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Robert Pope, Dudley Leggett: Plato’s Mathematics of Artistic Wisdom

When the nature of the antidote to cancer was said to have been derived from the ancient Platonic Science for Ethical Ends in 2016, it was a mistake to refer to it as a rebirth of the lost Greek atomic science that the Italian Renaissance sought to revive. That science never existed, rather it was the evolution of its intuitive artistic neurological development that had brought about a more realistic artistic perspective. Given relevant scientific acclaim, that realisation is now destined to become an integral Science-Art aspect of the 21st Century Renaissance. The tribal geniuses who uphold modern science can be seen to be infected by the fundamental nature of an artistic cancer of the mind. This neurological cancer exists to ensure that tribal intellect evolves by waging war with other tribes in obedience to the survival of the fittest paradigm. Now DNA shows that humans belong to one species, exposing that old paradigm as a serious medical problem; one that can be characterized as an innate electromagnetic compulsion to create self-harm in the name of a dysfunctional artistic mental state. The medical expertise for the control of diseases belongs to Epidemiologists. They have identified this 3D global epidemic as one being transmitted from the mass production of dysfunctional communication and information devices. This epidemic is causing severe global sociological damage and they have no antidote for its destructive reality. Ancient Greek mathematical science predicted such a situation over two thousand years ago and this now warrants further examination. Plato’s Republic outlined his education system for a science that would prevent the destructive property of unformed matter, belonging to the chaos of the dark abyss, from emerging from the physical atom to destroy civilization. His theories of an infinite living universe now accord with recent artistic evidence upholding the growing realization that the evolutionary functioning of an infinite universe belongs to a living holographic reality. This information is crucial to nullifying the threat posed by the now out of control obsession with developing atomic weaponry. Bringing Plato’s education theory into his artistic perspective clearly demonstrates that Leonardo da Vinci’s primitive tribal genius is now obsolete. As the Chief Military Engineer of the Pope’s army, Leonardo was compelled to bring about harm to all tribes that dared challenge the mythological religious dogma he was paid to protect. It served the Church’s military ambitions to make sure that Leonardo became the epitome of the Italian Renaissance’s image of genius intellect. It concentrated upon employing further artistic rhetoric to induce further devoted scholars to take up its tribal cause. As a result medical science in general holds the crucial antidote information associated with tribal science in contempt, teaching that its infinite expression is written in the language of primitive junk DNA. The antidote information is instead inscribed within DNA as an evolutionary charter for human survival, written in the language of an atomic reality forbidden to exist by the Church. All of the tribal science geniuses held in financial servitude by the Church are now part of the cancerous disease belonging to a dysfunctional information system associated with da Vinci’s indisputable tribal genius. It is not difficult to explain the magnitude of scientific genius being contaminated with illusory nonsense in this manner. For example, we have been led to believe that Isaac Newton had a mechanistic worldview, in which gravitational forces are created by the mass of objects in space. Millions of school children have been indoctrinated to this with a story about an apple falling onto Newton’s head. One has only to read Newton’s little known but nonetheless published ‘28th Query Discussions’ to see that he considered that idea to be pretentious and illogical. He referred to the spiritual aspect of ancient Greek science as being the proper authority by giving gravity a fundamental spiritual component. Today that component belongs to the emerging holographic universe theories, replacing one-dimensional tribal science contaminated by a variety of unscientific religious dogmas. Plato’s educational program was reinstated at his Academy in Florence as part of the Great Italian Renaissance, liberating it from its banishment as a forbidden heresy by the Church in the 6th Century. Plato’s educational program was quite specific concerning its study objectives. Five mathematical disciplines must be studied in accordance with Plato’s self-evident truth axiom that “All Is Geometry”. These were arithmetic, plane geometry, solid geometry, astronomy, and harmonics. Once these were mastered then the student could proceed to philosophical research. Plato argued the merits of learning plane geometry that must not be studied for its practical uses but for training the mind. He let arithmetic become the first of the subjects of education, then research into its relevant science was to become the student’s concern. From