The 3rd Law Human Survival Society Now Exists

Updated: Mar 10

Robert David Pope

Director, Science Art Research Centre of Australia

Appointed Professor Neurological Physics, 1990, Institute for Basic Research, USA

during its joint research with the Science-Art Centre.

Tribal science has acted in obedience to the survival of the fittest law in nature since life on Earth began. However, during the 1950s DNA showed that all human tribes belong to a single species dedicated to dropping atomic bombs upon itself. At that point of time human tribal science became irrational.

People were waiting for Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of equal and opposite reaction that upholds the structure of modern science to come into effect. This would simply be about a creative reactionary reality replacing its primordial opposite era of destructive actions. Wolfgang von Goethe’s argument that Newton’s 3rd Law cannot perform this natural evolution is important. His linking it to his own research has become part of a recent scientific discovery. Newton’s electromagnetic