Robert Pope: Technologies of human survival relative to Plato

Updated: Jan 22

The ‘Science-Artist Robert Pope once wrote a paper titled ‘Hearing is Believing’ after dreaming in his sleep that his baby girl was falling. He awoke to catch her as she fell out of her crib and remembered hearing the sound of her releasing its safety catch. He had no idea that years later his research into ‘Seeing is Believing’ would become globally famous.

In 1990 the world’s largest scientific institute, IEEE, in the USA reprinted his Science-Art Research Centre of Australia’s discovery of a new optic mathematical science considered to be among the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th Century. The research had been about upgrading Plato’s human survival Science-Art to balance the forces of nature, which included climate change.

Plato’s Medical Academy was established 45 years after Athenian Democracy collapsed when the ‘Great Plague of Athens’ decimated its population allowing the Spartan dictatorship to once again take control of Greek culture. Plato realized that a neurological mathematical disease existed within the monetary system. In retaliation to that medical discovery the Centre was condemned by a world famous scientist for publishing that information. An enraged Pope in 1989 enlisted the Thalian Mental Health Organization in the USA to introduce the Centre’s Science-Art’ collection to the City of Los Angeles.

The collection of holographic artwork contained indisputa