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Robert Pope, Dudley Leggett:Obtaining the Science-Art Human Survival Blueprint

from the Workings of a Holographic Universe

In this essay we use the term ‘tribal science’ in order to differentiate between science that has evolved to serve the survival of a single group of humans, rather than a science aimed at the survival of all humanity. Over thousands of years the evolution of human tribal science became dominated by those who developed intellectually by obeying the ‘survival of the fittest’ paradigm, readily observable in nature. That aspect of scientific cultural development has dominated all other scientific considerations, including attempts to develop substantial compassionate societies. The sexual urge undoubtedly fueled this uncompromising evolving conflict mentality. It was observable in nature that male animals would fight to the death in order to claim opportunity to impregnate females and that the females desired offspring from those best able to protect their species from predators. However, in the light of present DNA technology being able to classify all human tribes as one single species, tribal science can be seen as a carcinogenic cerebral disorder belonging to a species continually harming itself. To find an antidote to this serious and complex medical problem, the use of emotional sexual mathematics must be balanced with the mathematics needed to derive a sustainable human survival blueprint for the human species. Both mathematical sciences are part of the evolutionary process and can be entangled within a computer program that is given specific instructions to generate human survival simulations. This is an emotionally difficult process. We need to understand that the prevailing tribal science cannot tolerate such unification. This is because tribal science is governed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, otherwise known as the universal heat death law, which demands the extinction of all life in the universe. Einstein’s belief in this concept was quite correct for the evolution of human tribes driven to fulfill that carcinogenic objective in a spirit of lusty excitement. The mathematician Georg Cantor identified this ancestral cancer as belonging to a “myopic fear of infinity inhabiting the modern scientific mind”. This insular fear was diagnosed as a form of cerebral cancer, directly associated with science’s extinction law. The Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, the founder of the American National Cancer Research Foundation, in his book The Crazy Ape, diagnosed modern tribal science as having regressed to a state of our primate ancestors, “a state of high schizophrenia”. The book asks why it is that, while most scientific research is done to elevate human life, in the end it too often only serves to destroy it? The cerebral cancer he identified comes from the fact that this tribal schizophrenic science is totally governed by the universal heat death law. In 1972 Szent-Gyorgyi wrote his ‘Letter to Science’ pointing out that the academic system of peer review acclaim among the so called intelligentsia, was in fact, a serious form of a cerebral cancer originating from the incorrect understanding of the obsolete extinction law. His book was addressed to young students encouraging them to break free from the cancerous tribal science. Modern day television employs ubiquitous sexual innuendos carefully placed by trained psychologists into moneymaking advertisements using sound and colour illusions. This echoes the dysfunctional mathematics in for example, poker machines and global stock markets, which both use sound and colour vibrations to organize various state of financial and moral bankruptcies.This manufacture of illusory and addictive aesthetically pleasing mind control stratagems associated with unethical intent to placate populations, belongs to the political structures of plutocracies. Posing as advanced democratic political institutions attempting to cope with the present unprecedented global state of accelerating moral collapse, they play out their complex financial games of power and war. It is easy to see the difficulty of adjusting tribal science reasoning to comprehension that DNA findings need to be guiding humanity toward a more profound evolutionary destiny, rather that towards extinction. During the 1980s the World’s largest technological institute, IEEE in Washington, reprinted the Australian discovery of the life-force governing 50 million years of seashell growth and development. This was acclaimed as an important optical discovery of the 20th Century, placed alongside such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick. The mathematician involved was recognized as a leading world authority on conchology, but his dream of discovering a new science, while congratulated by universities around the world, appears to have been an idle hope. The seashell fossil record most certainly provided the visual geometrical evidence governing seashell evolution. But modern schizophrenic tribal science prohibited the obvious, that the life forms within the seashell actually created the mathematics of evolution found inscribed throughout the seashell fossil record. That level of achievement can be compared to spiders knowing how to create complex web technology. Modern science, however, could not accept this because it contradicted its supreme law that disallowed infinite evolution, whereas the living creatures within the seashells functioned in accordance with ancient Greek living mathematics, which evolved to infinity rather than to modern science’s extinction concept. Furthermore, when modern science’s quantum mechanical mathematics was used by the computer to generate futuristic seashell life-forms they became distorted cancer-like images. That evidence supports the contention that modern tribal science technologies are carcinogenic when employed within biological systems, just as Szent-Gyorgi tried in vain to explain to the “tribal crazy apes” governing our warlike global culture. This schizophrenic obsession with extinction also existed at the dawn of Mesopotamian civilization. Sumerian culture worshiped the goddess of sex and war, Inanna, at the same time they were evolving mathematical intuition about the nature of time and direction. Only their illusory gods could allow humans mathematical access to infinity. Today, this primal fear of vengeful mythological gods or political regimes holds sway globally. Nonetheless, another aspect of Sumerian evolving intuitive mathematical concepts of time and direction was destined to become an integral aspect of 21st Century deep-space exploration. Such intuitive space travel technological genius is however eclipsed by the aggressive threat of nuclear warfare, now married into a dysfunctional financial system causing immoral