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School Quantum Star

Сложенные Magician







Quantum art course: painting, photography, 

computer graphics


Quantum physics,

history of quantum art, history of art

Director"School Quantum star "

Ahmed Mahmoud Gueiba 



He was born in Cairo, 1977

Bachelor of Education 2000 majoring in Wooden Industries,

Helwan University

Local group exhibitions

Fine Arts Exhibition, Helwan University, 1997

Exhibition of the first forum for student activities at Helwan

.University in July 1997

Fine Arts, Helwan University, and one of the works was

.nominated at the university level in 2008

University youth meeting in February 1999 at Cairo University

Helwan University Art Gallery, March 2000 *

University Youth Meeting 2001 exhibition at Minia University

The Corporate Republic Championship from 2008 until 2019 *

Manpower competition for the year 2008 to 2019 *

Design and implementation of puppet theater décor at the •

Filmmakers Association since 1997 AD until now

He held several exhibitions at youth centers in Cairo •

Revolution Exhibition, January 25, Bulaq Culture Palace •

May 25 2011

The Egyptian Snapshot Exhibition at Prince Taz Palace 2011

Exhibition at the Giza Culture Palace (From the Revolution •

Inspiration) 2011

Cairo Atila Exhibition (version No. 1) 10/30/2011 •

Two Two Exhibitions in Ismailia February 18 2012 •

The 1st Giza Plastic Salon Exhibition, March 15, 2012

Arab Fine Artists Forum, March 25, 2012 •

Exhibition, Manifestations of the January 25 Revolution, •

April 3, 2012, until 2019

Exhibition (Photo 1) at the Mesaha Center, Dokki, 4/11/2012 •

Public exhibition, April 2012

Exhibition of Small Pieces Salon at Prince Taz Palace, May 3,


General Art Exhibition, 36th session, June 2014 •

Egypt and the January Revolution at Prince Taz Palace,

January 2015

Mother's Day celebration at Qanater Al-Khayriya Culture •

Palace, March 2016

The first exhibition of Arab creators at the Ostraka Gallery, in

Tahrir, May 2016

Participation in the second session of the Art and Life •

Festival at the Exploratory Center in Suez - July 2016

The Turquoise Land exhibition, story by Prince Taz, •

October 2016

The Fifth Creativity Festival in Ismailia, February 2017 •

The historical exhibition of the Suez Canal Authority, the •

second salon at the Maritime Training and Simulation Center,

July 2017

East Nights Exhibition in the exhibition halls of the Karma Bin

Hani Cultural Center at Ahmed Shawky Museum - October


Exhibition (Love for the Fatherland Brings Us Together) by

the Nile Valley Family Association at Ahmed Shawky Museum

- November 2017

Egypt International Salon Ostraka, Al-Ahram Hall, October •


The fourth salon (150 years after the opening of the Suez -

Canal), the artery of benevolence, Al-Bab hall and dimensions

at the Museum of Modern Art at the Opera, July 2019

Special exhibition 2011 Bateelia Cairo


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