his published Notebooks, Leonardo da Vinci wrote that perspective was made clear by the five terms of Plato’s mathematical logic. Leonardo then made the statement that completely divorced his tribal scientific genius from Plato’s concept of an infinite, living, holographic 3D universe. Although Leonardo had written "The first object of the painter is to make a flat plane appear as a body in relief and projecting from that plane ...", he claimed that the flat plane of a painting surface could never contain a true 3D image. During the 20th Century the artist Salvador Dali, familiar with Plato’s scientific worldview was convinced that paintings could contain important invisible stereoscopic 3D images. His famous 3D art exhibition, now on show at the Dali Stereoscopic Museum in Spain proved indisputably that Leonardo was not correct in this regard. Although it suited the purpose of the Church to claim that he was a master of the Renaissance, this was certainly not the case. Dali’s pioneering notions regarding the rudiments of a holographic universal theory has been further developed by the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia in collaboration with quantum biology cancer researchers at the Medicinal Chemistry department of Pavia University, Italy and the international Quantum Art Movement, QAM. In 2016 their work culminated in a Science-Art First Prize awarded at XX International Competition of Contemporary Art in Moscow under the auspices of the World Fund for Art. The award was for theory and visual artistic evidence of the nature of the antidote to the 3D global epidemic transmitted by mass production of communication and information devices carrying da Vinci’s dysfunctional mechanistic disease of the mind. In 2017 that same organization established a Science-Art Research Project in liaison with QAM. Dali’s cumbersome equipment that required two paintings to demonstrate that they contained 3D images was replaced with viewing single paintings depicting previously hidden, more dramatic interlocking stereoscopic planes, capable of registering linear movement. That movement depicts electromagnetic torque force belonging to a new spiritual technology that is beyond the comprehension of current science. This force had been actually predicted from Plato’s writings concerning the difference between aesthetics and the spiritual wisdom of evolving artistic perception. In Plato’s dialogue between Socrates and Ion he refers to an unethical aesthetic force that rejected ethical artistic wisdom. That force was held to be caused by the electromagnetic properties of magnetic lodestones, in which identical polarities rejected the existence of ethical artistic wisdom. The philosopher Immanuel Kant used these artistic differences between what Plato described as unethical aesthetics and his search for a spiritual ethical artistic wisdom to lay the foundations of the electromagnetic ‘Golden Age of Danish Science’. His research is now associated with the workings of an infinite, living, holographic universe. Kant agreed with Plato and classified his demonizing electromagnetic mathematical aesthetics as unethical and his spiritual artistic force as an ethical, evolving, asymmetrical, electromagnetic field within the creative artistic mind. In current science this refers to the unethical mathematics used to program a poker machine to bring about states of moral and financial bankruptcies. That mathematics in concert with aesthetically pleasing electromagnetic sound and colour vibrations, is Plato’s electromagnetic ‘shadows on the cave wall’ bringing about destructive, illusory, artistic enjoyment. Global Plutocracies in their continual battle for survival, wage economic war-games using similar mathematical intent induced into global stock-market stratagems. The perception of genius associated with the development of tribal science for exercising their now obsolete commitment to harm other tribes was identified as a form of cancer inherited from our Neolithic ancestors. The Nobel Laureate in Medicine and the Founder of the American National Cancer Research Foundation, Szent-Gyorgyi, in his 1972 ‘Letter to Science’ stated that Einstein’s worldview that all life in the universe must become extinct was based on a carcinogenic law, The Second Law of Thermodynamics, which governs all aspects of prevailing scientific research. From Plato’s mathematical perspective the chaos of the dark abyss consisted of unformed matter. When light was created followed by atomic matter the direction of an ethical human civilization would need a science that became part of its infinite, ethical purpose. Any science that was linked to unethical, aesthetic emotion would cause the unformed matter to emerge and destroy civilization. This is seen to be the fate of the tooth and claw arms race as recorded in the observable fossil record. The European space Agency’s Planck Observatory, which mapped the existence of the oldest light in the universe, revealed that it was asymmetrical in nature. Einstein’s symmetrical, mechanistic reality used symmetrical light to obtain his theory of relativity, heading backwards toward oblivion, hence his conviction that all