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Robert Pope:

"Medicine for survival"

I am working on this in relation to the angle between science and the art of Plato-Newton human survival


Welcome to the

""Robert Pope's site"!

Here I blog and post my articles, you will find a lot of interesting things and get acquainted with my work!

Join me in a fascinating study of the methods of studying and developing science and art. My task is to inspire you to think and draw global conclusions.


We are preparing for a new big breakthrough!



I believe that education should be free and accessible to everyone who wants to get it.


As online resources become more and more popular and valuable, I decided(a) take it one step further and create a platform for sharing knowledge with people from all over the world. I try to publish high-quality articles and materials so that you can find not only the necessary, but also verified information. View posts, click, read, share links, write comments and have fun learning!

Robert Pope

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