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The journal “Russian Gallery - XXI Century” is an international journal which covers art reviews of paintings, graphics and works of decorative and applied art by modern Russian and foreign artists.

Thousands of Russian and foreign museums and galleries receive the international journal “Russian Gallery - XXI Century”. In addition, the journal is sent to the libraries of Russian centers of science and culture in 83 countries of the world.

The journal is intended for a wide range of readers. Russian and foreign gallery owners, art critics, art historians, professional artists and any art lovers will find interesting and useful information. The journal was first published in 2006 on the initiative of the Union of Artists of Russia and with the support of the Non-Profit Foundation of Assistance to National Culture and Art Development.

Among the members of the editorial board, the partners of our journal and the experts are Z.K. Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of Arts; A.N. Kovalchuk, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Artists of Russia; N.I. Borovskoy, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, People's Artist of the Russian Federation; G.N. Ginzburg, Head of the Expert Council of the Eurasian Art Union, Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany, Hannover), Honourary Doctor of Art, Professor, and other members of the International Academy of Culture and Art, professors, full members of the Russian Academy of Arts, department heads and members of the Union of Artists of Russia.

A special direction of the work is the support of children's art and the organisation of art exhibitions at the sites of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the State Kremlin Palace, the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. We have a successful experience in organizing foreign exhibitions of pictures in the collection of the Foundation of Assistance to National Culture and Art Development.

Espressioni d' Arte

La valorizzazione dell' Arte in tutte le sue forme




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Ruggero Cairo


“Espressione d’Arte”, con sede a Ostuni, è un’associazione senza fine di lucro con scopi esclusivamente culturali che promuove nell’ intero territorio nazionale ed estero attività per la valorizzazione dell’Arte in tutte le sue forme compreso l’artigianato artistico.

Essa è stata pensata, fin dalla sua costituzione, come un momento progettuale, operativo di incontri, confronti e relazioni tra persone che studiano, fanno arte e generano scambi di idee, tecniche e confronti costruttivi senza limiti territoriali e di età. Le attività per la realizzazione del progetto sono pensate come: siti e portali web, convegni, seminari, incontri per lo studio ed approfondimenti tematici, eventi espositivi, pubblicazioni di cataloghi ed annuari, attività didattiche e divulgative, tour nei luoghi di interesse storico, artistico e culturale, realizzazione e gestione di laboratori e spazi d’unione. Utilizziamo per le nostre attività trasmissioni radio locali, web Tv ed editoria cartacea e web. Vogliamo garantire soprattutto attenzione ai

giovani che spesso non trovano uno spazio adeguato a far emergere la loro capacità e preparazione.


In 2016 the new executive council elected Guido Marcello Poggiani as President and the name of the group has been changed to, “Artists of Via Bagutta Cultural Group” to consider also the various artistic expressions that have gradually been added to painting such as: drawing, sculpture, graphics and photography. The group, besides the free theme artistic awards and exhibitions, is now including wider cultural activities such as: encounters and comparisons, debates; presentation of publications meetings, conferences, at the headquarters in Corso Garibaldi 17. And of course it is open to proposals of collaboration and interaction with the neighbourhood and also with other vital forces of the territory; form collectors of art and those who simply love beauty in all its forms and know how to seek the features and traits in a painting; in the contagious

passion of the artist who, in a street of the city, talks about his work. Or under that Lombardy sky so beautiful when it is beautiful, Just so!

There are aspects of Mi l a n that immediately give the sense of its dynamic and incessant evolution : such as the sparkling skyline of “Porta Nuova” with its steel and glass skyscrapers; the happy “Movida” evenings at the modernised “Darsena” dock; the “LILLA” the new tube line which with no driver on board, transports the people around the city.

Others that seemto cross time;which are in fact Milan as it was yesterday and is today: the rattling of the trams, the sunny yellow colour of the “risott giald” (Milanese risotto); the fragrance of the Panettone in the cake shops at Christmas.

Among all these we like to think of the gossiping saunter of native and non-native Milan people chatting and strolling among the paintings of “Via Bagutta” during the “Open-Air Art Fair”; inaugurated more than half a century ago and still vital during both its events in spring and autumn. We have come a long way since the time of the “Baguttians”!

