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Svetlana Solo - Orlova (Russia)

Department Director Public Relations-PR


Honorary Member of IAMAQ

Svetlana graduated from the Moscow State Open Pedagogical University (fine art).

She participated in many National and International exhibitions and events (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, South Korea, France).

In 2001 Svetlana formed the Artists Union 'Solo' as a part of the Russian Professional Art Association. She works as the head of the Artists Union “SoIo” and also as an adviser to the Head of    the Russian Professional Art Association.

Apart from her own artistic and photographic activity, Svetlana also works as an art critic and successful art manager. She organised many exhibitions, festivals, Art workshops and art trips.

In 2008 Svetlana was awarded the prize “Deeds for Good of Nations” by the UN European committee.

Academician. European Academy of natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany)(2019).

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Vladimir Khvostov (Russia)

Department Director Computer Graphics


Photographer, designer, graphic artist Full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences(Germany) Member of the International Federation of Artists, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the International Association "Union of Designers", the Union of Abstract Artists of Russia. Laureate and prize-winner of many Russian and international exhibitions. Direction in creativity: art-photo, photo design, graphic design. Participant of more than 300 Russian and international exhibitions, including 30 personal and various photo contests. Awarded: badges and medals of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Arts, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany), the International Public Association "Union of Designers". He has a number of publications and articles in the media, the global Internet and various catalogs.

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Maria Semenova

Mariya Semenova (Russia)

Department Director  Graphics


Honored worker of culture of Moscow region.

Doctor of pedagogical Sciences.

Professor, artist.

Chairman of the graphics section MOOOSKH.

Head of section, art watercolors Art of the Eurasian Union.

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Alexander AlalyKin

Alexander Alalykin (Russia)

Department Director Photography 



Professional photographer, photo artist.
Member Of The Russian Photo Union, 
Member of the Union of Folk Art artists,
Head of the media group Of the international Creative Assembly of the Charity 
Foundation "Slavic traditions".
Participant, winner and prize-winner of international foreign and Russian exhibitions 
painting and photography.
Teacher of photography at the Ostankino College of Film and Television.

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Evgeny Gusev  (Russia)

Department Director Fashion Production


Designer, artist, scientist.
Member of the Union of Designers of Russia.
Senior Researcher.
He graduated from the Moscow Technological Institute of Light Industry with a degree in Design and technology of clothing production, Postgraduate studies at the Department of Applied Mathematics of MTILP.
He worked at the Central Research Institute of the Garment Industry in the laboratory
Automation of garment production. He carried out the development and implementation of methods of computer-aided design of clothing.
He worked as a leading CMEA specialist in the development of computer-aided design methods clothes.
He is the author of new technologies and scientific papers.
Evgeny Gusev founded a fashion design studio. The head and Chief designer of which is currently.
Over the years, the Studio has collaborated with a number of large clothing manufacturers, creating for them the design of clothing collections, developing manufacturing technology and documentation for mass production of clothing.
At the same time, the Studio produced its own clothing lines. Currently, the Studio has moved from mass production to the creation of exclusive individual styles and capsule wardrobes of modern business women.

The Studio's collections have been presented at International forums in Russia, Italy and France and have a number of awards.
The paintings painted by Evgeny Gusev were presented at exhibitions in Russia and England and were awarded with diplomas.
Combining the visual images of paintings, the rhythm of the cut of clothes, computer technologies and the individuality of a person is the main direction of Evgeny Gusev's creativity today.

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Kislitsyn Yuri

Kislitsyn Yuri Mikhailovich  (Russia)

Department Director  Ethnic art


Member of the Eurasian artistic union (section " classical painting").
Director of the laboratory "Shadrin art painting", member of the Russian.

Geographical Society, participant in the movement " for cultural rebirth".
Teacher of Shadrin State Normal University.

Teacher of drawing, painting, composition art.

The Art School "Red Star" (Shadrinsk).

