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The 3rd Law Human Survival Society Now Exists

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Robert David Pope

Director, Science Art Research Centre of Australia

Appointed Professor Neurological Physics, 1990, Institute for Basic Research, USA

during its joint research with the Science-Art Centre.

Tribal science has acted in obedience to the survival of the fittest law in nature since life on Earth began. However, during the 1950s DNA showed that all human tribes belong to a single species dedicated to dropping atomic bombs upon itself. At that point of time human tribal science became irrational.

People were waiting for Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of equal and opposite reaction that upholds the structure of modern science to come into effect. This would simply be about a creative reactionary reality replacing its primordial opposite era of destructive actions. Wolfgang von Goethe’s argument that Newton’s 3rd Law cannot perform this natural evolution is important. His linking it to his own research has become part of a recent scientific discovery. Newton’s electromagnetic 3rd Law properties of white-light need to interact with Goethe’s dark-light reality in order to open the doors to human evolutionary survival.

This new evidence is rather dramatic. It completely collapses the basic structure of

prevailing tribal science based upon Einstein’s law demanding the extinction of humanity.

Einstein’s mechanistic science is so crucial that its genius structure is desperately needed to obtain its equal and opposite biological human survival counterpart. Unless this happens very soon, then Einstein’s extinction law, now threatening global humanity in the Ukraine, will compound the further negative development of our existence.

Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetic warfare, later declared it to be unquestionably evil as Einstein’s totally mechanistic cybernetic control system sentenced humanity to

extinction. Together with the Nobel Laureate in Neurological Medicine, Albert Szent-

Gyorgyi, they condemned Einstein’s unstable cybernetic mechanistic art of war worldview for lacking its biological Platonic Science-Art cybernetic counterpart. They wrote that the general public must be able to see for themselves that Plato’s cybernetic mind control system evolving life to infinity most certainly does exist.

Gravitation biology most certainly now exists despite Einstein’s mechanistic reality

forbidding it from being possible. It is common knowledge that even smallvariations of

gravity can affect human health and wellbeing. For example, if bone cells cannot use gravity to attach themselves to follow its downward message, then they die. It is a waste of time supporting Einstein’s foolish human extinction law. The following optical information simply throws it into the rubbish bin. Nonetheless, Einstein’s extinction of humanity’s once logical survival of the fittest law in nature, is needed to obtain the technology belonging to its equal and opposite balancing human survival living physics reality.

By simply viewing selected paintings and pictures from outer-space within the Science Art Centre of Australia’s Science-Art collection through asymmetric electromagnetic glasses, Plato’s holographic images within his flat-plane electromagnetic geometrical surfaces instantly reveal profound 4D images. Alongside Newton’s white-light subatomic colour particle interaction with Goethe’s dark light subatomic colour particle reality, curved coloured art-forms traverse a multidimensional background. This collapse of Einstein’s illusory human extinction mechanistic worldview now becomes essential information allowing its equal and opposite Platonic human survival era to come into existence.

On December 4, 2020, the Centre’s Science-Art associate, the International Academy MAQ - IAMAQ, endorsed by a Science Division within the Republic of Italy published that with the Centre’s joint research, had resolved the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This now allows Plato’s ethical human survival science and technology to be developed. This

opportunity is rather more inspiring than our acceptance of being governed by the primitive tribal Science-Art of warfare leading to our entropic extinction, insensitive to the wellbeing of humanity’s children.

Plato advocated that within his futuristic Republic women were to be equal with men in

creating a global economy for only one purpose, which was to establish an educational

system for the health and wellbeing of humanity’s children. That system was not about

preparing children to anticipate various aspects of primordial tribal conflict leading to an

emotional need to glorify and wage war. The time has now arrived where humanity needs to break free of building monuments to the now obsolete ‘art of war’ mind-set that has existed throughout the history of human existence. Women World Wide need to unite for the sake of humanity’s children.

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