The public Association has IAMAQ institutes on all continents with the goal of introducing and spreading quantum art and science around the world.


Founders and Board of Directors



Roberto Denti

IMG_20190421_120028 (2).jpg

Vice president

Natalia Morozova


Scientific General Director/ QUANTUMBIONET-QUANTUMBIOSYSTEM Massimo Pregnolato





Guido Marcello Poggiani




Marco Bozzini

Fedor Filkov

Artistic General Director/


Fedor Filkov 



Elisabetta Denti

Collegial Body of Artistic Coordination



Gregory Ginsburg





Art critic, publicist, cultural critic

Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hanover, Germany 2012), Honorary doctor of art history (EU EAEN 2018), Professor

Head of the expert Council of the Eurasian art Union

Honorary worker of culture of the city of Moscow (2013)

Director of the Moscow state exhibition hall "creativity" (1991-2014), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moscow exhibition halls under the Committee on culture of the government of Moscow (1996-2006).)

Chairman of the art history and gallery section of the creative Union of professional artists (2009-2018). Chairman of the art history section of the Eurasian art Union (2018-present). BP.). He has organized and conducted more than 700 international and Russian art exhibitions. Member of the jury of numerous international competitions of fine art, including "Euroartweek", "Abstractfestival", "Art-Balkan 2018", "Art without borders", etc.

Author of 30 art research articles about the personalities of artists in Russia and abroad, 25 essays and essays about avant-garde contemporary artists in Italy, a personal article about the Italian art theorist Roberto Denti and Vice-President of MAQ Natalia Morozova.


- Honorary badge of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation "for achievements in culture»;

"Gold medal" of the Creative Union of artists of Russia;

- medal "Pavel Tretyakov" (for the development of culture and art) from the International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Society (manpo-RAEN);

- medal "for contribution to art" of the International Federation of professional artists;

-Badge of honor awarded "Big star with a crown"; medal "Vasily Kandinsky" (for special achievements in the field of world culture and art) from the European Academy of natural Sciences;

- medal "in memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow" from the President of the Russian Federation;

Honorary badge of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation of the USSR "for cultural patronage of the armed forces of the USSR»,

-Badge of honor "Golden Laurel branch" of the National Committee for support of science, education and art of Russia.

Ginzburg G. N. has personal Gratitude of the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation, the Minister of culture of the Republic of Abkhazia, the Minister of culture of the city of Moscow, etc.

Elena Silantiva


Elena Silantyeva 



PR-Director of the council art presidium IMAQ


Moscow state exhibition hall "Сreativity" from 01.09.2010-31.12.2014
Position: guidance counselor for the Museum and educational activities.
PR-support of the activities of the eaen Academician,MAQ-IAMAQ Academician, Honorary doctor of art history, Professor, head of the Expert Council of the Eurasian art Union, member of the editorial Board of the magazine "Russian gallery XXI century" Grigory Ginsburg, 9.201 - to the present day.
Professional development: 
Computer training center "Specialist", 2010, course Windows, Office
Computer training center "Specialist" 2011, CorelDrawX13-15
Computer skills: 
Advanced user of Windows, MS Office Corel Draw Internet.

Professional skill/ Official duties

Provide PR support for the activities of EAEN Academician, MAQ-IAMAQ Academician, Honorary doctor of art history, Professor, head of the Expert Council of the Eurasian art Union, member of the editorial Board of the magazine "Russian gallery XXI century" Grigory Ginzburg.

Provide organizational and informative assistance to Grigory Ginzburg, Chairman of the Presidium of the art Council of the International Academy of arts and quantum science.

I accompany the activities of the Academician as a photojournalist. Create photo reports of international meetings, opening of exhibition projects of Moscow and foreign unions of artists, significant events in the cultural life of the capital. My photo works are published in the press and in art history magazines.

I have been running Gregory Ginzburg's creative page on Facebook since 2010.

I am a regular editor of articles by Academician Grigory Ginzburg (more than 50). I post them in social networks, the press, and newsletters.

I am an authorized representative of the Academician in business correspondence, Secretary in business negotiations, translator in foreign contacts.

I have numerous contacts with functionaries of creative unions and artists in Russia.






