenian democracy during the Great Plague of Athens. That plague allowed the Spartan tribal dictatorship to re-establish the Babylonian monetary dictatorship that had once before enslaved ancient Greece.

Proposing such an antidote was not at all feasible until during the 1950s when DNA demonstrated that all human tribes belong to a single species dedicated to continually harming itself. Then it became obvious that the need to wage war was a neurological disease associated with an urge to bring about harm to our species, in particular humanity’s children. However, until DNA human survival information became readily available, humanity had no other choice but to obey the harsh survival of the fittest law observable in nature.

The Centre’s use of Isaac Newton’s subatomic colour particle reality evolving to be able to act in creative accordance with his 3rd Law of equal and opposite reaction to the prevailing destructive era had to be slightly modified in order to become fully coherent.

This involved the inclusion of Wolfgang von Goethe’s colour particle physics, which linked equal and opposite electromagnetic light and darkness polarities together, as exists within the properties of a magnet. Einstein’s mechanistic gravitational theories were also slightly modified to allow them to accommodate Plato’s lost futuristic human survival science and technology information, that he considered was hidden within flat-plane electromagnetic holographic surfaces.

These very slight modifications to Einstein’s mechanistic concept of gravitational forces were needed to deduce Anaxagoras’ equal and opposite concept of humanity evolving toward infinity rather than to Einstein’s entropic extinction. This resulted in the Centre’s famous optical discoveries mentioned above being reprinted in 1990 by IEEE.

Very few people know that Newton published in his 28th Query Discussions stating that

he had completely rejected the idea that the mass of objects in space caused gravity. He agreed with the philosophers of ancient Greece, including Plato, “attributing gravity to some other cause than dense matter.” He was simply trying to allow his 3rd Law to comply with Anaxagoras’ human survival fractal creative mathematical logic in order to bring about Plato’s human survival era to replace its primitive destructive evolutionary ancestor. In the minds of modern day governments such global human survival research still retains an obsolete shadow of a seditious sentimentality.

That is now unacceptable as it is obviously detrimental to the heath and well-being of humanity’s children. Women worldwide, with a love of children, need to become aware of this emotional conundrum and act accordingly.

There is now a great magnitude of published material stating that we might be able to one day see aspects of 4D reality. This is a terrible waste of valuable time. An image in a mirror is a 2D illusion able to instantly communicate biological information to its 3D equal and opposite human counterpart. Viewing Plato’s 3D flat-plane geometrical electromagnetic surfaces in the form of holographic paintings or photographs from outer-space through asymmetric electromagnetic glasses, instantly reveals 4D images associated with that dimension of reality. We now have 2D illusory images conveying information to our 3D sense of reality as well as 4D illusory images imparting instant information to our 3D understanding of reality.

Dark energy is now considered to be a dynamic field occupying all of space functioning opposite to that of matter and accepted prevailing energy. Some have referred to this phenomenon as being the fifth element of quintessence from Platonic science. It is also considered that space-time curvature in some way accompanies 4th dimensional reality. However, space-time curvature associated with 4D reality is now quite obviously correct. When viewing some emotionally biologically inspired flat-plane holographic paintings though the aforementioned asymmetric electromagnetic glasses, holographic images appear alongside the Newton-Goethe subatomic colour particle movement.

Einstein’s mechanistic worldview in the face of this visual evidence simply became a balancing component to Plato’s alternative gravitational element evolving Anaxagoras’ universal consciousness to infinity rather than to its extinction.

We now have to make a choice between Einstein’s entropic extinction of all life on Earth or humanity’s participation within a more ethical universal reality. That reality is about caring for the health and well-being of our children. It is now the time for women worldwide to unite for the future well-being of humanity’s children.

On December 4, 2020, the Centre’s Science-Art associate, the International Academy MAQ - IAMAQ, endorsed by a Science Division within the Republic of Italy, published that our joint research had resolved the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This allows Plato’s ethical human survival science and technology to be developed. This opportunity is rather more inspiring than our acceptance to be governed by the tribal ‘Science-Art’ of warfare leading to our extinction for being insensitive to the well-being of humanity’s children.

Scientists know that dark matter does not emit or absorb light, seemingly contradicting Einstein’s theory of relativity, which now upholds modern day science and technology. The effect of universal dark energy is opposite to the positive energy components that we now take for granted as being aspects of a fundamental reality.

Dark energy has no electric charge and does not interact with the electromagnetic properties of light and time, however it is known to cause gravitational repulsion. As a carrier of light information, dark energy can now be seen to be an equal and opposite gravitational element, devoid of the properties of time as we understand it. Utilisation of this equal and opposite phenomenon opens the door to time travel. This is needed in order to escape the deadly climate change humanity helped to bring about and this is now of paramount global importance.

Einstein’s entropy logic was undeniable until DNA showed it to be a neurologically emotionally unbalanced aspect related to the evolution of humanity. Plato’s emotionally upgraded equal and opposite gravitational evolution is now directly associated with the properties of dimensional evolution. Einstein had quite correctly discarded incorporating dark matter into his relativity theories, as they were completely illogical within his illusory mechanistic concept of total reality.

He had used Newton’s discarded gravitation theories, which to Newton no longer existed. The problem here relates to the use of illusory equal and opposite 2D and 4D information being used for the health of human society rather than for entropic information being used to ensure human extinction.

