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The international art project WE ARE TOGETHER
with the guest participation of the Russian Academy of Arts

on October 10-14, 2023 at the Vernadsky State Geological Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The International Academy of Quantum Art IAMAQ has been actively involved in cultural cooperation with Russia since 2016. For this project, the Council of the President of IAMAQ established a commemorative award "The Golden Star of IAMAQ "COMMONWEALTH of ARTS" and the medal "For Merits in Culture and Art" for contribution to cultural international cooperation.
The audience was addressed by: President of IAMAQ Roberto Denti (Roberto Denti), Vice President of IAMAQ Mona Unica (Natalia Morozova), Chairman of the Presidium of the Artistic Council of IAMAQ Grigory Ginzburg. The project was attended by representatives of the Embassies of Italy and Armenia in the Russian Federation. The Russian brand "Evgeny Gusev Studio" held a fashion show of the "Geese-Swans" collection, in which he visualized the cultural code of Russia with modern images. At the end of the solemn part, the Anthem of the "COMMONWEALTH OF ARTS" performed by Alice Morozova, the words of Natalia Morozova sounded.

The commemorative award "Golden Star of the IAMAQ "COMMONWEALTH of ARTS" was solemnly presented to:
The First Secretary of the Italian Embassy in Russia, the Head of the press Service Nicola Iorio
To the Director of the Cultural Center of the Armenian Embassy in Russia Vladimir Rubenovich Gabba
To the President of the RAH Zurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli
To the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Russian Gallery XI century" Pavel Nikolaevich Sokolov
"Moscow House of Nationalities" First deputy director Safaralieva Dilyara Gadzhimetovna
Grigory Nikolaevich Ginzburg, Chairman of the Presidium of the IAMAQ Art Council
To the General Director of LLC "Road Investment Company" Massimiliano Pagani

The commemorative award medal "For Merits in Culture and Art" was solemnly presented:
To the Director of the V.I. Vernadsky State Geological Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Vladimirovich Cherkasov
To the editor-in-chief of the journal "Questions of Cultural Studies" Andrey Valeryevich Agoshkov
To the Director of the Computer Graphics Department, Academician of IAMAQ Vladimir Vladimirovich Khvostov
RP-to the director of the International Art Institute Russia-Asia IAMAQ, academician of IAMAQ Elena Silantieva.

At the exhibition, artists
of modern painting, sculpture, graphics, computer graphics are presented to the audience of Buli:

Roberto Denti-Italy
Mona Unica (Natalia Morozova)-Russia
Konstantin Vasilyevich Khudyakov-Russia
Elisabetta Denti-USA
Guido Marcello Poggiani-Italy
Leonid Feodor (Fedorovich)-Russia
Fausta Dossi-Italy
Vladimir Vladimirovich Khvostov-Russia
Rosario Cali RO CA-Italy
Laura Dorado-Argentina
Massimo Ricchiuto-Italy
Maria Semenova-Zatsarnaya-Russia
Alexander Arosev – Kashirin-Russia
Alexander Verstov-Russia
Larisa Ivanova-Russia
Irina Pavlova-Russia
Maria Cristina Diaz Di Risio-Argentina
Ahmed Mahmoud Gueiba-Egypt
Madeleine Rose Frampton Cobb-Australia
Boopen Doobah-oh.Mauritius
Gabriella Fabbri-Italy
Marco Bozzini-Italy
Maria Concetta Lomartire-Italy
Roberta Musi-Italy
Evgeny Gusev-Russia
Alexander Alalykin-Russia
Evgeny Netra-Russia
Ihab Fadel Abu Musa-Egypt
Arkady Babich-Russia
Sergey Kupriyanov-Russia
Elena Vogulkina-Russia
Quantum Poetry:
Elisabetta Granieri Galilei-Italy
Sofia Skleida-Greece

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