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Robert David Pope

Director, Science Art Research Centre of Australia

Appointed Professor Neurological Physics, 1990 Institute for Basic Research, USA, during its joint research with the Science-Art Centre.

As a participant in the internationally presented eight part series The Scientists - Profiles of Discovery in 1979 by the Science-Unit of Australian National Television my subtitle was Pope the Catalyst. In that year UNESCO appointed me as a Special Science-Art Delegate to the Second Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity in Honour of Albert Einstein, Trieste, Italy. At the conference I discussed with China’s most highly awarded physicist, Kun Huang, about his paper with the Nobel Laureate in Physics, Max Born, entitled Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices containing a criticism of Einstein’s mechanistic worldview. My Science-Art Research Centre of Australia had also criticised Einstein's mechanistic worldview for not being stabilised by Plato’s Science-Art to balance the forces of nature.

During the 1980s the Centre pointed out that the Golden Age of Danish Science had been based upon Plato’s long lost human survival Science-Art to balance the forces of nature. It held that the evolution of an asymmetric electromagnetic field was evolving within the artistic mind that had been associated with Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Prevailing modern science cannot cope with that idea. This was pointed out by the Cambridge University Press online, February 11, 2009, in its The Simile Of Light in Plato's Republic, by stating that it was “so complex that the interpretation of almost every part of it is in dispute.” It declared that in association with light and dark “three sets of

contrasted terms are worked together so as to explain the effect on the soul of the intellectual education by which we are converted from what is dark and imitative and ascend finally to knowledge of the Good.” The Centre has now linked Newton’s subatomic white-light colour particle physics together with Goethe’s dark-light subatomic properties in order to upgrade Newton’s 3rd Law of equal and opposite reaction. Einstein’s destructive mechanistic worldview, demanding the extinction of humanity becomes logically ‘Good’ when it simply generates its future equal and opposite human survival counterpart into existence. Prevailing tribal science now has a

very serious problem on its hands.

Newton in his 28th Query Discussions completely rejected the idea that gravity was caused by the mass of objects in space and had agreed with Plato and Anaxagoras that gravity was an element evolving consciousness to infinity. Einstein nonetheless used Newton’s non-existing research to further develop his mechanistic gravitational theories. This obviously illusory action now remains receptive to an equal and opposite illusory reaction law. That reaction includes Goethe's dark light subatomic reality, which is locked into Newton’s incomplete 3rd Law based upon only white-light reality. Such information now belongs to an essentially new human survival science and technology.

The existing obsolete mathematical rejection by the prevailing mechanistic global worldview has been diagnosed by a Nobel Laureate in Neurological Medicine, as being very dangerously psychopathic. The general public must become aware of this nightmare situation as soon as possible.

In 1989, the Science-Art Research Centre’s Science-Art holographic art exhibition was launched to the city of Los Angeles by the Hollywood Thalian Mental Health Organization. By simply viewing selected paintings and pictures from outer-space within the Centre’s Science-Art collection through asymmetric electromagnetic glasses, Plato’s holographic images within his flat-plane electromagnetic geometrical surfaces instantly reveal profound 4D images. Alongside Newton’s white-light subatomic colour particle interaction with Goethe’s dark light subatomic colour particle reality, curved coloured art-forms traverse a multidimensional background. This collapse of Einstein’s illusory human extinction mechanistic worldview becomes essentially important by allowing its equal and opposite Platonic human survival era to come into existence.

The illusory 4D paintings and photographs from outer-space’s interaction with the 3D viewer also reflects the equal and opposite information transmitted from an illusory 2D image to its 3D observer counterpart. Obviously, human evolutionary consciousness is therefore linked to evolving through dimensional realities in accordance with Plato and Anaxagoras’ electromagnetic gravitation’s element evolving consciousness to infinity. For prevailing global science and technology to allow itself to be governed by its worship of Einstein’s human extinction law obviously belongs to a psychopathic mind-state of reality.

On December 4, 2020, the Centre’s Science-Art associate, the International Academy MAQ - IAMAQ endorsed by a Science Division within the Republic of Italy published that our joint research had also resolved the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This allows Plato’s ethical human survival science and technology to be now developed. This opportunity is rather more inspiring than our acceptance of being governed by the primitive tribal Science-Art of warfare leading to our entropic extinction, insensitive to the wellbeing of humanity’s children. Reference to Rene Descartes being a psychopath was consistent with his omitting the word ‘feeling’ within his world famous statement, “I think therefore I am”. In 1994, the Nobel Laureate in Neurological Medicine, David Hubel, endorsed this diagnosis in the book Descartes' Error- Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain, by the neurologist, Antonio Damasio. In this book, Damasio diagnosed the

mathematician, Descartes, as having an unstable psychopathic mentality bringing great harm to the medical sector.

In 1990 the World’s largest scientific institution, IEEE, reprinted

the Centre’s optical mathematical discoveries published during the

1980s by Italy’s Il Nuovo Cimento’s scientific journal of physics,

as being among the great scientific discoveries of the 21st

Century, placing it alongside such names as Francis Crick.