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Irina Pavlova  (Russia)

Department Director Paralympic art


I am a medic by profession and worked as a physical therapy instructor for 20 years in
City polyclinic number 1 of the city of Dolgoprudny. It so happened that I, being a disabled person of the 3rd group since childhood, have always dreamed of helping other people overcome social barriers in order to get out of the state of deprivation in the shortest possible way.
Having a lot of experience working with people, I continued to improve and expand my own boundaries of knowledge in various ways that would help people overcome various difficulties.
Since I loved to draw since childhood, to do something with my own hands, my interests are they went beyond medical rehabilitation programs.
I studied methods of aromatherapy, Raindrop massage, Tomatis systems, habilitation of disabled people, various methods of art therapy and drawing.
This is how art came into my life.
These techniques formed the basis of the project for disabled children "Innovative methods for disabled children" the Sun shines for everyone "for the Governor's award" Our Moscow region "as part of the organization for disabled children, young disabled people and their family members" From the Heart to
Heart" .I also successfully defended this project in the Ministry of social Protection.
When this project was successfully completed, I created a new long-term project that was
dedicated to helping children with cancer-participating in charity auctions and conducting Master classes on mandala weaving (Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, introduced
the idea of the mandala to modern psychology. He considered the mandala one of the most powerful archetypes, which
is a visible projection of the psychic and expresses the Self.
The word mandala in Sanskrit means "circle, round, circular, disk, wheel, ring,
sphere, ball, orbit, country, territory, region, society, aggregate, Assembly".
The mandala is a symbol of primordial Matter that gives birth to all things: the Earth, man, and matter, down to elementary particles and force fields, and the entire boundless Universe).
The administration of our city supported my projects and thus an article appeared in the
newspaper Long Ponds - indolgoprud.ru No. 29 (530) Friday, July 21, 2017. "Success is work and the way"by A. Sergeenko.\ Later this article was included in biblioteki manuals for Universities ,medical- psycho-social commissions recommended for study by educators and teachers speech pathologists "Development of life competencies in children with disabilities",by A. R. Maller - a very famous educator and psychologist,books and scientific works of his are sold not only in our
country,but also abroad.thus my projects have moved to a number of scientific and recommended ones Fogos.
I also participated in conducting Master Classes on weaving Mandal for children with disabilities Ardip, for which she received letters of thanks from organizations and charitable foundations.
My last project included an inclusive program to help people with disabilities , we paint paintings in master classes, I conduct
charity classes at city festivals with Mandalas, participate in exhibitions, exhibit in museums and win. In 2019, I am the winner of the 8th Paraartiade  of MO - 2nd place in the category of art and decorative art. As well As the first Award of the head of the city of Dolgoprudny in the category "At the call of the heart".
In 2020.Winner of the Grand Prix in the city of KASHIRA ON the 9th Paraartiade in the category of an invention activity.
I am a person with disabilities and created a project for people with disabilities and unlimited patience and desire to live and create!
The joy of winning and attention helps people with disabilities to overcome life's
difficulties faster. My participation in the international exhibition "Hands of a woman" inspired the creation of a number of new paintings that we are writing together with a participant of the project "the Whole world is in your hands" .
My ward's dream is the simplest-to return to society.
We also strive to learn about new art trends.
My participation in creative projects and exhibitions:

As part of the project, she participated in the following events:
participation in city competitions Christmas tree toy and Easter palette since 2015
-Participation in the city event in the Pcio with a master class on September 1 , 2016. - Participation in the congresses of NGOs in the Moscow region with master classes in
artistic and creative areas of work with disabled children and
young people with disabilities 2016-2017.
- Participation in the 3rd and 4th Regional Festivals Of the Association of disabled children of the Moscow region ARDIP
"Into a future without borders" 2017 received a Commendation.
- Participation of all members of the public organization "from heart to heart" in
flash mobe + performance of the song Duo "Singing hearts" in celebration of the
international children's day in the city Pcio in June 2017
Creation, protection and implementation of the project:
"the Sun shines for everyone" - Art design, art therapy and aromatherapy 2017
Participation in the 2017 Governor's Award with the above project
Participation in 2018 In the Paraartiade, as a disabled person since childhood-participant's diploma Participation in charity events within the Artbazar project 2017-2018
Participation in youth programs at the Central Library 2018 with a master class Mandala
Participation in the charity project 1st City Art auction 2018-to help children with disabilities
oncological diseases Conducting free MK in the language Studio of the city.2018
Conducting a Mandala Master class on mother's Day 2018 Conducting a master class for disabled children-new year's Mandala for the Christmas tree 2019

