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The quantum art group was founded in 2010 by Roberto Denti to reconcile science and art and aims to overcome the mechanistic system for a new Renaissance and a new society based on a New Man.
Roberto Denti published the Manifesto of quantum art in 2008, in 2010 he founded Qagi Quantum Art Group Italy, which became international in 2011, in conjunction with the” prize of Italian innovators", awarded by the Presidium of the Council of Ministers as an Italian innovation in the field of art and communication.
This cultural change means introducing innovation through the art of quantum and quantum science, the research model, and social development to overcome the old form of society based on the concept that people have a relationship of power among themselves, and not cooperation.
Its members are scientists and artists of all specialties. Each artist has his own style, his own way of seeing and experiencing art in close connection with the contradictions of the society in which he lives.
Every artist is free to Express himself as he sees fit, using the most appropriate techniques for him to present his thought, his mood, his beliefs and everything he wants in relation to another person.

Undulating vibrations of matter. Wave vibrations of matter
Artistic interpretation of the movements of subatomic particles that rotate at a speed inversely proportional to the" volume" in which they are are. The forces that make up the sub-nuclear matter.: weak nuclear, strong nuclear, electromagnetic and gravitational.
All these forces give the observer the perception of matter, which, in the final analysis, this is nothing but the creation of our brain. For example imagine imagine an airplane propeller: when it stops, you see it clearly in one place, at a time when it is spinning at high speed, your eyes see a circle, when in fact there is no circle.

Quantum space (an Artistic interpretation Hilbert space)
If these spaces in physics are defined as a single whole with a linear a structure is a vector space in which we can talk about distance of angles, orthogonality, so from an artistic point of view, Hilbert spaces are three-dimensional and complement each other and integrate into the spaces displayed by the observer. These time spaces refer to the implementation of work with a message about openness, encouraging the observer to ask himself questions, to ask them to others, to doubt, to see things and the reality from all points of view, even the most unusual and add fantasy to our five senses, so that they occur more often than others. Quantum spatiality makes these spaces obvious, and this reality is not immediately noticeable.

A phenomenon that occurs at the quantum level, with the participation of two or more particles are generated from one and the same process or which were in mutual interaction during a certain period of time. Such particles remain for a few inextricably linked (entangled), in the sense that occurs with one of them, immediately reflected on the other, independently from the distance that separates them.
The instantaneous connection between particles is not due to the fact that information is transmitted very quickly, but because at a deeper level but they're just not separated, they're still together. They they are in the so-called quantum entanglement. That is, the state entanglements - this is a state of the system, where by some parameters or values, it can not be divided into separate, completely independent part.

Entanglement on an artistic level is interpreted as intertwining (entangled) between art, science and society, increasing the empathic sensitivity of each individual.
The quantum artist strives for the level of consciousness where we are connected, connected, quantum entangled with the whole world and with the Higher mind.

It is one of the main aspects of quantum art, because it tells artistically all the interactions between sub-atomic particles, that is, those particles that make up atoms. In order to give only an idea of the quantities that for us are incomprehensible, imagine the nucleus of an atom, like a tennis ball, located on the first floor of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. Electron, compared to the core, it was a tennis ball at the top of the dome, about a hundred meters away and as small as a bread crumb. Artistically we can release all our imagination and imagine imagine the whole world. The world we see, consisting of material objects, is not the basis reality, but only a small part of it and not the most important. Exists the transcendental reality that sets and defines all that is it happens to our world, and therefore to us. All this leads to reinterpretation of life values, understanding that other than a senseless race for material goods is something more important and high. And this reality is not somewhere out there, it surrounds us everywhere, it permeates us, it is "under the nose” “" on our the palms” and it is “under his feet”.

Understanding the new achievements of science in quantum physics gives hope for a better life for all people. After the person it penetrates its consciousness into the quantum foundations, it opens up a new world. And This world will completely change your thinking and consciousness. you there will be a desire to change. You understand what needs to be changed before everything, yourself, your consciousness. You understand that besides the material world there is a subtle world. If you understand it, feel it, find it in your soul. Your quantum creativity, your Outlook and thoughts will change completely, you will be a different person. So you will touch the quantum world. 

© 2022 Roberto Denti

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