Natalia Morozova







Temporary acting

Founder IAMAQ

Vice President IAMAQ 

Vice President MAQ

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Academician, Economist

The Artistic member of the Eurasian Union (EAU)
Member of the International expert Council / jury (EAU)
Honorary member of the International Academy of Contemporary Art (IACA)
Member of the Professional Union of artists of Russia (PSHR)
The artist is included in the reference book " Unified art rating ",  "Register Of Professional Artists Of The Russian Empire, USSR "Russian abroad", the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union"
Modenaro fashion designer

Founder, Publisher, editor-in-Chief of MAG MAGAZINE

Founder, Publisher, editor-in-Chief of IAMAG MAGAZINE




Fedor Filkov






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Academician,Vice-President of the Eurasian art Union
Member of the Presidium of The national society of pastelists
President of the Russian branch of the world Fund for the Arts 

Academic of the European Academy of natural Sciences
Member of the International Association of writers and publicists
General Director of the Art of the future Production Agency"




Guido Marcello Poggiani




Founder IAMAQ


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President Сultural Association GuizArt

President Cultural Association of Artists Via Bagutta, Milan




Laura Silvina Dorado Saso







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Academician, Bachelor. Professor of plastic arts. Writer. Illustrator

Teacher of plastic arts majoring in painting

Faculty of philosophy and literary studies UN 1992

Degree in plastic arts, majoring in painting. UN faculty of arts T-1989.

Licensed in the field of educational technologies. University Of Technology. The regional faculty of tucumán UTN. Two thousand and eleven

College Of The Immaculate Conception. Tucuman-1984.

2016 it continues today. Member of the Athens international art organization of Professor Takis Alexius

2018 Member of MAQ (quantum art movement). International artistic community

2018 member of the Eco poets of Tucumanos

Member of the OEI teacher network. Virtual community.

Member of the jury of the III and IV literary and illustrative competition "identity"

Member of the jury of the international competition" ecological calendar " photos for secondary and primary school students. Through the OEI teacher network. Two thousand and eighteen




