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Robert Pope: The Discovery of Human Survival Technology

In 1978 during my Artist-in-residency at the University of Adelaide in South Australia, the Science Unit of Australian National Television in its eight part series ‘The Scientists - Profiles of Discovery’ subtitled my documentary as ‘Pope the Catalyst’, placing it alongside documentaries associated with the research of seven world famous scientists. In 1979 at the Einstein General Theory of Relativity Conference at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, I discussed with Kun Huang about his joint publication with Max Born on their ‘Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices’, containing a criticism of Einstein’s mechanistic worldview. We devised a research program associated with Plato’s electromagnetic geometry being recorded within fossilised seashells in sedimentary sandstone. If it could be demonstrated that Plato’s use of Anaxagoras’ electromagnetic geometry evolved mathematically toward infinity then Einstein’s tribal logic was only the forerunner to Newton’s 3rd Law, bringing about its equal and opposite evolutionary state of reality. Isaac Newton’s idea that the mass of objects in space caused gravity was developed by Einstein. However, in Newton’s ‘28th Query Discussions’ he completely rejected that idea. He agreed with Plato that gravity was an element evolving consciousness to infinity. This paradoxical scientific confusion has a logical scientific explanation. Einstein’s tribal science was complying with Newton’s 3rd Law of equal and opposite reaction. Einstein’s mindset held that the second law of thermodynamics demanded the extinction of all life on Earth and Plato’s worldview evolved the life element to infinity. Humanity had arrived at Buckminster Fuller’s ‘Time’ outlined in his book ‘Utopia or Oblivion’, however its psychological origins were taken for himself from the writings of Plato. Amy Edmondson as the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School worked with a team of psychological safety researchers. Her online 1987 edition of ‘A Fuller Explanation: The Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller’ in the 4th Chapter, ‘Tools Of The Trade’, under the section entitled ‘Plato Presents’, forgives Fuller for his act of plagiarism.

On the 18th of November 1996, the late Professor Bert Cunnington, a Senior Social Security Research Officer at the Faculty of Commerce and Administration at the Griffith University, Queensland, and consultant to the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia wrote a ‘To whom it may concern’ document’ associated with Edmonson’s psychological safety research findings. Cunnington was involved “in the design and construction of a high rise telecommunication complex.” As a coauthor of the book ‘Managing the New Organisation’ he was concerned that the prevailing electromagnetic information structure was inconsistent with maintaining the health of the global community. He realised tribal physics was taking humanity towards a global medical pandemic that would collapse the existing global economy. This prediction of the Covid-19 pandemic is now of paramount importance. Extracts from Cunnington’s document included the following paragraphs concerning Plato’s human survival science, based upon a ‘Science-Art’ of health to replace the existing ‘ScienceArt’ of warfare. Plato’s futuristic human survival reality had also been outlined by the Centre’s Director, Robert Pope. “Robert Pope’s research methodology involves an interpretation of classic philosophy of art from a perspective of open universal energy systems. The success and importance of his research methodology and its associated techniques have been highly acclaimed by the Head of Applied Mathematics at the Australian National University and the Head of Mathematics at Kings College, London University. The importance of his work may be deduced from the fact that our traditional linking of physics with the social sciences, to obtain concepts of social thermodynamics are now unacceptable to a growing number of scientists throughout the world who are working at the cutting edge of developing a new science for human survival and betterment. It is becoming apparent that our traditional concept of social thermodynamics can only lead Australia toward economic and cultural collapse and it is a matter of great urgency that this understanding be replaced by another model incorporating new physics laws governing human health and well-being.” “Robert Pope’s model of universal reality, in which the phospholipid activity within the cellular membrane is identified as a transceiver mechanism to maintain health is highly relevant to important modern scientific research overseas. His work is at a fundamental level of importance toward the establishment of a new physics of health that will provide real opportunity for our survival through mutual human co-operation.” Einstein’s tribal science had no option but to obey the survival of the fittest law to help build an atomic bomb before Hitler’s Nazi regime did so. When DNA showed that all human tribes belonged to a single species