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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Robert David Pope

Professor of Neurological Creative Physics, 1990, The Institute for Basic Research,

USA. Executive Director, The Science-Art Research Centre of Australia.

Robert Paul Todonai BTech (CompSt)

Christopher Edmund Degenhardt Science-Art Artist/Author

Colour is a spiritual property associated with the evolution of consciousness completely beyond Einstein's artificial, mechanistic understanding of reality. His Photoelectric Nobel Prize was associated with sunlight inducing an electromagnetic effect upon a metallic surface. He had no idea whatsoever that both sunlight and moonlight in contact with the retina at the back of the eye generated radiant biological energy evolving consciousness to infinity. His ignorance that Newton had rejected the concept that gravity was caused by the mass of objects is an extremely serious scientific error.

In his ‘28th Query Discussion’s’ Newton wrote about gravity. “And for rejecting such a medium, we have the authority of those the oldest and most celebrated philosophers of ancient Greece and Phoenicia, who made a vacuum and atoms and the gravity of atoms the first principles of their philosophy, tacitly attributing gravity to some other [biological] cause than dense matter.” Plato and Anaxagoras’ fractal mathematics evolved consciousness to infinity rather than to Einstein’s mechanistic dictum demanding humanity’s thermodynamic extinction. Einstein’s destructive worldview was based upon human tribes needing to obey the now obsolete human tribal science using artificial mechanistic subatomic particles to build an atomic bomb before Nazi Germany. That primordial survival of the fittest law became obsolete when DNA showed that all human tribes belong to a single species dedicated to dropping atomic bombs upon itself, is now a biological insanity.

From the medical perspective outlined by the Nobel Laureate in Neurological Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, the co-founder of the American Cancer Research Foundation, Einstein’s symmetrical destructive tribal science dictum of human extinction, is a serious mental disease. In his book ‘The Crazy Ape’ he diagnosed Einstein’s extinction of humanity law to be a highly contagious subconscious tribal cancer inherited from our simian ancestors. Einstein’s artificial mechanistic quark and antiquark destructive subatomic colour particles were needed to build the atomic bomb before Nazi Germany. However, that use of an artificial science art of war colour consciousness only led to many far more destructive hydrogen bombs coming into existence throughout the world. Einstein’s human extinction law is now fulfilling its destructive dictum in Ukraine and unless the now proven counterbalancing ANTIDOTE is very soon understood then World War 3 is inevitable.

Colour is a function of the human visual system and is not physical property. Objects produce colour when giving off light seen within the human mind. William Clifford is known to be the predecessor to Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’ and wrote about its ANTIDOTE to Einstein’s human extinction law. He stated that his spiritual Science-Art’s mathematics could not be effective by any mathematical formulae or any other symbolic language but that it could be only be SEEN TO EXIST. This idea is similar to seeing that lightning within dark clouds being formed means that rain is eminent. My Science Art Research Centre of Australia has further developed its internationally acclaimed discovery of VISUAL COLOUR MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS made over 40 years ago.

In 1990 America’s largest scientific institution, IEEE, committed to ethical scientific research referred to this science art discovery as being an important scientific discovery of the 21st Century. The Centre can now create large holographic paintings when viewed through asymmetric electromagnetic glasses that reveal instant curved equal and opposite art-forms traversing through a multidimensional electromagnetic background visible over a metre away from their canvas habitat. In 2022 the discovery of TIME CRYSTALS evolving to consciousness mathematically to infinity has now been made profoundly visible.

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