Robert Pope: Australian Dreamtime Reality & The Survival Of Civilization

Champion surfboard riders calculating the changing geometrical vibration forces beneath their feet are expert emotional geometrical mathematicians. It is simply child’s play to explain that their emotional mathematical feelings are equated with the idea of advanced cybernetic mathematics. The father of modern cybernetics, Nobert Wiener invented the word from the Greek word kybernnetike used by the philosopher Plato to mean a healthy enjoyment of social helmmanship. Wiener initially developed his cybernetics for warfare but later realized that it had two properties that were equal but emotionally opposite to each other. He then decided to develop cybernetic research for the betterment of civilization rather than its capacity for total destruction. He wrote that tribal emotional cybernetics was more dangerous that atomic warfare because of its potential to generate both good or evil social helmmanship.

Plato wrote that warring tribal mathematicians were imprisoned within a cave of illusory shadows who would kill those who tried to set them free from their imaginary reality. He was some 2400 years ahead of his time. He was mathematically correct concerning the joy of human life but tribal science’s responsibility to invent weapons of war in obedience to the survival of the fittest law in nature was not an entirely an illusory concern. Tribal science needed scientific development to create life protecting weaponry. Einstein had to help build the atomic bomb before the psychotic Nazi regime did so. Emotional driven warrior helmmanship evolved human intelligence for thousands of years because tribes had to act like wild animals in order to survive. However, the wild animal need for emotional consensual violence to kill is no longer appropriate. DNA shows that all human tribes belong to a just one species and a medical antidote is required to prevent the human species from continually harming itself. Norbert Wiener’s incredible new cybernetic science for the survival of civilization can now be put into effect, but only if enough people learn about it.