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Robert David Pope

Professor Neurological Physics, 1990, The Institute for Basic Research, USA

Director, The Science Art Research Centre of Australia

Einstein’s obedience to the survival of the fittest law in nature was rational until DNA

showed that all human tribes belonged to a single species that dropped atomic bombs upon itself.

Now that evidence exists stating that Einstein was an unfeeling, emotional tyrant to his first wife Mileva Einstein-Maric, we might well understand why he considered that his discovery of photons, considered by him to be mechanistic light particles, had no emotional biological association with reality. However, photons are colour particles of electromagnetic light waves that are often associated with such things as emotionally beautiful sunsets.

Einstein's psychological problems associated with electromagnetic mechanistic colour

particle reality, as an equal and opposite reality to emotional beauty, most certainly

orientated his subconscious ‘survival of the fittest’ genius. His mechanical photons,

although having no actual emotional colours whatsoever, were to become mechanistic

colour quarks, later used to make various types of atomic bombs. Einstein’s incredible

intuitive farsightedness was in keeping with his persistent proclamations that all humanity must obey his law of human extinction.

The very opposite view was intuitively grasped by David Hibert, recognised as one of the

most influential and universal mathematicians of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. While he worked with Einstein, he also fully supported the famous mathematician, Georg Cantor, who wrote; “The fear of infinity is a form of myopia that destroys the possibility of seeing the actual infinite, even though it in its highest form has created and sustains us, and in its secondary transfinite forms occurs all around us and even inhabits our minds.”

Einstein paid no attention to the fact that Newton in his 28th Query Discussions had

completely discarded his idea that the mass of objects in space caused gravity. Newton fully agreed with Plato that gravity was an element evolving universal consciousness to infinity rather than to extinction. Newton’s 3rd Law upholding modern science’s equal and opposite universal reaction law cannot bring about its creative era to replace its primordial destructive era because white-light properties, as Goethe pointed out, must include dark-light reality. Newton’s 3rd Law upholding modern science’s social equilibrium has now collapsed in-upon itself, allowing Einstein’s human extinction law to be forced upon the Ukrainian civilisation. Humanity now has a serious problem that must be resolved for its future survival.

Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetic warfare, later declared it to be unquestionably evil. Together with the Nobel Laureate in Neurological Medicine, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, they condemned Einstein’s unstable cybernetic mechanistic art of war worldview for lacking its biological Platonic Science-Art cybernetic counterpart. Plato’s emotional, ethical Science-Art evolved humanity to infinity, rather than to Einstein’s extinction. They wrote that the general public must be able to see for themselves that Plato’s ethical balancing reality certainly does exist.

By looking into a mirror the illusory 2D equal and opposite image can instantly provide

biological information to its 3D viewer. Likewise a 4D illusory image can instantly provide

equal and opposite information to its viewer. This upholds the very basis of the Golden Age of Danish Science, committed to Plato’s Science-Art to balance the forces of nature, in which an asymmetric electromagnetic field was evolving within the artistic mind toward an infinite reality. Global tribal humanity, dedicated to the development of weapons of mass destruction to harm itself, obviously banished Plato’s Science-Art for human survival as being a treasonable offence. However, Plato’s human survival Science-Art “to balance the forces of nature” will soon be needed to utilise his long lost Atom of Time and its direct association with other newly discovered aspects of water within the universe. This information explains how Plato’s human survival Science-Art to balance the forces of nature includes the science and technology that will be needed to avoid a deadly climate change reality.

The collapse of Einstein’s prevailing science does have its good side. The fusing of

Newton’s subatomic properties of white-light colour particle reality with Goethe’s dark-

colour particle reality reveals the existence of Plato’s equal and opposite Science-Art to

balance the forces of nature. Einstein’s totally destructive, mechanistic worldview can now be used to quickly generate its equal and opposite Platonic human survival counterpart. The general public can now see for themselves that Plato’s ethical reality certainly does exist.

The lost Danish science’s evolving Science-Art asymmetrical electromagnetic human

survival reality can now be instantly seen as a 4D reality. That unequivocally demonstrates that humanity is programmed to move toward infinity by evolving within the evolution of dimensional realities.

When asymmetric electromagnetic glasses are used to view selected paintings and

photographs from outer space, held within the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia’s tourism venture, then Plato’s hidden human survival messages are instantly revealed as being equal and opposite to Einstein’s mechanistic worldview. Coloured, curved art-forms move through a multidimensional background. The Newton-Goethe subatomic colour particle wave movement is quite profound alongside the 4D images. This equal and opposite counterpart component to Einstein’s completely destructive, mechanistic worldview, now attempting to fulfil its unnatural global purpose from within the Ukrainian civilisation, is of crucial importance for the future of humanity. Plato’s long lost Atom of Time and its direct association with other newly discovered aspects of water within the cosmos explains the importance of his human survival Science-Art to balance the forces of nature. That new science and technology will be needed to avoid climate change reality.

The Newton-Goethe equal and opposite electromagnetic evolutionary field belonging to

both white-light and back-light is now being seen as upholding the properties of the time-field we take for granted and its dark-energy counterpart embracing coloured dark-light as a no-time field carrier of information. Plato’s Atom of Time is obviously about a technology using such a field, much in advance of our primitive roadways, railroads and airspace communication systems.

Unless the global monetary system is used to develop Plato’s human survival science and technology, now associated directly with an upgraded Newton-Goethe 3rd Law reality, then utter chaos on Earth will occur. Plato’s future Republic to avoid that situation was that women must become equal to men in the global economic system to bring into existence an educational system dedicated to the health and wellbeing of humanity’s children. That is the very equal and opposite of an educational system preparing children to obey Einstein’s obsolete global, tribal extinction law.

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