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If Einstein was in error equating (E=mc2), what impact does that have on the physics world?

Robert David Pope

Professor Neurological Physics, 1990, The Institute for Basic Research, USA

Director, The Science Art Research Centre of Australia

Franco Ivaldi asked for a comment on his paper re-Olinto De Pretto (1903) who many say preceded Einstein; also, the comment related to light wherein, I re-calculated energy (E) with that being related as kinetic energy (𝐾𝑒) with mass being related as (m) and speed being equated as (𝑐~) which, Einstein related as (c). Herein, the light commences at ‘Zero’ and accelerates to ‘c’ which is related as ‘c1’, and herein, lays the problem; Einstein, neglected to allocate for light to reach the speed of ‘c’, with that representing ’trough’ speed and related as (1/2), whilst the ‘dark or decaying photon’ returns to ‘Zero’ at ‘Peak’ speed and that equaling (c1). Herein, the equation should be related as: (𝐾𝑒=mc1 1/2)

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