Robert Pope, Dudley Leggett:Obtaining the Science-Art Human Survival Blueprint

from the Workings of a Holographic Universe

In this essay we use the term ‘tribal science’ in order to differentiate between science that has evolved to serve the survival of a single group of humans, rather than a science aimed at the survival of all humanity. Over thousands of years the evolution of human tribal science became dominated by those who developed intellectually by obeying the ‘survival of the fittest’ paradigm, readily observable in nature. That aspect of scientific cultural development has dominated all other scientific considerations, including attempts to develop substantial compassionate societies. The sexual urge undoubtedly fueled this uncompromising evolving conflict mentality. It was observable in nature that male animals would fight to the death in order to claim opportunity to impregnate females and that the females desired offspring from those best able to protect their species from predators. However, in the light of present DNA technology being able to classify all human tribes as one single species, tribal science can be seen as a carcinogenic cerebral disorder belonging to a species continually harming itself. To find an antidote to this serious and complex medical problem, the use of emotional sexual mathematics must be balanced with the mathematics needed to derive a sustainable human survival blueprint for the human species. Both mathematical sciences are part of the evolutionary process and can be entangled within a computer program that is given specific instructions to generate human survival simulations. This is an emotionally difficult process. We need to understand that the prevailing tribal science cannot tolerate such unification. This is because tribal science is governed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, otherwise known as the universal heat death law, which demands the extinction of all life in the universe. Einstein’s belief in this concept was quite correct