Participation in Paraartiade in the town of ozyory 2019-Cup 2nd place in the category of an invention activity
Participation in the European Festival in Odintsovo 2019
Participation in Paraartiade 2020 in the city of Kashira-Grand Prix in category fine arts
Participation in International exhibitions Arbat Gallery of the Andrey Nekrasov art Center
Participation in the international exhibition competition Golden Time Distant - 2nd and 3rd places for fine and decorative art in the 17th stream
Participation in the 1st international exhibition Astral projections with artfuturega
Participation in Parafest 2020 in block 12
Participation in the social program online master classes :New year's mandala for city
organizations 2020

Participation in the 18th stream of the international festival of the Golden Time Distant competition-2020

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 Elena Ivanova -ElENIV (Russia)

Department Director Fashion


1997-2004 – head of the children's fashion theater "Cleopatra", created 10 collections of avant-garde fashion from materials such as paper, polyethylene, foam.
1. "Russian avant-garde" - 14 models, paper (1998)
2. "Illusions" - 9 bows, (1999). The idea of the collection is to transform the world with the beauty of a costume.
3. "Plastic world" - 8 models, polyethylene (2000), 2nd place in The city competition of fashion theaters. The idea of the collection is to save the ecology of the Planet earth.
4. "50kHz"-5 bows of avant-garde fashion, (2001),1st place in the city competition of fashion theaters. The idea of the collection is insects and animals as a source of inspiration for the designer.
5. "Revelation" - 5 stylish bows – organza, reps,brocade, foam rubber. The idea of the image of female beauty from the time of the Egyptian Queen "Cleopatra".
6. "Civilization" - luxury collection of 6 models (2002). The idea of the collection is to study the history of costume through the prism of modernity. The top of the collection is the model -12 locks of the Volga-don shipping channel with the flowing rivers of the Volga and don.1st place in the city competition of fashion theaters.
7. "Canvas extreme" - 6 models. (2002),canvas, mirrors,fur. The idea of the collection is decadent epochs of Russian art Nouveau, look into yourself through furs and canvas.1st place in The city competition of fashion theaters.
8. "Special forces" - 10 bows.(2003),patchwork – wool, silk, Coton, leather. The idea of the collection is the Russian flag in an eclectic costume. 2nd place in the City competition of fashion theaters.
9. "Project:School!» - pret-a-port collection, winner of the Silver needle competition under the patronage of Vyacheslav Zaitsev in Zelenograd.

10. "City brand" (2004), 10 models. The idea of the collection is a fervent mood and branded luxury wearable models made of linen and Coton.
11. "Volga fair" (2004). 8 models. A collection of easy and outerwear of varnish with sintipon, modern stylization of Russian folk costume. Grand Prix of the competition of urban fashion theaters in Volgograd and the Volgograd region.
12. Industrial collection of cotton and Jersey with embroidery "dreams of summer" (2005). Made at the factory "Tsaritsa" according to the sketches of the fashion designer Helen Yves.
13.industrial collection of men's hats made of fabric "Take more from life" from the company "Kartuzoff" according to the sketches of the chief designer-fashion designer Helen Yves (2007). 1st place at the international exhibition in Moscow "SHAPEAU-2008" in the category "Best men's headdress made of fabric".
14. "Art-Beau Monde" (2007)- pret-a-port collection, 7 bows, knitwear, lace. 1st place in the Volgograd regional competition of fashion designers "World of beauty-2007". Joining the Volgograd Union of fashion designers.
14. "Temptation"(2008) 10 models - seasonal collection for spring-summer 2009 from the sole proprietor of the designer Helen Yves. The idea is to make high fashion saleable. Add an element of accessibility for the public. Opening of the costume design Course by Helen Yves at the Chemist recreation center.
15. "Avtoledi" (2008)5 bows for lovers of driving a car - artificial and genuine leather, chiffon.
16. "Russian Parisian" (2009)- luxury collection of natural fabrics, with hats. It was successfully presented in the fashion house of Vyacheslav Zaitsev in Moscow at the 16th national competition of professional fashion designers named after N. Lamanova. Alexander Khilkevich, editor-in-chief of fashion industry magazine, commented on the show from Helen Yves: "What a riot and luxury of fabrics and colors! An extravaganza of color and beauty!".
17. "City of angels" (2010) - 8 models, knitted mesh, satin.
Exhibition of sketches in the Museum and exhibition center of the Krasnoarmeysky district of Volgograd "Fashion graphics by Helen Yves»
18. "Lordly quirks" (2010) - 5 bows made of canvas and satin. Diploma for creative approach in creating clothing models at the regional competition "Golden Pin-2010".
19. "Sweet dreams" (2015) - 7 models, eurofatin,
20. "championship-2018" (2017) - 6 models of children's urban fashion. The certificate of the Volgograd regional business incubator for free secrtification of goods and provision of patent services was issued at the regional competition "Fashion Designer of the year 2017»