Robert studies Evo-Devo (Developmental Biology)

Salvador Dali, when he died, was worth more than $US 300 million. He was aware that Newton had discarded his idea that gravity was caused by the mass of objects in

spaceand Newton, as aforementioned, in his 28th Query Discussions had agreed with Plato and Anaxagoras that the gravity element was evolving consciousness to infinity. Dali had rewritten some of Einstein and Einstein’s colleague, Ilya Prigogine’s papers accordingly and accused them of making serious errors in dismissing Plato’s human survival Science-Art to balance the forces of nature. Finally, Prigogine wrote that Dali was using illusory logic, suggesting that Einstein had not. The Centre assumed that

Dali had been intuitively correct and rewrote Einstein’s mechanical papers to accommodate Dali’s rather garbled illusory optical mathematics. Illusory information must still comply with the Newton-Goethe equal and opposite 3rd Law and that project resulted in the Centre making its great historical optical mathematical discoveries during the 21st Century.

Prevailing mechanistic tribal science cannot emote to the fact that Einstein’s totally mechanistic worldview became irrational when DNA demonstrated that all human tribes belonging to a single species had dropped atomic bombs upon itself. Einstein’s sentencing humanity to extinction in obeying the survival of the fittest law observable in nature, was a particularly forceful act. Newton’s 3rd Law, now locked into Goethe’s subatomic colour particle reality, requires an equal and opposite creative reaction to its primordial destructive ancestor. That logical information is now extremely crucial for human survival knowledge.

Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetic warfare, later declared it to be unquestionably evil as its mechanistic control system sentences humanity to extinction rather than including Plato’s biological cybernetics mind control system evolving life to infinity. Together with the Nobel Laureate in Neurological Medicine, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, they condemned Einstein’s unstable cybernetic mechanistic art of war worldview for lacking its biological Platonic Science-Art cybernetic counterpart. They wrote that the general public must be able to see for themselves that Plato’s ethical reality certainly does exist. This crucial opportunity is very easily made possible through the use of asymmetric electromagnetic glasses, as will be explained in this paper.

By inventing emotive Platonic mathematical equations sympathetic to Dali’s eccentric writings, the Centre made rather important optical mathematical discoveries. In liaison with the Centre, the Institute for Basic Physics in the USA upgraded these optical discoveries into a biological physics format and I was appointed as a Professor of Neurological Physics. In 2009, I was later presented with a Gold Medal Laureate Award for Creative Physics Research by the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science, London, at its New Medical Science and Technologies Conference held at Yalta, Crimea.

In 2013 the Planck Observatory Space Station proved Einstein to be wrong with his 1905

conviction that the dominant symmetrical universal electromagnetic field rotated clockwise. The Space Station validated that the dominant universal field rotated anticlockwise. It was then suggested that the prevailing Einstein’s science and technology might have to be somehow completely rewritten to allow Newton’s now incomplete equal and opposite 3rd Law to bring about a more creative rational era on Earth. However, the prevailing predominant primordial tribal science remains completely irrational. Newton’s 3rd law, based upon the properties of white-light, is now

locked into Goethe’s subatomic colour particles physics associated with dark light. This must no longer be hidden from the general public. Dark energy, having an equal and opposite state of ‘no-time’ to the structure of white-light reality is crucially important. Plato’s Science-Art to balance the forces of nature, includes climate change. Climate change requires a completely new evaluation of Plato’s Atom of Time’s human survival speculations.

Dali’s extremely eccentric papers had already assumed that Newton and Goethe’s white and dark-light theories were interrelated. Accordingly the Centre pursued its neurological Platonic Science-Art research upon that concept. The physicist, Alfonso Terregrosa, has just recently published some very important human survival information that is about prevailing obsolete information, surely warranting our urgent global scientific attention. He referred to Max Planck’s invention of an incorrect system within mechanistic mathematics, still considered to uphold the prevailing obsolete

global science of today.

To deny that the global economic science consciously harms children is obviously nonsense. The American Chamber of Commerce, (AMCHAM), incorrectly states: "In Plato's Dialogues cybernetics is the proper governance of the provinces" and that "cybernetic" can be considered to mean "related to cyberspace". This modern definition of cyberspace was stated originally by William Gibson in his book, Neuromancer, as "a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts". This is understandable

as it is associated with the now obsolete destructive psyche of tribal science. Nonetheless, the use of electromagnetic media art of war’s cybernetic indoctrination of children can be considered comparable to the fanatical Hitler Youth ideology, preparing them to escalate extreme forms of chaotic reality.

Plato advocated that within his futuristic Republic women were to be equal with men in creating a global economy for only one purpose, which was to establish an educational system for the health and wellbeing of humanity’s children. That system was not about preparing children to anticipate various aspects of primordial tribal conflict leading to an emotional need to glorify and wage war.

The time has now arrived where humanity needs to break free of building monuments to the now obsolete art of the war mind-set that has existed throughout the history of human existence. Women World Wide must unite together for the sake of humanity’s children.

