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Robert Pope:"Medicine for survival"

I am working on this in relation to the angle between science and the art of Plato-Newton human survival.


Einstein lived in an era of global tribal science obeying the survival of the fittest law observable in nature. He had an emotional obligation to prevent the Nazi regime from enslaving the world with atomic bombs. To assist him in that heart felt obligation required a race between global financial systems dedicated to the ‘Science-Art of War’.

During the 1950s DNA demonstrated that all human tribes belonged to a single species dedicated to harming itself. The ancient primitive era still committed to mass human destruction has yet to obey another natural universal law called Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of equal and opposite creative reaction to the primordial destructive era. Proof beyond all doubt that this ethical balancing counterpart is actually happening now exists for the general public to see it for themselves.

The era of Plato’s human Science-Art Health has begun to alter the structure of our understanding of emotional dimensional reality. In his future Republic women are to have equal power with men to readjust the global economy in order to establish only one. The purpose of the economy is to establish an educational system for the health and well being of humanity’s children rather an education administration preparing tribal children to prepare for tribal warfare.

The primitive global economy depended upon a totally mechanistic destructive science and technology to ensure that weapons of mass destruction were invented. Any science that interfered with that fact was treasonable. Einstein’s destructive mechanistic science was totally controlled by a law demanding that all life on Earth must become extinct, referred to as the second law of thermodynamics, or the universal heat death law. When Isaac Newton published that he had discarded his ideas that the mass of objects in space caused gravity and agreed with Plato that gravity was an element evolving consciousness to infinity, rather than to extinction, the prevailing educational system governed by an unbalance peer review system was forbidden to even discuss that published fact.

Plato was simply using fractal geometrical logic discovered by Anaxagoras when he placed paper over lodestone hit by lightning to make it magnetic. His saw that two electromagnetic fields existed with the stronger one evolving anticlockwise to infinity. In 2013 the Planck Observatory Space Station photographed that the electromagnetic universe rotated anticlockwise. Because Einstein had incorrectly constructed his gravitational theories upon Newton’s discarded gravitation realty, Einstein’s theories were emotionally illusory. What Einstein did not realize was that illusions must always obey Newton’s equal and opposite reaction law in the reality of universal dimensional evolution.

An image in a mirror is a 2D illusion able to instantly communicate biological information to its 3D human counterpart. Viewing Plato’s 3D flat-plane geometrical electromagnetic surfaces in the form of holographic paintings or photographs from outer-space through asymmetric electromagnetic glasses 4D images is of crucial importance. Plato’s biological human survival ‘Science-Art’ to balance the forces of nature is about humanity evolving through dimensional time. It is certainly not to evolve in obedience to Einstein’s primordial illusory extinction law.

The words cybernetic mind control systems refers to both biological and mechanistic electromagnetic structures. The father of cybernetic warfare Norbert Wiener together with the Nobel Laureate in Neurological Medicine, Szent-Gyorgi tried to tell the world that Einstein’s unbalance prevailing cybernetic mechanistic ‘Art of War’ worldview demanding the extinction of al life on Earth was more dangerous than atomic warfare. They wrote that the general public must see for themselves that Plato’s balancing biological ‘Science-Art' cybernetics to balance the forces of nature does exist, and that is the purpose of this paper.

Robert David Pope

Director, Science Art Research Centre of Australia

Appointed Professor of Neurological Physics, 1990, Institute for Basic Physics, USA

On December 4, 2020 the Centre’s ‘Science-Art’ associate, the International Academy MAQ - IAMAQ, endorsed by a Science Division within the Republic of Italy published that our joint research had resolved the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This allows Plato’s ethical human survival cybernetic science and technology to be now be developed

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