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A new trend in the fashion world 


Haute Couture

The brand name "MODENARO" the initial syllables of the names and surnames of both authors:






The appearance of the direction and the implementation
of new fashion solutions is the result of creative activity and the process of research of

"Quantum Art", which discovered

"Quantum fashion"

Natalia Morozova
Roberto Denti

The idea of creating the brand "MODENARO" belongs to the designer Roberto Dendi and the designer from Russia Natalia Morozova. Roberto Dеnte presented the idea of the synthesis of science and art and wrote the manifesto of "Quantum Art", which gave modern society a new direction, which was recognized by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences as a new direction in science.

Магазин одежды
promenade_moda_117_Unisex blu-2.jpg
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The very idea of creating a fashion collection did not come to them spontaneously. This was laid down in both from birth. Roberto's mother is a fashion designer and designer of clothes, as well as Natalia's grandmother, have been creating and creating clothing models all her life. It was the creative union of two thoughts in one direction that synthesized the creation of the "Quantum Mode".

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In their collection, they demonstrated the idea of a combination of styles in which the classics are perfectly combined with sports and perfectly complement each other, adding their quantum works of artists to the collection of prints. The women's collection contains the fundamental code of the Universe, a spiral shell, a symbol of the feminine principle. The design of the model and its development keep the clothing line concise, frames and logically completes the idea of quantum fashion.

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