Einstein’s use of Newton’s discarded rejection of mechanistic gravity depicts humanity’s

participation within dimensional reality. However, his unbalanced electromagnetic reality is awaiting to comply with the Newton-Goethe joint 3rd Law of of Plato’s balancing equal and opposite human survival Science-Art. Being the opposite to Einstein’s destruction, entropic creative reality is of course simply its creative counterpart. Plato’s Science-Art to balance the forces of nature, which includes climate change, is now quite apparent. This is being seen by a growing number of scientists as the first logical step regarding the pioneering of time-travel science and technology. From my limited perspective such travel could select future stops along the 'no-time'

roadway to escape climate change. Nonetheless, the Centre’s electromagnetic physicists are developing Plato’s Science-Art Atom of Time heralding the era of the past brain-mind evolution into its far superior electromagnetic heart-mind reality.

The early part of the Golden Age of Danish Science was dedicated to an ethical Platonic asymmetric electromagnetic field evolving with the artistic mind, which was banished during the global era of developing weapons of mass destruction where tribal children were simply not taken into protective account. The utterly heartless neurological state of prevailing tribal science, dedicated to various forms of tribal economic conflict is now beginning to realise that asymmetry exists between the subatomic mass of electric charges. Scientists working around the world with the ALPHA collaboration are now being published for revealing that dark matter is being absorbed by dark energy, providing a unique awareness that the relationship between dark matter and dark energy is revealing a completely new vision of futuristic time-state realty.

Plato and Anaxagoras’ ethical human survival balanced Science-Art was epitomised by the evolution of the brain-mind era. The Centre, realising that the heart-mind was electromagnetically far more powerful than cerebral intelligence, further developed aspects of women being equal to men within the global economy for the health and wellbeing of humanity’s children. Plato’s Atom of Time, once held to be indivisible, became subatomic particles associated with the living gravitational elements associated with water. Thales' concept that the sun was kept alive by water is about the properties of heavy water and super-heavy-water, tritium oxide exists. Such complex properties of water associated with the nature of space are becoming of vital interest within the

concept of Time-Travel.

Now that the illusory aspects of equal and opposite dimensional reality cannot be disputed as belonging to humanity evolving within time dimensional realities, the Centre’s electromagnetic physicists working directly with the pioneering of Time-Travel are building bridges toward a better future for humankind. The collapse of Einstein and Heisenberg’s mechanistic domination of evolving reality, forbidding biological subatomic curvature through space-time and movement location alongside 4D illusory location images, has occurred. It must become public knowledge that we can no longer tolerate the prevailing ruthlessness of the existing primordial economic system dedicated to countless tribal conflict situations.

Professor Sabine Hossenfelder is a researcher into quantum gravity and modifications to the General Theory of Relativity at the Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies. Her June 2018 article entitled Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray, published in the prestigious international journal of science, Nature, describes the ugliness of physics as being further contaminated with "an unnatural compulsion to develop supersymmetry to keep Einstein’s illusion alive”. She asserted that in modern science "we are losing our way in a mathematical jungle, however beautiful”.

The Nobel Laureate, Max Plank, one of the founders of quantum mechanics, wrote in 1899 a paper Natural units of measurement residing outside of the human and animal frame of mind logic. The physicist, Alfonso Terregrosa has published some very important human survival information that surely warrants global scientific attention. He refers to Plank’s invention of a system within mechanistic mathematics, that is considered to be correct and is all-encompassing within the prevailing obsolete global science of today, as quite simply totally meaningless.

Dr Lance Mark Moody, the Centre’s Electromagnetic Physicist researching the subatomic structure of wave functioning, is well aware of the collapse of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle outlined by Terregrosa. He has conducted visual mathematical experiments proving beyond doubt that time waves are entangled within reality in such a way as allowing for changes of their frequency so that it is possible to effectively control time. Moody is adamant that by using asymmetric viewing glasses allowing for the public to see for themselves, as a tourism venture, will be of paramount importance regarding the development of his discoveries concerning these time-travel properties

belonging to wave-functioning reality. Moody’s experimental proofs have been recognised as being fundamental to the human survival of Plato’s Atom of Time technology now being associated with Plato’s Science-Art to balance the forces of nature, being associated with a new technology to travel beyond the forces of climate change. Mark Moody's experimental discoveries concerning the nature of light with time are considered to be rewriting an important new essential aspect of a future human survival science and technology.

Dr Christopher D. J. Maylor, the Centre’s other Electromagnetic Time-Structure Physicist, is further developing the original Anaxagoras-Pope Binary Warp-Core and an experimental toroidal drive associated with the electromagnetic development of Plato’s long lost human survival science and technology. Presently under construction is the Anaxagoras-Pope II, as a more advanced design; the objective now being to establish a free-standing system, one independent of external attachments (without the use of asymmetric electromagnetic glasses). This is an active participation in the pioneering of Time-Travel to escape climate change by using Plato’s human survival Science-Art to

balance the forces of nature, in particular that of climate change. Maylor is well conversant with the research associated with the further development of human survival properties associated with Plato’s long ignored Atom of Time.

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