The “Bagutta Group” was founded in 1964 by Bruno De Cerce, who led the Group till 1979. After him as president of the Group came Aldo Cortina t i l l 1988, then Romualdo Caldarini from 1989 till 2015 (today Honorary President).





President Сultural Association GuizArt

President Cultural Association of Artists Via Bagutta, Milan

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Guido Marcello Poggiani


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GuizArt has been operating in the art world at 360 ° since 1994 Managed by Guido M. Poggiani and his wife Anna, and various advisors and friends such as Giampieri Enrico, Sarhtori, Roberto Denti and Gennaro Montanaro, who have been engaged in the same environment for years . The Cultural Association has conceived and implemented various cultural projects with many municipalities and public and private bodies not only in the Milan area. We report the collaborations with the Museum of Transport of Ranco, ATM, Qantas, Australian Tourism Authority, Enel, Forest Ber, e-zero, Museum of Recycling, Brera and 3 Belgrade High School, Ex Martinitt.

We have created poetic-pictorial publications, conferences and poetry meetings, including Milanese dialect. The GuizArt association contains over 300 artists of various trends, including photographers, writers, designers, graphic designers, craftsmen.

For over 7 years the theme of recycling has been in the schedule of various programs and they have brought the association to different municipalities thanks to the RIGENERaRT project (different declinations) and inserted or combined with other events. Workshops are organized for adults and children not only classics but above all with a "recycling" theme, such as creating not only works of art but everyday objects, these are also carried out directly in the classes with the involvement of the family and teachers, starting from a information and awareness in respect of nature.

The management of ArTéGalleria, in the context of the Artepassante project, (recognized as a subject of regional relevance), increases the quality and professionalism of the association by offering a space of 350sqm (and beyond) equipped for art events and beyond, with contamination musical and of different nature, always in the context there are artistic and musical courses.


The Eurasian Art Union is a non-profit public organization that unites both individuals-artists, art historians, artists, artists and people who promote the arts, and legal entities - organizations working in the field of the World of Art, Design and Technology in Europe, Asia and other continents.

The Eurasian Art Union supports international cooperation and artistic exchanges, is free from political or other biases, and aims to improve the economic and social situation of artists and artists at the national and international level.

The Commonwealth was created for the purpose of accumulating modern technologies in the representation, promotion and support of creativity, career and commercial realization of a wide audience of creators, promoting the preservation of objects and places of cultural heritage, supporting talented individuals – its members, protecting their copyrights, creative interaction with foreign and international associations and other diverse activities in the field of contemporary art.

The activity of the Union is based on three principles:

* modernity and technology;
* activity and intensive communication;
* professionalism and support.

The Eurasian art Union serves the ideas of not only national art, but also international integration, so its members can be and are both national public and non-profit organizations and individuals who represent national interests in their countries, as well as international communities whose interests extend beyond the borders of one country or nation.


The practical activities of the Eurasian Art Union include:

Support for authors:

The Eurasian Art Union provides consulting, organizational and practical assistance in creative and commercial promotion to each participant,
Professional art managers of the Association provide assistance to authors in preparing personal presentation materials, participating in exhibitions, fairs, and art projects in Russia and other countries
Specialists of the Union provide consulting services on pricing and copyright compliance, long-term contracts and commercial transactions, customs clearance of works, and other legal and commercial issues.
Participation in government programs, grants and promotions:
The Union actively participates in state programs and implements a number of all-Russian grant areas (within the framework of the "Culture" program), including the "Art Geography of Russia" program.

Publications, catalogs:

Publishing activities of the Eurasian Art Union include a number of collections and catalogues dedicated to specific exhibitions that contribute to the commercial success of each participant. It publishes a quarterly online magazine that publishes original articles and reviews, discussions on current topics, and research prepared in partnership by leading universities.


Exhibition and fair activities:
Every year, the Eurasian Art Union participates in more than 100 major exhibition projects held both in Russia and in Europe and Asia. A lot of work is being done to organize personal exhibitions and special events that contribute to the creative and commercial promotion of the Commonwealth participants.

Master classes, lectures and promotions:

Within the framework of events organized or participated in by the Eurasian Art Union, special master classes, lectures, advertising and promotional events are regularly held, aimed at establishing an informal and deeper contact between artists and the audience. Among them: Art-Ring, Art Lecturer and many others.


