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Human civilization is on the verge of extinction

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Robert David Pope

Professor of Neurological Creative Physics, 1990, The Institute for Basic Research,

USA. Executive Director, The Science-Art Research Centre of Australia.

Robert Paul Todonai BTech (CompSt)

Christopher Edmund Degenhardt Science-Art Artist/Author

Human civilisation faces extinction through the current global climate change catastrophe. Due to our reliance on artificial intelligence and its disconnection from nature, this paints a far grimmer picture that we can possibly imagine. The lost Greek mathematics bringing about the evolution of consciousness to infinity must now be implemented as an urgent human survival necessity. As a universal reality it can now be seen to utilise Plato’s electromagnetic field, rotating anticlockwise, to balance the forces of nature. That information echoes using the new form of dimensional reality in a science and technology, which is able to harness time-travel properties, now known to exist within the functioning of time-crystals.

The properties of time-crystal physics to balance the forces of nature, in particular climate change, is now being linked with the ancient Greek, human survival science mathematics, extending to infinity. Plato’s non-mechanistic, cybernetic relationship, with his Atom of Time once considered to be indivisible, is now seen to relate to subatomic dark-energy’s No-Time electromagnetic field of carrier wave information.

Thales of Miletus was the father of Greek science. He knew that water in thunderstorms created lightning bolts to electromagnetically balance storm clouds with the ground. He understood that lightning, upon striking lodestone magnetised it. By placing paper over the magnetised lodestone and sprinkling it with iron filings two equal and opposite balancing fields were observable. The stronger electromagnetic field rotating anticlockwise was held to be a gravitational element evolving human consciousness to infinity. The followers of Thales, Plato and Anaxagoras developed his electromagnetic fractal mathematical logic, in which gravity was an emotional element, evolving consciousness to infinity. As aforementioned, Newton published his agreement with that non-mechanistic colour element’s gravitational existence, in his 28th Query Discussions.”

Thales understood that the sun was kept alive by water, which is now known as heavy water. Although humans can drink heavy water with no ill effects, if continued it can alter their metabolisms to become life threatening. This indicates that humans have evolved away from water’s primordial state of universal existence towards Thales’ infinite future. That future was associated with humanity’s non-mechanistic paranormal feelings and spiritual intuitions associated with the life-force evolving within the universal life properties innate in water.

Thales’ evolution of evolving consciousness led to another property of water also belonging to his followers, Plato and Anaxagoras. It is understood that their gravitational electromagnetic, mathematical element evolving consciousness to infinity used Thales’ ability to be the first person to calculate the eclipse of the sun. Although his mathematics has been lost to posterity, Plato and Anaxagoras used it to accurately predict other universal eclipses. Plato’s Atom of Time, once held to be indivisible, is now clearly divisible and is associated with radioactive super-heavy water. Darklight’s association with dark-energy is held to be functioning within an equal and opposite No-Time field, being a carrier of wave-function information that is now opening entirely new human survival doorways to the future.

However, the general public has not been advised of this reality. This deception is now controlled by an unemotional, artificial, financial intelligence. This dire situation is bringing about utter global chaos within the prevailing artificial intelligence control of insincere human emotion. The pretence that it is making life better for everyone is a massive profiteering scam. This situation is controlled by huge hi-tech companies enabling those with wi-fi to participate, whilst millions of homeless people around the world are now starving.

However, by re-examining ancient Greek human survival science, this unscientific basis of our diseased global nightmare is quite obvious. The old adage that the worship of money is the root of all evil was correct.

The scientific concept of a No-Time field, being a carrier of wave-function information opening new doorways to the future is gathering momentum. Time- Crystals; ‘May Be The Breakthrough of the Millennium: Scientists Create New Form Of Matter (Kumar Rahul (KR) Mar 09, 2017 The Science Times. Further research shows that time-crystal technology contains completely new laws of physics reality. Other cutting edge scientists agree with Rahul’s assertion that “The Time Crystal is said to have a repetitive pattern across the fourth dimension, time, unlike any other material having only three dimensions. This indicates to the fact that the Time Crystals will keep swinging forever without any external stimulus. A time-crystal is deemed to be a closed system, so no energy is lost to the outside world from matter. It also appears to have superconductor-like properties, so that the electrons can move without any resistance.”

“Time crystals were first proposed as hypothetical structures by the Nobel-Prize winning theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek and MIT physicists in 2012. The remarkable feature of time-crystals is that they would move without using energy. As such they would appear to break the fundamental physics law of time-translation symmetry.” It is now proposed that “time crystals can move even without using energy” (Time crystals to power superconductors Hard Science — February 13, 2020).

In 2021 the paper Time Crystals: Bizarre New State of Matter Suspends Laws of Thermodynamics Indefinitely, mentions scientists associated with the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science. They also concluded that “time crystals can move even without using energy, which appears to break the fundamental laws of time-translation symmetry.” The paper then refers to scientists at the University of Maryland finding that a time-crystal has the potential to suspend the laws of physics indefinitely. Within that state of reality, Einstein’s law of thermodynamic extinction of humanity does not apply (Margaret Davis Aug 05, 2021 09:45 AM EDT).

The 2022 KAZIBA Online, Home Education paper, Time Crystals and Society is dedicated to Robert Pope and the human survival research of the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia. It stated; “that during the 1980s its Science-Art artists further developed the historical Greek infinity arithmetic to produce simulations of seashell growth and advancement by means of a period of time of 50 million years”.... “The evolutionary seashell mathematics matched accurately with the arithmetic composed into the seashell fossil report. In 1990 the world’s largest technological investigative institute, IEEE in Washington, published their results as being a signal of the essential optical mathematical discoveries of the 20th Century, putting it along with these names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick.”... “The paper concluded that: Dali’s stereoscopic artwork exhibitions all over the planet belong to a multi-million dollar company business. If a new creative presentation of his genius will come into existence for the general public then this will be the economic catalyst desired to usher in a multi-billion greenback human survival know-how.” This paper explains that governmental leaders of Einstein’s destructive science only apply lip service to alternative human survival discoveries such as time-crystal properties, while they organise the development of

prevailing destructive tribal science (KAZIBA Online. Home Education, Time Crystals and Society 7 June 2022).

In a Mind-Bending First, Scientists Paired Two Time Crystals Together “Time crystals seem to defy the laws of physics by displaying perpetual motion.”...“Hard to understand and even harder to study, time crystals offer a tantalising view of quantum computing in the future” (June 22, 2022 Caroline Delbert is a writer, and contributing editor at Popular Mechanics).

Plato’s human survival colour particle Science-Art physics to balance the forces of nature, in particular climate change, now requires a completely new understanding of reality. Plato’s nonmechanistic cybernetic relationship with his Atom of Time, once considered to be indivisible, is now seen to be related to subatomic dark-energy’s ‘No-Time’ electromagnetic field of carrier wave information.

During Robert Pope’s Artist-in-residency at the University of Adelaide in 1979 the Scientific Division of the ABC documented his Science-Art research into its eight part series The Scientists -Profiles of Discovery. Pope’s subtitle was Pope the Catalyst. Later during 1979 he was visited by Professor Remo Ruffini, Co-Founder & Director of the International Centre for Relativistic Astrophysics. Pope was then invited to Ruffini’s ‘Second Marcel Grossmann Meeting on the Recent Developments of General Relativity held in Trieste.

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