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IAMAQ press release

International Academy MAQ - IAMAQ Quantum Art Movement is the Academy of the international artistic movement, aimed at spreading, through the art and quantum science, the cooperation talks worldwide to create the conditions for an innovative world view where everyone, with its own characteristics and peculiarities, it participates in an equal collaboration, in full respect of biodiversity as a whole.

In 2010 the Italian artist, architect and photographer Roberto Denti founded QAGI -Quantum Art Group Italy. The following year, his project "Quantum Art and Science for a New Renaissance" was awarded as Italian excellence in art and communication by Italy of the Innovators-Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, from which his trip to China with the delegation of the Italian government.

In 2012, after this trip, QAGI became an international group and in the same year organized exhibitions in Shanghai and Suzhou.

Roberto Denti lectured at the Universities of Milan, Pavia, Sozhou and in 2017 he founded MAQ - Quantum Art Movement whose aim is international collaboration. It was this movement that prompted the opening of the International Academy of Quantum Art in early 2020.

The Academy is a laboratory of ideas inspired by reality as a whole and by the social, cultural and economic contradictions of the historical moment we are experiencing.

Artists and scientists from IAMAQ, representing all the continents of the world, have joined together to search for an overall review of human consciousness, for an evolution of the cognitive system through a close correlation between Art and Quantum Science (and vice versa). Science and art must be the foundations for a new world because thanks to scientific rationality, related to artistic ingenuity, we can change and evolve for the better.

Quantum art considers the body, mind and consciousness as a single whole, which becomes an integral part of a work of art; through this whole and with his creative expression, the artist synthesizes the iridescent variety of colors, sprays sensations that generate forces that spread their influence in quantum space and beyond.


The Academy is made up of two types of institutions: art and science (Latin America and Europe), which are in constant synthesis and interaction, creating new joint international projects for the study and creation of art and quantum science.

To date, the Academy has 7 world institutes:


International Art Institute Russia-Asia

International Art Institute Europe

International Art Institute Latin America

International Art Institute Australia

International Art Institute Middle East

International Art Institute Indianoceanika

International Institute fashion

All institutes are divided into Artistic and Scientific Departments organized in thematic areas.


International cooperation is a priority for the development of the whole structure.


The academy includes various scientific and artistic associations:



Italy: Quantumbiosystems, quantymbionet


Cultural artistic associations:

Italy: GuizArt, Via Bagutta



"Panorama" publishing house journal “Russian Gallery - XXI Century”

Science-Art Research Centre



Dante Alighieri Cultural Center in Moscow

Marketing strategy of the International Academy of Quantum Art.


With the opening of the Academy of Quantum Art, we observe a trend towards the growing demand for unification and cooperation in the ranks of the Academy of individual artists and various art associations and associations. Quantum art is gaining great recognition from all sectors of contemporary art, because the concept of "quantum movement" has acquired not only the definition of a technical way of expression in art, but also innovative ways of communication in modern society.

Our academy sees new opportunities in the unification and cooperation of various movements in all branches of art, which can cooperate very quickly with each other. That's why, there is an interest in us from the international community. Broaden the technical framework of the means of expression in the definition of quantum art itself, where it is already an operative way of communicative communication to combine and create international relations in order to overcome any limit in creativity and thought. Quantum Art is the synthesis between the paradigms of quantum science and the study of phenomena in nature and man, and the current events of society as a whole.

So that this does not lose its relevance, we introduce operating methods to maintain the Academy's information space. And in formulating a new expanded concept of Quantum Art, we are pushing the boundaries of our communications for anyone looking for innovative ways to communicate in art.

The priority for the Academy's development strategy is cooperation with Russia. Our task is to create and understand "quantum art" for the benefit of the cultural heritage of all humanity. We plan to organize courses and conferences on quantum art all over the world and in Moscow, as well as expand membership in the Academy, conduct large exhibitions and discussions in Russia, attracting the general public.

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