life in the universe must become extinct. The mathematician, Georg Cantor, was acclaimed to be the greatest mathematician in history and was also the most despised. He classified Szent-Gyorgyi’s observation that modern science carried a mental carcinogenic disorder as, “a myopic fear of infinity inhabiting the modern scientific mind”. This heresy attacked the salaried security of Christian University tribal scientists throughout the Western educational system and Cantor was driven to his deathbed when influential scientists systematically denied his mathematical research. However, one famous scientist, working with Einstein over the difference between asymmetrical and symmetrical electromagnetic fields, David Hilbert, supported Cantor’s mathematical bridge to infinity. The transference from tribal science to a human survival science is a serious medical issue. SzentGyorgyi considered that universal knowledge evolved by the entanglement of healthy living information with the energies of chaos. That concept has been seen as a fundamental condition belonging to the workings of a holographic universe. It is in direct contradiction to Einstein’s conviction that the energies of entropy ruled supreme, meaning that all life must be destroyed. Quantum biological cancer research, however, shows that healthy living information flows in the opposite direction to the entropic processes belonging to the extinction law. Although the nature of the antidote was internationally recognized during 2016, tribal science remains badly infected with the mechanistic da Vinci worldview disease of the mind. The seriousness of this situation is directly related to Plato’s prediction that the harmful effect of prevailing science’s carcinogenic, unethical, mathematical description of reality is approaching a terminal state. The 3D global epidemic transmitted from the mass production of dysfunctional communication and information devices has created the enslavement to a consumer society that Plato specifically warned about. The emergence of Plato’s unformed matter to destroy civilization is now a real global anxiety capable of bringing about a nuclear catastrophe. Unless this is resolved, sooner or later tribal science will achieve its innate objective. Tribal science cannot deliver the antidote nor recognize the significance of the antidote discoveries made in 2016. In order to clearly demonstrate this situation we can examine the Russell-Einstein Manifesto proclaimed on the 9th of July, 1955. It was about the dangers of nuclear weapons development and called for world leaders to seek peaceful resolutions to international conflict. Both Russell and Einstein’s tribal science worldviews belonged to the ancient Babylonian tribal culture. Lord Bertrand Russell’s relationship with Babylonian tribal science is well known. His philosophical references to the Babylon’s goddess of prostitution and war, Ishtar, led to his removal from his professorial post at New York College in 1940. His famous slogan to “Make love not war” influenced the sexual mores of many western University students. The 1957 New York University Library of Science in its book, Babylonian Mythology and Modern Science, stated that Einstein derived his theory of relativity from the mythological intuitive mathematics of ancient Babylon. The Russell-Einstein Manifesto tribal science had the same objective as the Australian 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Group - the elimination of nuclear weapons. But the current North Korea crisis demonstrates that the Russell-Einstein Manifesto was not worth the paper that it was written on. The crucial objective of the Peace Prize Group requires input from scientists who understand the functioning of the holographic universe. Babylonian tribal compulsion to wage continuous war to ensure tribal evolution was written into a deceitful mathematical financial legal system. Their priests’ development of the preceding Sumerian astrological mathematics enabled them to predict eclipses. A baked clay tablet exists, written by a priest advising the King of Babylon when the 673 BC Lunar eclipse will take place. Their gods demanded that this event be used to terrorize the populace and that the worship of Ishtar be used to whip up a desperate sexual lust for war in order to expand the boundaries of the Kingdom. The 19th Century champion of American Democracy, Ralph Waldo Emerson, wrote that American Plutocrats had enslaved the American people into a perpetual debt system by instigating a legal system emulating that of the Babylonian tribal mathematics culture. There is a photograph of Einstein among several geniuses that helped electrify the United States of America. Tesla died a pauper after being tricked out of his patented discoveries. Charles Proteus Steinmetz, who had been paid to invent the electrification industry, complained that if his spiritual, ethical, asymmetrical, electromagnetic technology had been implemented, the American society would have developed a far more humane technology than the one governed by financial greed. Nonetheless, without that plutocratic greed, tribal science would not have evolved as part of the human evolutionary