Ahmed Mahmoud Gueiba 










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He was born in Cairo, 1977

Bachelor of Education 2000 majoring in Wooden Industries,

Helwan University

Local group exhibitions

Fine Arts Exhibition, Helwan University, 1997

Exhibition of the first forum for student activities at Helwan

.University in July 1997

Fine Arts, Helwan University, and one of the works was

.nominated at the university level in 2008

University youth meeting in February 1999 at Cairo University

Helwan University Art Gallery, March 2000 *

University Youth Meeting 2001 exhibition at Minia University

The Corporate Republic Championship from 2008 until 2019 *

Manpower competition for the year 2008 to 2019 *

Design and implementation of puppet theater décor at the •

Filmmakers Association since 1997 AD until now

He held several exhibitions at youth centers in Cairo •

Revolution Exhibition, January 25, Bulaq Culture Palace •

May 25 2011

The Egyptian Snapshot Exhibition at Prince Taz Palace 2011

Exhibition at the Giza Culture Palace (From the Revolution •

Inspiration) 2011

Cairo Atila Exhibition (version No. 1) 10/30/2011 •

Two Two Exhibitions in Ismailia February 18 2012 •

The 1st Giza Plastic Salon Exhibition, March 15, 2012

Arab Fine Artists Forum, March 25, 2012 •

Exhibition, Manifestations of the January 25 Revolution, •

April 3, 2012, until 2019

Exhibition (Photo 1) at the Mesaha Center, Dokki, 4/11/2012 •

Public exhibition, April 2012

Exhibition of Small Pieces Salon at Prince Taz Palace, May 3,


General Art Exhibition, 36th session, June 2014 •

Egypt and the January Revolution at Prince Taz Palace,

January 2015

Mother's Day celebration at Qanater Al-Khayriya Culture •

Palace, March 2016

The first exhibition of Arab creators at the Ostraka Gallery, in

Tahrir, May 2016

Participation in the second session of the Art and Life •

Festival at the Exploratory Center in Suez - July 2016

The Turquoise Land exhibition, story by Prince Taz, •

October 2016

The Fifth Creativity Festival in Ismailia, February 2017 •

The historical exhibition of the Suez Canal Authority, the •

second salon at the Maritime Training and Simulation Center,

July 2017

East Nights Exhibition in the exhibition halls of the Karma Bin

Hani Cultural Center at Ahmed Shawky Museum - October


Exhibition (Love for the Fatherland Brings Us Together) by

the Nile Valley Family Association at Ahmed Shawky Museum

- November 2017

Egypt International Salon Ostraka, Al-Ahram Hall, October •


The fourth salon (150 years after the opening of the Suez -

Canal), the artery of benevolence, Al-Bab hall and dimensions

at the Museum of Modern Art at the Opera, July 2019

Special exhibition 2011 Bateelia Cairo




Adel Abdel Rahman 







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Academician, Prof., аrtist, critic, academic, journalist and story writer.

Professor of Graphic Design, Helwan University, Cairo.

PhD from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany.

Honorary Doctorate from the Nevada International Academy in Human Development

Former Head of the Fine Arts Sector at the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

Member of the Supreme Council of Culture, Ministry of Culture.

Art consultant at the National Council for Persons with Disabilities.

Member of the permanent scientific committee in many Arab universities to promote faculty members to the rank of assistant professor and professor.

Vice President of the Syndicate of Fine Artists in Egypt.

He held more than 40 individual exhibitions and participated in more than 300 cultural events (exhibitions - symposiums, workshops - seminars - lectures ..) around the world

Supervised, discussed and judged more than 200 MA, Ph.D. papers and books in art fields at the regional level.

He has many articles and journalistic writings on politics, economics and the arts.

His works have been acquired in many museums in Egypt and the world.

He traveled and exhibited his paintings and participated in many cultural events in the Arab and foreign countries and won many awards, medals, shields and certificates of appreciation, including: Germany, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iraq and Oman.

Three books were written about him in English, German and Serbian.

He has a number of books on taste, art criticism, exhibitions, museums, art and beauty philosophy, and art education.




Madeleine Rose Frampton Cobb







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Academician, Artist and Writer.

Born in New Zealand 1943, residing in Australia since 1977. There is a lifetime of practical experience as a self taught and fully self employed artist. 

Created, wrote,  illustrated and published nationwide the 1985 Australian Lighthorse Centenary Calendar with the portraits of living Lighthorsemen from each state.

Limited Edition Prints of the six Lighthorsemen portraits were published by Okker Boer, Art Nouveau Publications, the leading publisher of Australiana  1988. Major paintings and works are held in the private and public collections of special identities, top property owners, families, the businesses, companies  and councils of both countries New Zealand and Australia. Winner of two categories, of the international MAQ Competition 2018 the stereoscopic painting “ The Signs of Our Times - Quantum Biology’s Child Breaks Forth and Leaps to the Truth Of the Infinite Universe, ” in Graphic Painting and Short Story. Awarded Cockburn Medal  for Science Art 2018. Scientist Artist and associate member of the Science Art Research Centre of Australia, participating in research in the field of Evolutionary Neurological Development. It is of intense interest and pride to be involved with both IAMAQ and the Science Art Research Centre of Australia, the work of stereoscopic painting, the research of these matters, and ultimately the final outcome for all humanity and its survival.




Boopen Doobah








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Is one of the rare multi-talent Mauritian have studies and excellent in both Art and Strategic Management and Policy Studies, Art Market from Mauritius, UK and Sweden. In the eighties, he started his tertiary training in Fine Arts at local level and moved to France and Reunion to work under the guidance of Arts Masters. On his return, he worked as Fine

and Visual Arts instructor at the Mahatma Gandhi institute. Boopes is the Founder of ARTA  INDIANOCEANIKA TM.

He has been very active as Founder Member of Studio D’Art, Art Action, Le Collectif, CODAPArt, among others where local artists were involved in Art residencies, workshops and exhibitions in Mauritius, Indian Ocean and at International Levels: His major achievements have been his selection in 1993, for the Salon D’Automme, at Grand Palais in Paris, his participation in the Kunst Academy Exhibition in Mauritius, The Johannesburg Biennale of Arts, Le Collectif at Marie de Long Jumeau, France, Arts Afrique-Océan Indien and the Salon di Mai of 2018.