Academic exhibition:

Under the auspices of the Union, a number of international academic projects have been established for systematic work and generalization of the experience of the most successful technologies and know-how in the field of art. Each of the projects helps to identify new talents, and is an academic platform for creative initiatives, discussions, and research on the current state of Russian art. Among these projects: "Russian art Award", "Russian talent", "Russian art Week", "Russian Cup of art - Assembly of Arts" and others.


Scientific symposia and conferences:

The Union participates actively in the international Symposium "Art in the age of globalization", "Innovations in art education", as well as in a number of other scientific and academic conferences and symposia.

Fedor Filkov (Russia)
Vice-President of the Eurasian art Union
Member of the Presidium of The national society of pastelists
President of the Russian branch of the world Fund for the Arts 
Academican of the European Academy of natural Sciences
Member of the International Association of writers and publicists
General Director of the Art of the future Production Agency"



Founder IAMAQ

Artistic General Director/


Member council art presidium


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ARTA INDIANOCEANIKA is a not-for-profit community-based organisation in Mauritius that develops, promotes and produces high quality visual arts, writing, poetry, music and crafts through a range of arts access, workshops, art residencies, and education programs, community activities, exhibitions and events. We aim to contribute to the cultural life of the Mauritius, and Indian Ocean- Africa region by nurturing creative potential, supporting artists and encouraging people of all ages and background to actively engage with various art forms.

Boopen Doobah



Arta Indianoceanika







Is one of the rare multi-talent Mauritian have studies and excellent in both Art and Strategic Management and Policy Studies, Art Market from Mauritius, UK and Sweden. In the eighties, he started his tertiary training in Fine Arts at local level and moved to France and Reunion to work under the guidance of Arts Masters. On his return, he worked as Fine

and Visual Arts instructor at the Mahatma Gandhi institute. Boopes is the Founder of ARTA  INDIANOCEANIKA TM.

He has been very active as Founder Member of Studio D’Art, Art Action, Le Collectif, CODAPArt, among others where local artists were involved in Art residencies, workshops and exhibitions in Mauritius, Indian Ocean and at International Levels: His major achievements have been his selection in 1993, for the Salon D’Automme, at Grand Palais in Paris, his participation in the Kunst Academy Exhibition in Mauritius, The Johannesburg Biennale of Arts, Le Collectif at Marie de Long Jumeau, France, Arts Afrique-Océan Indien and the Salon di Mai of 2018.

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The cultural association of artists of caltagirone Ghìràn, was born from the desire of a group of fans of photography, ceramics and painting, to put together their skills to share with the city and the compresorio, in order to spread the art in all its forms.For this reason the association is open to all categories, beyond the above mentioned, such as music, dance, writing, etc.

Aldo Gattuso (Italy)

President Ghiran association of artists of Caltagirone

Department Director photography IAMAQ

Member of the international jury In the Eurasian Art Union


The name Ghiràn comes from the ancient name of Caltagirone “Qal'at Al Ghiràn” or Fortress of the vases. Aims and purposes of the association are:- promote the culture, the technique and the language of art, figurative, ceramic and photography, through awareness-raising activities, the creation of events, exhibitions, conferences, video screenings, post-production, short films, thematic workshops, seminars, competitions, courses, and training courses and workshops, designed to disseminate art in all its forms of expression, as well as to contribute to inclusive growth and solidarity of the community, also thanks to the contribution of personnel external to the organization involved, especially but not only, with regard to the accessibility of persons with disabilities, the social inclusion of persons in execution of sentences, young people with fewer opportunities and disadvantaged people in general; - aggregating and involving all the stakeholders, public and private, in the field of the visual arts, craft, ceramic, photography, writing, theatre, dance and music, are engaged or wish to engage in promoting cultural exchanges both inside and outside the Association, proposed the innovative design of the impact cultural, educational, social, and research and/or development with regard to the social and economic wellbeing of the territory in which the Association operates; - enhance through the image to the UNESCO world heritage site, local and regional, as well as the works of historic, artistic, architectural and natural heritage, with particular reference, though not exclusive, to the local area, enhancing as much as possible, the customs, uses and traditions, in order to spread the knowledge even beyond the regional and national boundaries of the Country and to attract a tourism that is sustainable, respectful of the art, culture and landscape, conscious and eco-fair;- promote the establishment of artistic, photographic and Video Archives both paper and digital, holding, maintaining in efficiency, increasing and disseminating the same.

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