21. "Tsaritsyn extravaganza" (2018) - 17 models of stylized stage national costume
22. "Paper Orchid" - 4 non-woven bows with organza garters
Exhibition of acrylic painting "And images of the beautiful Universe" in the Museum and exhibition center of the Krasnoarmeysky district of Volgograd.
23. "City of the Future" - 5 models – acrylic painting on silk and cotton monuments of the district and the hero city of Volgograd.
24. "Gzhel Gingerbread».

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Katerina Meshcherinova (Russia)

 Member Painting Departament 


Since 2015, laureate of international competitions and exhibitions.

2015 Art Week in Poland. International painting Competition, nomination: Esotericism-1,2 place,
Fantasy - 2nd place
2015 Art Week in Great Britain International Painting Competition, Nomination: Esotericism-3rd place, Fantasy nomination-3rd place
2015 Bulgaria Art Week International Competition of Decorative and Applied Art – 1st place, International Painting Competition, Fantasy nomination-3rd place
2015 Art Week in Luxembourg painting competition, nomination Synthesis of genres and directions – 1,2 place
2015 "RUSSIAN ART WEEK - RUSSIAN ART WEEK" International competition of
abstract and experimental art. Nomination: Esoterica -1,2,3 place, nomination
Fantasy – 3rd place, Decorative and applied art Competition, nomination: art paintings-1st place
2015 Russian Cup of Artistic Creativity XVI International Festival of Children's and Youth Creativity and Pedagogical Innovations. Painting contest, nomination-esotericism
-1,2,3 place, nomination: paintings of planar objects-2nd place

2015 Art Week in China is an international painting competition. Nomination: Esotericism-1,2,3 place, nomination of Fantasy-2nd place, competition of decorative and applied art, nomination: art murals-1,2 place
2016 Personal exhibition at the Lesya Ukrainka Library
2016 Art Week in Italy, classical painting competition, Nomination: Esotericism-2nd, 3rd place
2016 Art Week in China is an international painting competition. Nomination: classical art -
3rd place
2016 "RUSSIAN ART WEEK - RUSSIAN ART WEEK" International Competition
abstract and experimental art. Nomination: Esoterica -1.2, place
2017 "RUSSIAN ART WEEK - RUSSIAN ART WEEK" International competition of
contemporary art. Nomination: Conceptualism -1.2 place
2017 World Art project "Pulse" International art exhibition-competition
"Touch" -1 place, for the artistic work "I am a crow"
2017-2018 International exhibition competition of contemporary art "Modern avant-garde" - painting competition, nomination: Surrealism -2 place, nomination: Avant-gardism -2 place
2018 International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Abstraction Festival, Painting Competition, nomination: Surrealism - 1st place
2018 International Art Exhibition competition "Touch" 1st place
2019 International Art Project "Grani" International Art Exhibition competition "Encyclopedia of the artist" - 2nd place
2019 International Talent Contest of Russia - 2nd place
2019 International Competition International Art Salon - 1st place
2019 International Competition International Art Salon-3rd place
2019 International Art Future Contest - 1st place
2019 International Talent Contest of Russia - 2nd place
2019 International Art Project "Grani" Central House of Artists International Art Exhibition competition "Passion for the theater" - 1st place Gold medal
2019 Article by Art critic academician Grigory Ginzburg "A pictorial parable in the light of quantum art".
2020 Personal exhibition in 
Future Gallery

2020 GRATITUDE FROM the Eurasian Art Union for personal contribution to the development of fine arts and culture
2020 IV International Theosophical Congress-diploma for excellence and high artistic
2020 International Zen Art Competition 2nd place
2020 International Zen Art Competition 3rd place

