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Robert Pope: Australian Dreamtime Reality & The Survival Of Civilization

Champion surfboard riders calculating the changing geometrical vibration forces beneath their feet are expert emotional geometrical mathematicians. It is simply child’s play to explain that their emotional mathematical feelings are equated with the idea of advanced cybernetic mathematics. The father of modern cybernetics, Nobert Wiener invented the word from the Greek word kybernnetike used by the philosopher Plato to mean a healthy enjoyment of social helmmanship. Wiener initially developed his cybernetics for warfare but later realized that it had two properties that were equal but emotionally opposite to each other. He then decided to develop cybernetic research for the betterment of civilization rather than its capacity for total destruction. He wrote that tribal emotional cybernetics was more dangerous that atomic warfare because of its potential to generate both good or evil social helmmanship.

Plato wrote that warring tribal mathematicians were imprisoned within a cave of illusory shadows who would kill those who tried to set them free from their imaginary reality. He was some 2400 years ahead of his time. He was mathematically correct concerning the joy of human life but tribal science’s responsibility to invent weapons of war in obedience to the survival of the fittest law in nature was not an entirely an illusory concern. Tribal science needed scientific development to create life protecting weaponry. Einstein had to help build the atomic bomb before the psychotic Nazi regime did so. Emotional driven warrior helmmanship evolved human intelligence for thousands of years because tribes had to act like wild animals in order to survive. However, the wild animal need for emotional consensual violence to kill is no longer appropriate. DNA shows that all human tribes belong to a just one species and a medical antidote is required to prevent the human species from continually harming itself. Norbert Wiener’s incredible new cybernetic science for the survival of civilization can now be put into effect, but only if enough people learn about it.

The emotional demand for aggressive violence now belongs to the expenditure of billions to uphold the existing pandemic of dysfunctional illusory information as super-rich leaders fight for power over others. Millions of children are being programmed by Fake News confusion to become aggressive mathematical captives within Plato’s cave of illusory shadows in the consensual need to prepare them for global conflict. This hallucinatory mathematical prison is clearly outlined in Plato's Allegory of the Cave within his The Republic and its existence is most certainly not the proper governance of his Republic’s provinces, as we are being led to believe.

AMCHAM, The American Chamber of Commerce is represented globally and it states that: “In Plato’s Dialogues, cybernetics is the proper governance of the provinces”. It defines cyberspace as “a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts...”

This Science-art paper may help to explain the importance of what Plato called an ethical mathematical Science-Art wisdom, in order to prevent an unnecessary global catastrophe.

Modern science believes Thales of Miletus to be the father of modern science, which is nonsensical. The NASA archives have calculated that Thales was probably the first person to predict an eclipse of the sun. Therefore, he knew his geometrical mathematics but as NASA states, nobody knows how he used geometric mathematics to do this. Thales believed that the earliest aspect of the life-force belonged to the ability of magnetic lodestone to communicate with iron by its forces of attraction and repulsion. His geometry of the life-force was electromagnetic but the lust for power other others is not electromagnetic. Only the electromagnetic geometry can interact with biosphere's electromagnetic reality.

The philosopher Plato’s used the long lost electromagnetic geometry logic of Thales to state that the life-force evolved to infinity. During the Golden Age of Islamic Science the Arab mathematician and physicist Ibn al-Haytham commonly referred to as the father of modern optics, wrote that Plato’s optical mathematical science embraced an ethical component This was a reference to Plato’s electromagnetic ethical geometry but Ibn-al Haytham was confused about the geometry evolving to infinity. During the 1980s a computer experiment was designed to prove if the direction that the life-force evolved towards Plato’s infinity or Einstein’s science of the extinction of all life. Plato’s geometry is a form of infinite fractal geometry while Einstein’s mechanistic geometry forbids the life-force to evolve to infinity.

Plato’ ethical geometry is inscribed within the world’s seashell fossil record and a computer program was compiled to see which way the seashell geometry life-force was evolving towards. It was indeed moving toward infinity and that discovery was acclaimed by the largest technological institute in the world, IEEE in Washington. When Einstein’s mechanistic mathematics was used to find the direction taken by the seashell life-force only deformed diseased computer drawings resulted. This describes the workings of what Wiener called unethical diseased cybernetic mechanistic mathematics and why Plato referred to his living electromagnetic geometry, as belonging to ethical wisdom.

Salvador Dali was the first person to realize that Plato’s ethical geometrical Science-Art message of human survival was about invisible holographic mathematics within flat plane geometry. He was convinced that the flat surface of a painting could contain holographic images. Although the Dali Stereoscopic Art Museums around the world present somewhat vague 3D images, 21st Century paintings have been discovered that indisputably depict extremely clear holographic images. The Australian Aboriginal artist, Roger Bushfire Saunders has for many years held 3D painting schools for young Australian indigenous children. Of particular interest is his observation that young children up to eight years of age can see the holographic images without using the 3D viewing glasses. This carries an unusual but important scientific message about the emerging ethical science of Wiener’s human survival cybernetics.

Babylonian mathematical genius was used by Einstein to develop quantum mechanical logic, which is now the basis of redundant aggressive tribal science. Australia’s Original People’s culture belongs to the world’s oldest tribe. A vast difference between that culture and the Babylonian culture exists, which may be of importance to future of civilization. The Aboriginal Dreamtime memorial ceremonies recall that the island of Tasmania was once linked to the Australian mainland during the last Ice Age, before the ice melted to cause the Great Flood. However, the ancient Mesopotamian cultural memory is about the gods of creation causing the Great Flood to emerge from below the surface of the earth, which is nonsensical. Both cultures are integral aspects of human evolution, which can be entangled with a computer program. If the program is governed by first-cause physics principles it will, from a neurological perspective, generate human survival blueprint simulations utilizing the correct past historical intuitions to depict the reality of an infinite future.

Please add painting and write below it:

This painting by Roger Bushsfire Saunders when viewed through asymmetric elecromagnetic glasses reveals holographic imagery.

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Infinity does sound better than curling up inside a bunker! Thankyou Robert!

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