To all those who have contributed to the spread of MAQ, as a thank you, we have established the Wasiley Kandinsky medal, which will be awarded every year to the most deserving IAMAQ artists.

The Wasiley Kandinsky medal is awarded for special merits and a great valuable contribution to the development and cooperation of IAMAQ.

For 2019, we will award Fyodor Filkov, Grigory Ginzburg, Natalia Morozova, Massimo Pregnolato, Laura Dorado, Ahmed Guib and Aldo Gattuso.

Wasil Kandinsky Medal

Medaglia Kandinskji.png

Wasily Kandinsky Medal


MAQ Partnership Medal 

President MAQ Roberto Denti established the MAQ partnership medal. Both sides of the medal have the logos of MAQ partnership and the Eurasian Art Union. Issued to IAMAQ partners and Honorary members IAMAQ.

The MAQ medal was awarded to partners and statesmen: il Signor Sindaco, Onorevole Avvocato Gino Joppolo, Fedor Filkov, Grigory Ginzburg, Vladimir Gabbe, Christina Navarra, Mikhail Bagdasarov.



Has been attributed to:

Robert David Pope

Director of the Science-Art Research Center of Australia Incorporated

Dudley B Leggett

Managing Director of the Sustainability Research Institute, Australia.

Director of Sustainability Research at the

Art of Science Research Center in Australia Incorporated

Robert Paul Todonai

Director of Artificial Creativity at the Art of Science Research Center in Australia.


They are recognized for updating Plato's sacred ethical geometric science to balance the forces of nature. Their research life has managed to obtain clear evidence that the prevalent destructive actions of mechanistic atomic science comply with Isaac Newton's Third Law of Equality and Opposite Reaction in accordance with the truism of their Center according to which PEOPLE MATTER are able to evolve the universal ethical conscience in association

with a new science and technology for human survival.

Their research has been linked to the published research activity conducted by International Academy MAQ - IAMAQ, whose IAMAQ Magazine received the ISSN international issue from the public body of the CNR National Research Council of the Italian Republic for its importance and relevance in the world of science and art.

22 June, 2020

Diploma Charles Darwin per Grigory (1).j

"Charles Darwin"

International Academy MAQ-IAMAQ
expresses its gratitude

Grigory Ginzburg

To the Chairman of the Presidium of the iamac art Council.
Honorary member of IAMAQ



For the discovery of a new term
in contemporary art
"Quantistics" - the evolution of humanity as a
result of a journey through quantum works

(Material: brass, amber)


17 September, 2020

Robert Pope-Scientific Recognition.jpg


International Academy MAQ-IAMAQ collaborates with Professor Robert Pope, Founder and Director of Science Art Research Center of Australia since 2010 through the President Roberto Denti and the Scientific Director Massimo Pregnolato. In recent years we have contributed to artistic and scientific research with three books, various publications and with many projects for university exhibitions and conferences. Professor Robert Pope's research work began in the 1980s with various collaborations with American, Chinese and Australian research institutes. Referring to plane geometry and Platonic philosophy in general, he discovered that the life force evolved towards infinity rather than Einstein's thermodynamic law which requires the extinction of all life on Earth. To overcome this mechanistic system Pope, an artist as well as a scientist, has discovered that some of his paintings contain hidden information, saying holographic when viewed through asymmetrical electromagnetic glasses. This discovery is defined as "the visual collapse of the wave function described by Heisenberg's indetermination principle."