2020 World art project "A place where there is light" - 1st place
2020 International Exhibition competition K. Ts Rublevo - Season of Inspiration-1st place
2021 Solo exhibition at the Art Future Gallery "And the rocks will become sand.."
2021 Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin Diploma, Winner of the Art Prize, for philosophy Art

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Andrey Madekin (Russia)

 Corresponding member

professional artist

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Irina Polyakova (Russia)

 Corresponding member

professional artist

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Alexey Polyakov (Russia)

 Corresponding member

professional artist

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George Maher (Egypt)


Department Director Photography 


Member of many international society for photography and fine art like GPU. FIAP, PSA, UAP and more

Shared at more than 240 Local & International Exhibitions, Festivals, in Competitions Egypt and 18 country

Take more than 70 prizes inside and outside Egypt.

Shared to judge many festivals and international exhibitions at Egypt. France, Tunis and Turkey.

The camera is a main companion for me on all my  trips and the most important witness for recording events, but there is a boundary between photography as a way to immortalize the moment and the elements and techniques of visual  art, where I transform photography from a simple image that records a snapshot to a formative work that connects different elements to embody an artwork drawn in the camera through a visual vision Especially.
Through drawing with light, manipulating the shadow and light, working on black and white harmony in exquisite artistic paintings that hijack the eyes, in addition to choosing the angle of taking the picture and using the aesthetics of shadow and light, taking up black and white in a new way and leaving large areas of black color, which adds mystery and magic to the artwork.

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Ihab Fadel Abu Musa (Egypt)


Department Director Fashion


Professor. He was born in Menufia in 1968, and graduated from the faculty of home Economics in Helwan in 1989 University, received a master's degree in 1994 and worked as a teaching assistant in the field of clothing and the textile Department of Helwan University in the field of fashion design, and in 2001 he received doctorate in software engineering, dedicated to the art of designing clothing using a computer. He held it in his hands the position of head of the clothing and textile Department in 2017-2018 and currently works in the position of Professor of fashion design at the faculty of home Economics at Menufiya University, many of his research and work related to the field of fashion design and plastic arts in the light of technological developments.
His previous works related to the field of plastic art include participation in exhibitions.

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 Latifa Youssef Abdel-Wahab(Palestinian)

Latifa Yousef.jpg

Department Director Abstract art


  • Advisor to the Palestinian Media and Cultural Center - Embassy of the State of Palestine in Cairo.

  • Second Secretary, Permanent Delegate of the State of Palestine to the League of Arab States 2002 – 2008.

    • Delegate of the Palestinian Ministry of Culture to the Embassy of the State of Palestine - Cairo 1997-2001.

    • (Landscape), Officer of (Beautification of the Ocean), Palestinian Ministry of Culture, Ramallah, 1996-1997 Palestinian Radio and Television Commission - Ramallah 1994-1996

    • Exhibition Officer in the Department of Culture (PLO) - Tunis 1991-1994.

    • Art school in Bahrain and Qatar from 1967 to 1990 Member of the:

    • Member of the General Union of Arab Plastic Artists • Member of the General Union of Palestinian Plastic Artists.

    • Member of the Cairo Atelier of Journalists and Artists

    • Member of the Future Society for Arab Plastic Art

    • Member of Artists for Peace

    • Member of Cross-Border Artists.

    • Dumond Atelier (Headquarters - France)

    • Al-Housh Arts Center Participation in group exhibitions:

    • Bahrain 1968-1969

    • Qatar 1987-1985-1983 1980-1975 1972 Abu Dhabi 1987 Tunisia 1988 Cairo 1989 The Third Cairo International Biennale, 1989 Amman (Jordan) 1991 Seville International Exhibition (Spain) 1992.

    • The 17th Alexandria International Biennale, 1991 (Commander of the Palestine Pavilion) •

    • Female Creativity Exhibition - Tunisia - Department of Culture, M. T. P 1992 The Fourth Cairo International Biennale, 1992 (Commander of the Palestine Pavilion) Sharjah International Biennale, 1993

    • The 18th Alexandria Biennale, 1994 (Commander of the Palestine Pavilion) Bab Suwaiqa (Female Creativity), March 1994 The Tunisian Salon Centennial, 1995.

    • (Mail Art) Carthage 1993 – Tunisia.

