Robert Pope, Dudley Leggett: Plato’s Mathematics of Artistic Wisdom

When the nature of the antidote to cancer was said to have been derived from the ancient Platonic Science for Ethical Ends in 2016, it was a mistake to refer to it as a rebirth of the lost Greek atomic science that the Italian Renaissance sought to revive. That science never existed, rather it was the evolution of its intuitive artistic neurological development that had brought about a more realistic artistic perspective. Given relevant scientific acclaim, that realisation is now destined to become an integral Science-Art aspect of the 21st Century Renaissance. The tribal geniuses who uphold modern science can be seen to be infected by the fundamental nature of an artistic cancer of the mind. This neurological cancer exists to ensure that tribal intellect evolves by waging war with other tribes in obedience to the survival of the fittest paradigm. Now DNA shows that humans belong to one species, exposing that old paradigm as a serious medical problem; one that can be characterized as an innate electromagnetic compulsion to create self-harm in the name of a dysfunctional artistic mental state. The medical expertise for the control of diseases belongs to Epidemiologists. They have identified this 3D global epidemic as one being transmitted from the mass production of dysfunctional communication and information devices. This epidemic is causing severe global sociological damage and they have no antidote for its destructive reality. Ancient Greek mathematical science predicted such a situation over two thousand years ago and this now warrants further examination. Plato’s Republic outlined his education system for a science that would prevent the destructive property of unformed matter, belonging to the chaos of the dark abyss, from emerging from the physical atom to destroy civilization. His theories of an infinite living universe now accord with recent artistic evidence upholding the growing realization that the evolutionary functioning of an infinite universe belongs to a living holographic reality. This information is crucial to nullifying the threat posed by the now out of control obsession with developing atomic weaponry. Bringing Plato’s education theory into his artistic perspective clearly demonstrates that Leonardo da Vinci’s primitive tribal genius is now obsolete. As the Chief Military Engineer of the Pope’s army, Leonardo was compelled to bring about harm to all tribes that dared challenge the mythological religious dogma he was paid to protect. It served the Church’s military ambitions to make sure that Leonardo became the epitome of the Italian Renaissance’s image of genius intellect. It concentrated upon employing further artistic rhetoric to induce further devoted scholars to take