The brand "ELENIV" got its name in 1991. Elena Ivanova, the founder of the brand, made exclusivity, beauty and practicality the main principles of her work – three pillars of wearable respectable clothing with elements of romance, ethnic and sports style. Clothing must be completed! Everything should match everything – in color, design, and innovative thought. Honed avant - garde collections of children's and youth fashion have been replaced by sophisticated, sophisticated, trendy dresses, trousers and skirt sets-for wealthy clients and creative Bohemians.

Fashion designer Elena Ivanova, creative pseudonym of Helene Yves, has more than 25 exclusive and industrial collections of women's and children's fashion, which has a very original and extravagant look at the mod more than 3000 exclusive products of the pret-a-porte de lux class.


The family in which the future designer ELENA IVANOVA was born was famous for two generations of artists, grandmothers perfectly sewed and embroidered clothes, created decorations for the interior, parents were engaged in teaching and viticulture. In the family of my father, in Siberia, there was a furrier - couturier, who supplied, together with his artel, outerwear to all merchants in the area. According to the designer, as a child, she was struck by the idea that you can create such beautiful things that would transform your soul.

So one of the first collections – "Plastic world" was created from white and black polyethylene – embodied the idea of saving the world from an impending environmental disaster. The " Revelation "collection was created using large sectors of foam rubber, and the glitter of brocade and embroidery with red glass beads suggested Eastern caravans. Silk, satin, knitwear, vinyl leather, fur, natural materials, techniques of embroidery with pearls, beads, braid in the style of "a La Rus", an incomparable cut - this is what makes the ELENIV brand recognizable and successful.


ELENA IVANOVA has an original approach to creating her collections, has a very original and extravagant view of fashion.

According to

Western experts,

brand ELENIV

is a combination of fashion and art.




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