    • (Mail Art) Italy 1994 • (Mail Art) Netherlands 1995 Al-Wasiti Center, Jerusalem, 1997 Ziryab Hall - Ramallah Bangladesh Biennale, 1997 Cairo Biennale 1998 (Commander of the Palestine Pavilion) Alexandria Biennial 1999 (Commander of the Palestine Pavilion) Cairo Atelier Salon 2000 The 8th Cairo Biennale, 2001.

    • "Jerusalem is the Capital of the Arabs" exhibition - Al Hanager - Cairo 2001.

    • Exhibition of Arab artists to support the uprising 2002 • Female Creativity - Palace of Arts - Opera House 2001.

    • Exhibition to support the uprising - Maadi Sports Club 2002 Artists for Peace - Budapest 2003 Artists for Peace - Solnock - Hungary 2003 Salon Club Heliopolis 2003 Alexandria Biennale 2003 Salon of Heliopolis Club 2004 Artists for Peace - Cairo - Press Syndicate 2004 Alexandria Biennale, December 2005 Salon Heliopolis Club 2006 •

    • Arab Artists - League of Arab States, October 2006 Alexandria Biennale, November 2007 Palestine by its sons' feather (Morocco) 2007.

    • Ancient Egypt Symposium of Arts 2008 Autumn Salon with the Cultural Channel / Cairo 2009 Autumn Salon (France) 2010.

    • Egyptian-Palestinian joint exhibitions 2010-2011 2012 Sharm El Sheikh Symposium 2011 (Arabic - Turkish).

    • Symposium (Konya - Turkey) 2011 (Arabic - Turkish) Sharm El Sheikh Symposium 2012 (Arabic - Turkish).

    • International Symposium (Konya-Turkey) 2012- and 2013 Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) International Symposium 2013.

    • The WOW group symposium in Casablanca (International Women's Day) 2013 • Ozgay University Symposium in Istanbul 2014.

    • International Connect Forum (Gaza) 2014 Guest of Honor (Ismailia 6 * 6 group) 2014 and 2018 • guest of honor, Ashtar Forum 2017 The 2nd Arab Plastic Art Festival Dubai 2014 Fine Arts Lovers Society 2017 Palestine Embassy Hall 2017 and 2018 Alexandria Library 2018 • El Sawy Culture Wheel 2016 and 2019 London Steps Exhibition 2018.

    • Finland - Helsinki 2018 exhibition • Marcin Foundation - Salah Taher Hall 2018 and 2019 Faculty of Fine Arts - Alexandria 2018 League of Arab States 2019 Palestine Exhibition in the Heart of the Arab Nation (Alexandria - Mahmoud Saeed Center) 2019 Karma Ibn Hani 2019 Special exhibitions: Doha - Qatar 1974 Doha - Qatar 1983 Doha - Qatar 1984 Tunisia (Al-Taher Haddad Club Hall) 1991 Spain (Motril) 1992 Cairo Atelier 1992 University Cultural Center - Tunis 1993 Tunisia (House of Culture - Gabes) 1993 Cairo Atelier 1994 Tunisia (Bab Suwaiqa) 1994 Royal Cultural Center (Amman - Jordan) 1994 Tunisia University Cultural Center - Monastir 1994 Palestine (Folklore Center - Ramallah - Al-Bireh) 1997 American University - Cairo 2002 Budapest - Hungarian Ministry of Culture Hall 2003.

    • El Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo, 2003 Future Library 2005 American University - Cairo 2006 Hall of Diplomats (Egyptian Center for Foreign Disabilities) 2007 Art Academy Hall Warsaw 2008.

    • External Relations Hall at the Ministry of Culture 2009 Bashtak Palace - Al Moez Street, Cairo 2011 Art Corner Zamalek - Cairo 2015 and 2016.

    • The Dawar Center - Adly Street - Cairo 2017.

    • Documentary Film Festival (Land) - Italy 2017 Holdings: • Ministry of Culture and Information - State of Qatar Palestinian Red Crescent – Gaza.