4 December, 2020

The International Academy MAQ- IAMAQ Movimento Arte Quantistica is a "International research organization, with general scientific and artistic competence and collaborate with scientific research institutes in Italy and in other countries, who carry out activities of primary interest for the promotion of science and art for the progress of the World".Neurological Research conducted by the Director of the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, Professor Robert David Pope, in collaboration with the International Academy MAQ – IAMAQ, has resulted in a growing number of eminent scientists proclaiming that their joint Science-Art research has resolved the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. This resolution is of historical scientific importance. This proclamation is so distinctive that Pope is hereby provided with Scientific Recognition from IAMAQ for instigating such acclaim.“Greek philosophy can be adequately understood only if one recognizes that it arose in conjunction with ancient medical theory, with which most educated Greeks were familiar” (Carrick, 1985, p. 26; Edelstein, 1967, p. 361). The NASA archives record ‘The Concept of Fractal Cosmos: I. Anaxagoras’ Cosmology’, by Petar Grujic in 2001. Grujic published “We trace the development of this concept from the presocratic Greece to the present state of affairs.” As the physics advisor to the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia this information had already instigated the Centre’s research program during the 1980s. By programming computers to simulate Plato’s unique geometrical math-law-logic located within the fossilized seashell geological time-frame structure, it was discovered that the life-force evolved to infinity rather than toward Einstein’s thermodynamic law demanding the extinction of all life on Earth. These experimental discoveries were published by Italy’s scientific journal, ‘Il Nuovo Cimento’. The world’s largest scientific research institute, IEEE in Washington, reprinted the papers as belonging to the most important optical mathematics of the 20th Century, placing the discoveries alongside such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick.In 1857, Pasteur published that the life-force controlling universal dynamics rotated asymmetrically anticlockwise. In 1905, Einstein published the exact opposite stating that the universal mechanistic electromagnetic forces rotated symmetrically clockwise as a first cause principle. On the 21st of March, 2013, the European Planck Space Observatory recorded in detail that the 'First Light' created in the universe was rotating anticlockwise. The Planck Observatory's findings suggested that "A perplexing asymmetry in relic radiation may point to new physics”. Therefore, the prevailing science had no understanding that the Golden Age of Danish Science had already used Anaxagoras’ invention of a biological creative infinite fractal logic to predict that consciousness evolved to infinity.In 1990, the Science-Art Research Centre, Australia in collaboration with the Institute for Basic Research in America, upgraded Plato’s optical mathematics advancing it into a physics mathematical format. When Einstein’s worldview logic was applied to simulate futuristic seashell growth and development, only deformed simulations were obtained. This result confirmed that Einstein’s mechanistic Theory of General Relativity is indeed carcinogenic because deformed simulations cannot progress to infinity, but rather, they turn in towards themselves and self-destruct.Plato’s antidote to this disease described a holographic image hidden within a flat plane geometry. When some paintings are viewed through asymmetric electromagnetic glasses, curved art-forms can be seen traversing through a holographic background. Einstein was unable to understand that this subatomic curvature ability could include any biological function, as it could only be described as belonging to his mechanistic counterpart.On September 3, 2015, the paper entitled “Can humans ever directly see a photon?” was answered by Dr Chrisopher Baird who wrote that: “A fully-realistic photon recreation of a physical object will not be possible until holograms are able to accurately recreate color information.” When holographic paintings are viewed through asymmetric electromagnetic glasses, the location of the images is accompanied by profound movement. This movement is now held to resolve Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. This detection is a most important discovery in science. The father of modern cybernetic warfare, Norbert Wiener, rejected prevailing tribal science’s emotionally-diseased destructive structure. Wiener wrote about a very small amount of visual catalytic energy-information must enter now into the psyche of the general populace in order to implement Plato’s balancing human survival Science-Art.



The Board of Directors of the IAMAQ Academy rewarded members who distinguished themselves in 2020 for spreading our philosophy

"International academy MAQ_IAMAQ"

expresses gratitude


Laura Silvina Dorado Saso

Director of the International Institute of Latin America IAMAQ
Member of the Presidium of the Art Council

Honorary Member IAMAQ

(Laura sì is particularly distinguished for the diffusion of quantum poetry, for the organization of international events on line, the exhibition online competition organized with Sade Società Scrittori Argentini, become our partner)



Ahmed Mahmoud Gueiba 

Director Of the international Institute for the Middle East IAMAQ
Member of the Presidium of the art Council
Honorary member IAMAQ

(Ahmed has particularly distinguished himself for the search for new members, for the organization of the important exhibition in Cairo, for the opening of the Quantum Star School in Cairo and for teaching children and disabled people)


Massimo Ricchiuto Massiricchi

Director of the abstraction Department international Institute of Europe IAMAQ,
Member of the Presidium of the art Council

(Massimo has particularly distinguished himself for the search for new partners, for the cooperation agreement with Expressioni d'arte, for the continuous diffusion of quantum art)


special contribution to the development of the Academy
and promotion of the philosophy of " Quantum art "


(Material: brass, amber)

14 December, 2020

Mark Lance Moody


This Independent Science Researcher is hereby recognized and greatly honoured for
modernizing Plato’s human survival ethical cybernetic Science-Art to balance the forces of
nature and for the evolution of the cognitive system. This knowledge is essential to stabilize
global climate change on Earth and to evolve the social systems that govern the planet.




Mark Lance Moody and his close scientific colleagues Franco Gaetano Ivaldi, Martin Cosentino, Randy Sorokowski involved with this enterprise are fully conversant with Plato’s electromagnetic geometrical structure of the universe as endorsed by the philosopher of History and Philosopher of Science at Michigan State University, Richard L Isatala.


5 april, 2021

Certificate for MARK LANCE MOODY.jpg


They understand that the prevailing destructive tribal science forced to obey the survival of the fittest law is now complying with Isaac Newton’s 3d Law of motion. Plato’s atomic human survival science is simply evolving creative science as a reaction to Newton’s equal and opposite former destructive atomic counterpart. It is considered imperative that humankind knows that the evolving pattern of living consciousness can now be seen all around us all and that it governs the infinite multidimensional functioning of the entire universe.

Certificate for Christopher D.J. Maylor.


Christopher D . J . Maylor


This Independent Science Researcher is hereby recognized and greatly honoured for
modernizing Plato’s human survival ethical cybernetic Science-Art to balance the forces of
nature and for the evolution of the cognitive system. This knowledge is essential to stabilize
global climate change on Earth and to evolve the social systems that govern the planet.


17 april, 2021

Certificate for Robert Pope.jpg


Professor Robert Pope


the partnership since 2010 between QAGI-Quantum Art Group Italy and Science-Art Center of Australia Incorporated, the many works on art and science carried out
together and concerning editorial projects, scientific and artistic studies

International Academy MAQ - IAMAQ Quantum Art Movement, emanation of QAGI Italy and International and of MAQ Quantum Art Movement

Senior  in Science-Art Mathematical Physics at the Science-Art Center of Australia Incorporated



May 2021