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Roberto Denti
Founder of Quantum art


The aesthetic negation of the object will no longer bind the artist to a certain reality. This will not condition him in his search for a beautiful object for its own sake, but it will completely free him from the realistic concept, giving him the opportunity to discover new things, to build with his art - a new world that is different and can Express itself as never before.Quantum art is two basic concepts: simple and synthetic.

Roberto Denti


 "Founder of the scientific direction"
Medal of  RAE


The artist, in the early 70s, his photographic work was awarded awards at various exhibitions, including an exhibition in Spezia in 1981 and 1983. In the 2000s, he published the Manifesto of Quantum Art,a new art form based on the evolution of cognitive systems and international collaboration.
In 2010, he founded Quantum Art Group Italy,which became an International company in 2012. The following year, his project " Quantum art and Science for a new Renaissance "was awarded the" Italy of Innovators-under the chairmanship of the Council of Ministers of Italy", as Italian excellence in the field of art and communication.
After that, he visited China with a delegation of the Italian government. In 2012, Kagi consisted of American artists, Brazilians, Australians, Chinese, and Europeans. He lectured at the University of Pavia, Milan, and Suzhou.In 2017, he founded the MAQ-Quantum Art international collaboration movement.
He has also received major awards both in Italy and abroad, including the first prize in the field of avant-garde sculpture in Saint Petersburg in 2016. He has exhibited in Milan, in various galleries and several times in the art Nouveau building, Venice, Rome, Bolzano, Pavia, Cesenatico, Piacenza, Milan, Ferrara, Tyumen, Padua, Italy, Salento, Spoleto, Palermo and abroad, in Croatia, Brussels, Barcelona, Paris. In China, he has exhibited in Beijing in 2010 and 2011, Suzhou in 2011, Shanghai and Suzhou in 2012, Shanghai in 2014, 2015, and XI'an in 2017; his works have been exhibited in Russia, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Petersburg in 2016 and 2017, he also participated in the 7^ Biennale in Moscow.
His works are on permanent display at the Museo di di Capua, the Verga Vizzini Museum (CT), rn Spices, as well as in Milan and the General Museum (PV), the vinyl archive, Padua, international postal art, the Apple University, Gallarate Varese, and the TG-DRAGON Museum, Suzhou Tiangong, China.
1977 founder of the project "photography and the art of understanding" 
1985 Honorary Winner Of The Academic Award

Manifesto 2008 " Quantum Art"
2010 Founder Of Quantum Art Group Italy”
2011 Founder of QAGI-Quantum Art Group International" 
2017 Founder of the company " MAQ Movimento Arte Quantistica "(quantum art Movement)
2017 Member of the Professional Union of Artists of the Russian Federation 
2017 Italian Ambassador to the Eurasian Art Union
2017 Editor-in-Chief of " MAGAZINE MAQ”
2018 PAE Academic 
2018 Founder of the scientific direction "Quantum art" P2019 Honorary member of the "Academy of Modern art" 
2020 Editor-in-Chief of " MAGAZINE IAMAQ”
2020 Designer "MODENARO" 
2020 Founder and founder of INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY MAQ — IAMAQ
President International Academy MAQ - INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY MAQ — IAMAQ

Video Ahmed Mahmoud Gueiba about the founder of Quantum art Roberto Denti

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