process. Tribal societies show us that the so-called genius mindset is only recognized if it serves the rapacious emotional logic of the Plutocrats. This places their evolutionary, carcinogenic acumen well above the will of the alleged geniuses. As a cancer research problem the relevant antidote information can have a beneficial effect upon the global ‘body politic’. If the shrewd controlling mechanistic emotional logic of the warring Plutocrats is entangled with the cancer research antidote information then a human survival blueprint can be quickly obtained. A computer programmed to generate the human survival blueprint simulations can only be successful if it is given irrefutable antidote information to balance the tribal science needed to prepare to wage continuous warfare. The controllers of the global economic reality cannot possibly enter into a sustainable dialogue about nullifying the nuclear threat, due to the overwhelming financial effect of the global 3D dysfunctional information epidemic. However, an encouraging medical assessment that their expertise can enable their leadership in ethical control of unimaginable sustainable nationalistic wealth, will appeal to their awesome intellect. The innate shrewd skepticism of those currently driving the tribal science economy, along with highly volatile emotive beliefs now diagnosed as a carcinogenic medical problem, can be dealt with. The required antidote to the nuclear problem will however need to incorporate solid factual information in order to resolve the carcinogenic terminal state that science has now arrived at. The catastrophic global economic collapse that later resulted from the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, appears to be the result of tribal science’s economic manipulations. The subsequent film ‘A Beautiful Mind’ can now be considered to be based upon a nonsensical evaluation of the global economic situation of the time. The economic solution concept of noncooperative game theory based upon tribal science’s aggressive logic should now become a thing of the past. The computer medical diagnosis can be programmed to emulate the effects of dopamine, a compound in the body controlling human emotions and producing compulsive behaviour. At junctions within the nervous system dopamine can build up to create overpowering electromagnetic cravings, constantly governing various aspects of personality. A simple low powered medical device exists, which can emit a signal that allows the mind to free itself from the overpowering emotional ‘lust’ compulsion, bringing about the capacity to rationalize over self harming rather that a compulsion to inflict harm upon others. A catalytic classification was given to the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia by the Science Unit of Australian National Television in 1979. It was used in the subtitle of the Centre’s participation within its internationally filmed documentary series titled, ‘The Scientists-Profile of Discovery’. Today, in collaboration with quantum biological research the Centre’s work has become the catalyst for obtaining human survival blueprint simulations. This objective relates Plato’s spiritual mathematics to holographic universe theories as an integral aspect of the 21st Century Renaissance. The complexities of maintaining illusory global financial confidence within plutocratic stratagems can be observed by the recent sale of a da Vinci painting for $450m. The International Quantum Art Movement in association with the World fund for Art is currently developing the Science-Art Antidote Information in the name of world peace. Its leading artists are aware that 3D information could be used to bring about a global catastrophe if the antidote information was to be used in the development of artificial intelligence technology. Consequentially they are willing to donate artworks to ensure that the 21st Century Renaissance can perform its catalytic function for world peace. A century after its formation the tribal military science that was needed to protect the Athenian tribal spirit of democracy, was elevated by mathematical insight into the realm of a science for global democracy befitting the workings of an infinite, living, ethical, universal holographic purpose. Present day Athens, a victim of yet another financial crisis now appears ready to implement a solution based upon its most ennobling scientific heritage. Accordingly, famous artists now consider that Athens is the proper place for exhibiting the new 3D stereoscopic exhibition containing the new ethical information, to the world. That exhibition representing the 21st Century Renaissance, greatly extending the Dalvador Dali legend, would as a global tourist attraction produce substantial funds for applying the Science-Art antidote cancer discoveries, under the auspices of qualified quantum biological cancer researchers. The inappropriate da Vinci kudos associated with global art-currency can now be replaced by the authentic prestigious ethos belonging to the artistic visual evidence associated with an understanding of the true the nature of the cancer antidote.

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