Ilya Prigogine developed Einstein’s obsolete totally mechanistic worldview after DNA revealed that tribal discord was a global neurological disease. Both Prigogine and Einstein had no idea that illusory images must also obey Newton’s equal and opposite 3rd Law within the structure of a multiple dimensional evolutionary aspect of reality. Prigogine’s 1997 Nobel Prize was a meaningless contribution for the benefit of global humanity. The fact that his research obeyed Einstein’s entropic geometrical logic demanding the extinction of humanity rather than its participation within Plato’s ethical future based upon Anaxagoras’ infinite fractal mathematical logic, is no longer acceptable.

We now have an excellent opportunity to fully develop Plato’s lost emotionally upgraded human survival science and technology, which he correctly predicted was hidden within holographic flat-plane surfaces. We have some rather exciting snippets of information concerning the various ancient Greek properties of water existing throughout the universe that we can now think about.

Thales of Miletus is considered to be the first Greek philosopher and has been referred to as the Father of Science. He considered that water was the basis of all things including the immortal soul evolving to infinity. Although many of his ideas were primitive assumptions he was the first person to predict the eclipse of the sun and nobody knows how he was able to do that. His later follower, Anaxagoras, used Thales’ understanding that lightning striking lodestone created two electromagnetic fields with the stronger one rotating anticlockwise to sustain a biological fractal

geometrical logic evolving consciousness to infinity.

We cannot continue to ignore the importance of upgrading Platonic human survival physics. His use of Anaxagoras’ infinite fractal mathematical logic that the universal biological electromagnetic field rotating clockwise sustaining the evolution of consciousness has been proven to be more powerful than Einstein’s mechanistic gravitational field rotating clockwise.

In 2013, the Planck Space Observatory Station validated that observation when it recorded that the universe was asymmetrically rotating anticlockwise rather than to Einstein’s mechanistic universe rotating clockwise. It is absurd for the Space Station scientists to have suggested that an entirely new form of science might come into existence related to a universe rotating anticlockwise. That concept was the very basis of the Golden Age of Danish Science forced into oblivion by the global economic system, then obliged to uphold the now obsolete Science-Art of cybernetic warfare.

The father of cybernetic warfare, Norbert Wiener, together with the Nobel Laureate in Neurological Medicine, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, warned that it was far more dangerous than nuclear conflict. They advised that the general public must be able to see for themselves that Plato’s human survival holographic reality actually does exist. That opportunity is exactly what this paper is about. Wiener and Szent-Gyorgyi explained that the term ‘cybernetic’ refers to mind control systems being associated with both biological and mechanical control structures. They warned that the general

public needed to ignore Einstein’s unbalanced destructive academically peer-reviewed entropic dogma and to see for themselves that Plato’s balanced cybernetic reality simply did exist.

A quick look at Thales’ and Plato’s strange world of the future involving the various properties of water is rather interesting. The water that Thales considered kept the sun functioning is now called heavy water and the water needed to utilise Plato’s atoms of time travel is referred to as super heavy water called tritium oxide. Plato’s ‘Atom of Time’ related to a possible time travel technology is now being investigated. Whichever way such science develops, it is far more positive to research about evolving toward infinity via our participation within multiple dimensional realities than to continue being governed by Einstein’s unbalanced entropy law demanding the extinction of all life

on Earth.

Medical science informs us that we are mostly made of water and mechanistic scientists have published that there is so much water in space that they say came out of their Big Bang theory, that it is difficult to grasp that so much water came into existence. Unless Plato’s human survival Science-Art to balance the forces of nature is soon implemented then the chaos that is now governing human existence can only get worse.

In 1996 the late Professor Bert Cunnington, a Senior Australian Governmental Social Security Research Officer at the Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland, and an associate with the Science Art Centre of Australia, published a prediction of the present collapse of the global economy. This would be brought about by a global epidemic generated by nature to ensure that the life-force evolved to Plato’s infinity rather than belonging to Einstein’s now obsolete entropic human extinction mechanistic doctrine. The time has arrived to ensure a more ennobling future for the sake of global children.

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Unknown member
Feb 11, 2022

Nel suo ultimo articolo pubblicato oggi 11 febbraio 2021 su, il professor Pope scrive a riguardo del ruolo della donna nella futura Repubblica:

In Plato’s future republic, women were to have equal control

of the global economy for only one purpose. That purpose was to establish an educational system for the health and benefit of humanity’s children,

not the prevailing educational system preparing children

to anticipate economic tribal conflict.

Plato’s Science-Art to balance the forces of nature obviously includes climate change.

By upgrading his electromagnetic human survival brainmind science

into its far more powerful electromagnetic heart-mind inclusion

into the unbalanced 3rd Law, his Atom of Time leads directly

into the science and technology’s association with Time-Travel.

The obvious climate…


Unknown member
Feb 07, 2022

Per inquadrare l’articolo di Robert Pope nella sua giusta prospettiva dobbiamo ricordare che l’attuale sistema economico, sociale e culturale che è presente sul nostro pianeta è dominato da un sistema meccanicistico di forze contrapposte. Dobbiamo quindi porci i seguenti quesiti: come superare tutto questo? – E’ possibile trovare queste risposte negli antichi scritti? Il Professor Pope nel corso di molti anni ha analizzato testi filosofici, scientifici, artistici, letterali e, tra questi, ha trovato la filosofia Platonica molto interessante per costruire la sua teoria scientifica. Nel corso delle varie letture degli scritti di Robert, troviamo un discorso filosofico di fondo: superare gli attuali schemi di contrapposizione di forze globali che governano il nostro pianeta, cercare nella scienza e nell’arte i presupposti…

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