dedicated to continually harming itself the ‘Time’ had arrived to activate Newton’s 3rd Law of equal and opposite reaction. In 1905, Einstein published that his universal symmetrical mechanistic electromagnetic force rotating clockwise governed the dynamics of universal reality. On the 21st of March, 2013, the European Planck Space Observatory recorded in detail that the 'First Light' created in the universe was rotating anticlockwise. These findings to the Observatory’s scientists suggested that "a perplexing asymmetry in relic radiation may point to new physics". However, the ‘Golden Age of Danish Science’ had already been based upon Anaxagoras’ electromagnetic universe rotating anticlockwise. In 2014, the American Institute of Physics hailed Einstein’s 1905 assessment of gravity to be “a landmark in the development of modern physics”. As Cunnington had predicted, such obsolete, and redundant tribal science logic would bring about an epidemic to collapse the global economy. Plato used Anaxagoras’ gravitation mathematical logic belonging to an electromagnetic field rotating asymmetrically anticlockwise, while Einstein’s gravitational field rotated symmetrically, clockwise. It is of the greatest social importance for the reader to associate this with Newton’s 3rd Law of equal and opposite reaction, because whichever came first controls universal existence and therefore the future of our children. During the 1980s The Science Art Research Centre of Australia, working in association with the Institute for Basic Research in the USA, advanced Huang’s concept to be actually able to visually observe aspects of Plato’s human survival Science-Art’s holographic images evolving to infinity. By viewing holographic paintings and outer space photographs though asymmetric electromagnetic glasses, human created curved art-forms were instantly seen to be traversing a holographic background. Alongside the holographic images Newton’s subatomic colour particle movement was clearly visible. On the 4th of December 2020. the International Academy MAQ IAMAQ Movimento Arte Quantistica Milano Italy, endorsed by a Scientific Division of the Republic of Italy, recognised that the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia had resolved the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. For over ten years the Academy and the Centre had been working together to link Newton’s subatomic colour particle reality to Plato’s lost Science-Art to balance the forces of nature. Until this Heisenberg uncertainty resolution came about, Plato’s ethical human survival era could not be academically proven to exist. However, as Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetic warfare warned, the prevailing tribal science system will not tolerate Plato’s human survival cybernetic technology to come into existence. It will be up to the Humanities to ensure that this human survival information is presented to the general public in a visible ‘Science-Art’ form. Cunnington’s phospholipid activity within the cellular membrane being identified as a transceiver mechanism to maintain health is being ignored within tribal science. Nonetheless, that information is directly associated with Plato’s holographic optical mathematical flat plane geometry containing his hidden human Science-Art survival messages. By slightly modifying Einstein’s mechanistic electromagnetic mathematics to accommodate Plato’s sacred geometry located within the fossilised seashell geometry within the sedimentary geological strata, the Centre proved that the life-force was indeed evolving to infinity. These discoveries were published by the Italian journal of physics, Il Nuovo Cimento, during the 1980s. In 1990, IEEE, the world’s largest scientific research institute, reprinted these optical mathematical papers as being among the most outstanding scientific discoveries of the 20th Century. Professor Illert was selected as being among the world’s most outstanding scientists. In the same year the President of the Institute for Basic Research, Professor Ruggero Santilli, in association with Illert advanced the optical mathematics into an optical physics format. I was then appointed President Professor of Neurological Physics Division of the Institute for Basic Research to modify primordial destructive logic to comply with its evolving PlatoNewton equal and opposite creative counterpart. This was the forerunner used by the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia to locate that high speed photography is now used to calculate the strength of geomaterials, which includes rock, sand, soil and minerals under pressure within the construction of man-made buildings and industrial structures, such as bridges. Plato’s human survival Science-Art properties were made clearly visible by viewing rock, sand, soil and minerals within sedimentary geological strata through asymmetric electromagnetic glasses. High-speed photographic technology relies on access to extremely light sensitive emulsions that were not available in the earlier history of photography. Photographs were then acceptable if the images of people were not blurred. Economic rationalism today uses optical mechanistic