A new trend in the fashion world 

Quantum collection

The quantum collection  MODENARO received the first place in Moscow at the exhibition"Couturier of the year 2019". The presentation of the collection was successfully held in Italy, in Sicily, as part of the program " beautiful November in Caltagirone... together with the fashion show "Scuola di Moda Ipsia Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa", directed by fashion Professor Cristina Navarra, a collection of fashion products from processing on the theme of production and use of Caltagirone ceramics was presented.

Development and production of a collection of Italian fabrics, at the Solo Moda factory in Italy, the city of Como, known worldwide for its art of innovative printing on fabrics, and the implementation of so products with stylists and designers. EL. G. Carpi became famous for his skillful implementation of the main idea of modeling.

The appearance of the Quantum collection is a new trend in the fashion world. Quantum work, as such, promotes innovative perception, encourages the subject to observe, and focuses on an ever-changing receptive mind. It appeals to an inspired, educated person with an artistically perceived mind that is moving forward in comparison with time. A quantum work of art has a certain influence on reality and the subsequent artistic process, since it becomes part of the consciousness of the social personality that expresses it in materialized expression. These factors provide a starting point for further progress in art, and this language leads the observer to increase consciousness, their own thinking, their own cultural background, and create new models of approach to reality. This contributed to the creation of the main idea of synthesizing the acquired knowledge and observations into a qualitatively new artistic model, such as "quantum fashion".
The idea of creating the MODENARO collection belongs to the brilliant artist and modernist theorist Roberto Danti and the Russian artist Natalia Morozova. Roberto Danti introduced the idea of the synthesis of science and art and wrote the Manifesto "quantum art", which gave modern society a new direction, which was recognized in the Russian Academy of natural Sciences as a new direction in science. The brand name "MODENARO" is the initial syllables of the names and surnames of two artists, Roberto Danti and Natalia Morozova. The emergence of a trend and the introduction of new fashion solutions is the result of creative activity and the research process of their main activity - "quantum art". The idea of creating a fashion collection did not come to them spontaneously. This was inherent in both from birth. Roberto's mother is a fashion designer and designer, as well as Natalia's grandmother, who has been creating and creating fashion models all her life. It was the creative Union of two thoughts in one direction that synthesized the creation of the "quantum fashion".




In their collection, they demonstrated the idea of a combination of styles where classics are perfectly combined with sports, and they complement each other perfectly, adding quantum works of artists to the collection of prints. The women's collection contains the fundamental code of the Universe-a spiral shell-a symbol of the feminine principle. The model design and design development keep the set line concise, framing and logically completing the idea in the center.

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