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The appearance of the Quantum collection is a new trend in the fashion world. Quantum work, as such, promotes innovative perception, encourages the subject to observe, and focuses on an ever-changing receptive mind. It appeals to an inspired, educated person with an artistically perceived mind that is moving forward in comparison with time. A quantum work of art has a certain influence on reality and the subsequent artistic process, since it becomes part of the consciousness of the social personality that expresses it in materialized expression. These factors provide a starting point for further progress in art, and this language leads the observer to increase consciousness, their own thinking, their own cultural background, and create new models of approach to reality. This contributed to the creation of the main idea of synthesizing the acquired knowledge and observations into a qualitatively new artistic model, such as "quantum fashion".

Абстрактный Градиент

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Roberto Denti

Natalia Morozova



In their collection, they demonstrated the idea of a combination of styles where classics are perfectly combined with sports, and they complement each other perfectly, adding quantum works of artists to the collection of prints. The women's collection contains the fundamental code of the Universe-a spiral shell-a symbol of the feminine principle. The model design and design development keep the set line concise, framing and logically completing the idea in the center.

The quantum collection  MODENARO received the first place in Moscow at the exhibition"Couturier of the year 2019". The presentation of the collection was successfully held in Italy, in Sicily, as part of the program " beautiful November in Caltagirone... together with the fashion show "Scuola di Moda Ipsia Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa", directed by fashion Professor Cristina Navarra.

The department



Ihab Fadel Abu Musa


Ahmed Mahmoud Gueiba 





The logo shows Egypt's connection to art. Fashion Art F&G, bearing the first two letters of their surnames.

Artist Ihab and artist Ahmed met in early 2019 and presented works of quantum art, which was created in Italy by artist Roberto Denti, with whom artist Ahmed Gwiba has been communicating since 2017, then he became the Middle East Director in this field. In 2019, artist Ihab teamed up with artist Ahmed Gwiba and discussed some points about how to use quantum art in fashion design.It is thanks to the artist Ihab's experience as a University Professor interested in using art in clothing since 2002. A lot of research has been done with graduate students in the master's and doctoral programs . Therefore, we turned the idea to the principle of quantum art to be a start on a new direction in the middle East, especially in Egypt.We have created a logo that will become a brand in the future to achieve our dreams. We combine clothing modeling with quantum art of various techniques: computer graphics and artistic photography. We have applied and created some projects related to Quantum art, with our logo that shows and expresses our source of inspiration - this is the key to life. This simple philosophy is related to the secret of the energy and mind of life and is called the Nile key in kink Ankh Amun. In 1869, the theory of Thomas Inman appeared. its idea was United between a man and a woman, as the secret of the life force. Today, we are inspired by this idea to plant the value of quantum philosophy and spread it around the world.

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