mathematics to ensure the safety of structures. However, it remains ignorant that Anaxagoras’ life-force infinite mathematical logic once upheld the ‘Golden Age of Danish Science’. Emmanuel Levinas described Kant’s asymmetric electromagnetic field rotating anticlockwise to be evolving within the artistic mind to bring into existence a new human survival ‘Science-Art’ technology. Plato classified mathematicians that used mechanistic geometry to explain reality were imprisoned within his ‘Allegory of the Cave’ of shadowy art of war illusions. They were not allowed into his Medical Academy established to find the antidote to the collapse of Athenian democracy 45 years earlier when the ‘Great Plague of Athens’ decimated the people of Athens, allowing the Spartan dictatorship to rule ancient Greece. In 1994, the Nobel Laureate in Neurological Medicine, David Hubel, endorsed Plato’s research finding in the book Descartes' Error by the neurologist, Antonio Damasio. In this book, Damasio diagnosed the world-famous mathematician, Descartes, as having an unstable psychopathic mentality bringing great harm to the medical sector. Einstein had associated aspects of his science with Descartes’ tribal science, which can now be considered to be neurologically unsound. Prevailing tribal science has no access whatsoever to the sustainable biological optical mathematical human survival discoveries made during the 1980s by the Science Art Research Centre of Australia and the Institute for Basic Research. In 2021 such ignorance outlined a medical problem that was taken to the High Court of Australia. The legal Verdict included the following: “The physical environment will be harsher, far more extreme and devastatingly brutal when angry. As for the human experience – quality of life, opportunities to partake in nature’s treasures, the capacity to grow and prosper – all will be greatly diminished. Lives will be cut short. Trauma will be far more common and good health harder to hold and maintain. None of this will be the fault of nature itself. It will largely be inflicted by the inaction of this generation of adults, in what might fairly be described as the greatest inter-generational injustice ever inflicted by one generation of humans upon the next. To say that the children are vulnerable is to understate their predicament.” During ancient Greek atomic physics research it was generally accepted that the atom was not divisible. However several philosophers of atomic science considered that Plato’s ‘Atom of Time’ belonged to a subatomic technology associated with white light moving away from dark chaos toward infinity. The Science Art Research Centre’s resolution of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle allowed such an evolving reality to be subject to Newton’s 3rd Law of equal and opposite reaction. High-speed photography is causing new appraisals of the true nature of time. The Centre’s mathematical physicists are obtaining highly complex discoveries depicted in a visual artform mathematical language. Such artistic presentations are bewildering to the general public. Following Norbert Wiener’s advice to present colourful images to people, the use of asymmetric electromagnetic glasses to reveal profound holographic images alongside pronounced curvature colour movement has been quite rewarding. However, an incredible discovery originally created by the ‘Science-Artist’ Salvador Dali, has been acclaimed to be the most important discovery in the history of science. Few people know that Dali rewrote scientific papers written by eminent scientists of the 20th Century in order to accommodate Plato’s Science-Art to balance the forces of nature. The Centre had used that advice to modify Einstein’s electromagnetic mechanistic theories of gravity. Dali’s Stereoscopic ‘Science-Art’ Museums around the world needed assistance from high tech equipment in order to obtain somewhat blurry images that were also associated with the pioneering of high speed photography. His ‘Science-Art’ intuitive writings, although very hard to comprehend, suggested that tribal science unity depended upon Newton’s 3rd Law transforming the existing destructive subatomic era into its ethical creative counterpart. Although Newton’s colour wheel white light experiments caused argument with Wolfgang von Goethe’s dark light theories, Dali mixed them together, allowing the outcome to be subjected to Newton’s 3rd law in order bring about a new creative subatomic era to replace the existing tribal science’s destructive era. The Centre experimented with various coloured art forms photographed onto Plato’s flat plane holographic surfaces then illuminated the images with black light. Instantly both art works sprang into two different brilliant holographic images. As this biological action was created from a single mind the black light had instantly decoded the white light information into its equal and opposite balancing counterpart. This discovery encompasses Plato’s Science-Art to balance the forces of nature, providing access to a reality to harness Plato’s ‘Time’ atom technology to negate the threat of climate change.

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