global chaos. The Sumerian mathematics was developed by the Babylonian culture that used it to predict eclipses, thereby creating a state of extreme religious fear within the populace. Relief from that primordial fear came though the frenzied worship of Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of prostitution and war. The mathematics of deceitful financial enslavement of the Babylonian Kingdom became enshrined into its legal system. The 19th Century philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, wrote that the American financial system was constructed upon Babylonian financial law and had enslaved its citizens into perpetual debt. His solution to this crisis was to develop a new science and technology based upon ancient Sanskrit mathematics, which allowed the living process to evolve to infinity. The current crisis in the existing dysfunctional global financial system belongs to the activities of plutocracies, government by the wealthy, in which the value of ancient Greek democratic science gains no sustainable scientific rating at all. For example, during the short lived Golden Age of Greek Democracy when the money was taken from the tyrants and distributed to the people, they voted for it to be used to construct warships to protect the city of Athens. The ethical Greek political science theories were not about the harsh reality of needing to develop warships to ensure tribal survival but were about a future of an ethical evolution of global civilization. This issue is far too complex to be solved even with the best possible intentions by any tribal UN dialogue. We know that tribal science is an integral part of human evolution but it does not allow its balancing living mathematics to exist. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s book The Gulag Archipelago mentions the scientist Nikolai Kozyrev being sentenced to ten years of imprisonment by Joseph Stalin for his philosophic research into ancient Greek political science. He narrowly avoided a second ten year sentence through his valuable astrophysics knowledge. Kozyrev was awarded a gold medal by the International Academy of Astronautics for his optical discoveries associated with light affecting molecular structures and was one of the early pioneers of holographic universe research. His correspondence with the Australian seashell researchers in the 1970s explained how important information evolved from the ancient religious concept of light emerging from a dark abyss of chaos. He realized that this light was of an asymmetrical electromagnetic nature that later interacted with our symmetrical electromagnetic reality of physical matter, as part of the workings of an infinite holographic universe. Kozyrev helped provided the clue to locate visual evidence of the geometric structure providing human access to infinity. This was however more complicated than China’s physicist, Kun Huang’s advice to the Science-Art Research Centre in Australia to make use of fossilized seashell mathematics written into the fossil record in order to discover an infinite life-force. In 2016 the Australian Science-Art research used the interaction of asymmetrical field forces with physical reality, referred to by Immanuel Kant as an evolving spiritual electromagnetic field within the creative artistic mind. This dovetailed with Charles Proteus Steinmetz’s conviction that a spiritual asymmetrical electromagnetic technology would be far greater than the technology he had been paid to invent for the electrification of the United States of America. The Australian Science-Art Research Centre, in collaboration with Italian quantum biology scientists and Quantum Art International, submitted, what was referred to as ANTIDOTE theories to balance tribal science, together with stereoscopic artwork, to the 2016 International Russian Art Week Contemporary Art Competition, which was awarded a First Prize. In 2017 the World Fund for Arts instigated a relevant Science-Art Research Project in Russia. Eminent scientists realized that the ability of the artistic mind to generate visual evidence belonging to the functioning of an emerging holographic 3D universe presented the crucial visual evidence of a new science to balance the now harmful tribal science. The artist, Salvador Dali’s conviction that paintings could contain an important invisible stereoscopic message belonging to a new global culture beyond the limitations of tribal science’s obsession with the physics of extinction, was correct. Over a lifetime of developing the human survival science one fundamental aspect of ancient Greek science became consistently apparent. The concept was that unless the prevailing science was balanced with what Greek philosophers referred to as the Science for ethical ends the destructive property of unformed matter within the physical atom would emerge to destroy civilization. That warning predicted the prevailing tribal science accelerating its obsession that all life must become extinct. The North Korean crisis is simply fulfilling the objective of that science by obeying its governing law. The United Nations Security Council cannot possibly resolve this problem but it can assist in the orchestration of its solution by ensuring that the programming of tribal science’s entanglement with its balancing antidote information is carried out as soon as possible. To that objective famous Science-Art artists supported by quantum biological scientists around the world have agreed to create a far more dramatic 3D art exhibition than the one at the Dali Stereoscopic Museum in Spain. It is contemplated that relevant tourism monies be dedicated toward cancer research based upon the cancer research methodology advocated by the founder of the American National Cancer Research Foundation. It is increasingly recognized that the rate of technological development has already surpassed our capacity to address the moral implications and to manage the ethical issues thereby arising. It is also understood that the inevitable acceleration of technological developments is rapidly approaching what is known as the “singularity”, when control of such development will be forever beyond the control of humans. This appeal is to get the attention of the public and governing decision makers, to comprehend this vitally important knowledge that explains the danger of continuing technological advancement as a ‘business as usual’ tradition i.e. according to fatally flawed modern science and that doing so must have catastrophic outcomes for life on Earth. Balancing our modern tribal science with the ancient Greek science for ethical ends must be addressed without further delay and will enable not only the avoidance of catastrophe but open the way for advancement in new science and technologies of hitherto unimagined benefit to all humanity.

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