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To all those who have contributed to the spread of MAQ, as a thank you, we have established the Wasiley Kandinsky medal, which will be awarded every year to the most deserving IAMAQ artists.

The Wasiley Kandinsky medal is awarded for special merits and a great valuable contribution to the development and cooperation of IAMAQ.

For 2019, we will award Fyodor Filkov, Grigory Ginzburg, Natalia Morozova, Massimo Pregnolato, Laura Dorado, Ahmed Guib and Aldo Gattuso.

Wasil Kandinsky Medal

Medaglia Kandinskji.png

Wasily Kandinsky Medal


MAQ Partnership Medal 

President MAQ Roberto Denti established the MAQ partnership medal. Both sides of the medal have the logos of MAQ partnership and the Eurasian Art Union. Issued to IAMAQ partners and Honorary members IAMAQ.

The MAQ medal was awarded to partners and statesmen: il Signor Sindaco, Onorevole Avvocato Gino Joppolo, Fedor Filkov, Grigory Ginzburg, Vladimir Gabbe, Christina Navarra, Mikhail Bagdasarov.

Diploma Charles Darwin per Grigory (1).j

"Charles Darwin"

International Academy MAQ-IAMAQ
expresses its gratitude

Grigory Ginzburg

To the Chairman of the Presidium of the iamac art Council.
Honorary member of IAMAQ



For the discovery of a new term
in contemporary art
"Quantistics" - the evolution of humanity as a
result of a journey through quantum works

(Material: brass, amber)


17 September, 2020



The Board of Directors of the IAMAQ Academy rewarded members who distinguished themselves in 2020 for spreading our philosophy

"International academy MAQ_IAMAQ"

expresses gratitude


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