Абстрактный Градиент




The appearance of the Quantum collection is a new trend in the fashion world. Quantum work, as such, promotes innovative perception, encourages the subject to observe, and focuses on an ever-changing receptive mind. It appeals to an inspired, educated person with an artistically perceived mind that is moving forward in comparison with time. A quantum work of art has a certain influence on reality and the subsequent artistic process, since it becomes part of the consciousness of the social personality that expresses it in materialized expression. These factors provide a starting point for further progress in art, and this language leads the observer to increase consciousness, their own thinking, their own cultural background, and create new models of approach to reality. This contributed to the creation of the main idea of synthesizing the acquired knowledge and observations into a qualitatively new artistic model, such as "quantum fashion".

The department


Roberto Denti

Natalia Morozova


In their collection, they demonstrated the idea of a combination of styles where classics are perfectly combined with sports, and they complement each other perfectly, adding quantum works of artists to the collection of prints. The women's collection contains the fundamental code of the Universe-a spiral shell-a symbol of the feminine principle. The model design and design development keep the set line concise, framing and logically completing the idea in the center.

The quantum collection  MODENARO received the first place in Moscow at the exhibition"Couturier of the year 2019". The presentation of the collection was successfully held in Italy, in Sicily, as part of the program " beautiful November in Caltagirone... together with the fashion show "Scuola di Moda Ipsia Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa", directed by fashion Professor Cristina Navarra.

The department


Ihab Fadel Abu Musa


Ahmed Mahmoud Gueiba 




The logo shows Egypt's connection to art. Fashion Art F&G, bearing the first two letters of their surnames.

Artist Ihab and artist Ahmed met in early 2019 and presented works of quantum art, which was created in Italy by artist Roberto Denti, with whom artist Ahmed Gwiba has been communicating since 2017, then he became the Middle East Director in this field. In 2019, artist Ihab teamed up with artist Ahmed Gwiba and discussed some points about how to use quantum art in fashion design.It is thanks to the artist Ihab's experience as a University Professor interested in using art in clothing since 2002. A lot of research has been done with graduate students in the master's and doctoral programs . Therefore, we turned the idea to the principle of quantum art to be a start on a new direction in the middle East, especially in Egypt.We have created a logo that will become a brand in the future to achieve our dreams. We combine clothing modeling with quantum art of various techniques: computer graphics and artistic photography. We have applied and created some projects related to Quantum art, with our logo that shows and expresses our source of inspiration - this is the key to life. This simple philosophy is related to the secret of the energy and mind of life and is called the Nile key in kink Ankh Amun. In 1869, the theory of Thomas Inman appeared. its idea was United between a man and a woman, as the secret of the life force. Today, we are inspired by this idea to plant the value of quantum philosophy and spread it around the world.

School Quantum Star

Director"School Quantum star "

Alexander Alalykin 

Department Director Photography 



Professional photographer, photo artist.
Member Of The Russian Photo Union, 
Member of the Union of Folk Art artists,
Head of the media group Of the international Creative Assembly of the Charity 
Foundation "Slavic traditions".
Participant, winner and prize-winner of international foreign and Russian exhibitions 
painting and photography.
Teacher of photography at the Ostankino College of Film and Television.


Quantum art course: painting, photography

Department Director Marketing


Professional photographer with1989.

Emotional photographer.

Artistic. Member Of The Eurasian Union.

Founder in the gallery " Art of the future”.
Founder /owner of the photo project " emotions".

The founder / owner of the photo Studio "Manakin Photography".

Photo Work is on permanent display in the Athens Museum.

Winner of international exhibitions in Russia, Israel, Denmark, Belarus, Italy, Japan, China.

Quantum art course: painting, photography

Director"School Quantum star "

Evgeniy Manakin


показ мод


Director"School Quantum star "

Elena Ivanova


1997-2004 – head of the children's fashion theater "Cleopatra", created 10 collections of avant-garde fashion from materials such as paper, polyethylene, foam.
1. "Russian avant-garde" - 14 models, paper (1998)
2. "Illusions" - 9 bows, (1999). The idea of the collection is to transform the world with the beauty of a costume.
3. "Plastic world" - 8 models, polyethylene (2000), 2nd place in The city competition of fashion theaters. The idea of the collection is to save the ecology of the Planet earth.
4. "50kHz"-5 bows of avant-garde fashion, (2001),1st place in the city competition of fashion theaters. The idea of the collection is insects and animals as a source of inspiration for the designer.
5. "Revelation" - 5 stylish bows – organza, reps,brocade, foam rubber. The idea of the image of female beauty from the time of the Egyptian Queen "Cleopatra".
6. "Civilization" - luxury collection of 6 models (2002). The idea of the collection is to study the history of costume through the prism of modernity. The top of the collection is the model -12 locks of the Volga-don shipping channel with the flowing rivers of the Volga and don.1st place in the city competition of fashion theaters.
7. "Canvas extreme" - 6 models. (2002),canvas, mirrors,fur. The idea of the collection is decadent epochs of Russian art Nouveau, look into yourself through furs and canvas.1st place in The city competition of fashion theaters.
8. "Special forces" - 10 bows.(2003),patchwork – wool, silk, Coton, leather. The idea of the collection is the Russian flag in an eclectic costume. 2nd place in the City competition of fashion theaters.
9. "Project:School!» - pret-a-port collection, winner of the Silver needle competition under the patronage of Vyacheslav Zaitsev in Zelenograd.

10. "City brand" (2004), 10 models. The idea of the collection is a fervent mood and branded luxury wearable models made of linen and Coton.
11. "Volga fair" (2004). 8 models. A collection of easy and outerwear of varnish with sintipon, modern stylization of Russian folk costume. Grand Prix of the competition of urban fashion theaters in Volgograd and the Volgograd region.
12. Industrial collection of cotton and Jersey with embroidery "dreams of summer" (2005). Made at the factory "Tsaritsa" according to the sketches of the fashion designer Helen Yves.
13.industrial collection of men's hats made of fabric "Take more from life" from the company "Kartuzoff" according to the sketches of the chief designer-fashion designer Helen Yves (2007). 1st place at the international exhibition in Moscow "SHAPEAU-2008" in the category "Best men's headdress made of fabric".
14. "Art-Beau Monde" (2007)- pret-a-port collection, 7 bows, knitwear, lace. 1st place in the Volgograd regional competition of fashion designers "World of beauty-2007". Joining the Volgograd Union of fashion designers.
14. "Temptation"(2008) 10 models - seasonal collection for spring-summer 2009 from the sole proprietor of the designer Helen Yves. The idea is to make high fashion saleable. Add an element of accessibility for the public. Opening of the costume design Course by Helen Yves at the Chemist recreation center.
15. "Avtoledi" (2008)5 bows for lovers of driving a car - artificial and genuine leather, chiffon.
16. "Russian Parisian" (2009)- luxury collection of natural fabrics, with hats. It was successfully presented in the fashion house of Vyacheslav Zaitsev in Moscow at the 16th national competition of professional fashion designers named after N. Lamanova. Alexander Khilkevich, editor-in-chief of fashion industry magazine, commented on the show from Helen Yves: "What a riot and luxury of fabrics and colors! An extravaganza of color and beauty!".
17. "City of angels" (2010) - 8 models, knitted mesh, satin.
Exhibition of sketches in the Museum and exhibition center of the Krasnoarmeysky district of Volgograd "Fashion graphics by Helen Yves»
18. "Lordly quirks" (2010) - 5 bows made of canvas and satin. Diploma for creative approach in creating clothing models at the regional competition "Golden Pin-2010".
19. "Sweet dreams" (2015) - 7 models, eurofatin,
20. "championship-2018" (2017) - 6 models of children's urban fashion. The certificate of the Volgograd regional business incubator for free secrtification of goods and provision of patent services was issued at the regional competition "Fashion Designer of the year 2017»

21. "Tsaritsyn extravaganza" (2018) - 17 models of stylized stage national costume
22. "Paper Orchid" - 4 non-woven bows with organza garters
Exhibition of acrylic painting "And images of the beautiful Universe" in the Museum and exhibition center of the Krasnoarmeysky district of Volgograd.
23. "City of the Future" - 5 models – acrylic painting on silk and cotton monuments of the district and the hero city of Volgograd.
24. "Gzhel Gingerbread»


                   Brand designer Elina IV

Quantum art training course: painting and photography, stage art, clothing and accessories modeling, modeling art

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