    • The Popular Art Center - Ramallah Embassy of the State of Palestine - Cairo Shoman Foundation (Amman, Jordan) Creators Village (Solnock - Hungary) Watan TV - Ramallah Palestinian TV, Ramallah

    • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Arab Republic of Egypt Royal Cultural Center - Amman Motril Municipality - Spain Budapest Warsaw (Academy of Arts)

    • Personalities in different countries of the world Special holdings in: • Tunisia • The Egyptian Arabic Republic • Spain • Italia • USA Jordan • Diameter Austria (Warsaw) Palestine • the two seas Oman (Muscat) Featured works: Independence Board - Palestine Radio and Television - Ramallah 1996 The Wall.

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Fausta Dossi (Italy)

Department Director Sculptures


Professional artist, sculptor.

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Aldo Gattuzo

Aldo Gattuso(Italy)

Department Director Photography


Ghìràn association of artists of Caltagirone.

Professional photographer.

Member of the international jury In the Eurasian Art Union.

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Cosimo D’Ostuni.jpg

Cosimo D’Ostuni (Italy)

Department member Photography


After graduating as an industrial computer expert, he works diligently at his father's company as a computer technician; this allows him to live and know the reality of everyday life and the various ways of thinking of people. In 2017 he graduated in Psychology.

The passion for landscape photography was born during his numerous business trips: portraying a natural or urban landscape was and is a way to keep alive the memory of the places visited but above all to enter the human soul.

The desire to expand and perfect his knowledge of photographic technique grows in him, he attends numerous photography courses and enriches his equipment with increasingly professional lenses.

The love for photography, the desire to discover and experiment push him to "wander" with his camera, almost a vocation as a modern explorer: "I have always felt like a traveler of other times with the desire to explore the world, get lost in places, immortalizing their soul."

In his photos there is all the love for his land, Puglia, for that Salento rich in history and traditions. Just look at the rough faces of the elderly, their slow gestures, the rural architecture and the unusual details of the Lecce Baroque, elements often reproduced in the authentic poetics of black and white.

The ancient coastal towers and abandoned farmhouses to bring to life are just some of the places that Cosimo prefers to photograph.

They are architectures rich in history, which document the life of man, his truest reality and, consequently, his fears: "they are masonry works still full of pathos, arouse strong suggestions in me."

The most gratifying part of this passion is being able to share thoughts and emotions: "photography becomes the means to tell about myself through images, it makes my ideas concrete and visible."

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Rosario Cali RO CA (Italy)

Department Director Digital art


Professional artist.

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Marco Bozzini

Marco Bozzini (Italy)

Department Director Painting 

Founder IAMAQ



Professional artist.

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 Gabriella Fabbri (Italy)

Department Director Art history



Professor of art history

Professional artist.

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  Lorenzo Mignani (Italy)

Department Director Philosophy of art



Professional artist.

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Department Director Art fantasy



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  Sofia Skleida

Department Director Poetries 



Professional artist.

Sofia Skleida was born in Athens. She studied Filology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens where she obtained her BA, MA in Pedagogy and PhD in Comparative Pedagogy. She is also a postdoctoral candidate in the Faculty of Theology at the same University.  She obtained a certification in the Braille writing. She worked as a translator at the Greek Embassy in Italy. She taught the Greek language in adults as a foreign language, in the Greek Community of Rome and in other institutions. She also taught the Italian language, the Greek language in the Italian School of Athens and the lesson of Judicial Psychology-Psychiatry in the Faculty of Police Officers. Her scientific interests involve special education and teaching, School Psychology, Ancient and New Greek Literature on which she attended a great number of seminars. She took part in conferences and published articles in the Greek and international scientific journals, in conference papers and chapters books. She was elected ambassadress of Greek Culture by the International and Cultural Organization Universum Academy Switzerland (May 2016- December 2018, Lugano, Switzerland). She is a member of the International Literary Organization Poets of the World, also of the International Literature Competition Universum, member of the Jury at the annual Literature Contest for the poetry and short story of the Cultural Association “Oikopolis”, a member of the jury of the 1st Panhellenic Literary Competition of Prose "Kefalos", a member of the cultural and social organization named “Amphictyony of Ellenism” and a regular member at the Panhellenic Union of Writers. She was awarded for her participation in poetry and literary contests in Greece and abroad. Her first poetic collection entitled Dream of Oasis (Thessaloniki, 2014) was translated and published in Italy in 2017 (won the second prize in an international competition in Milan), and a poem of this collection became a song.  Her first Fairy tale entitled Geometroulides was published in 2016, her second with the name The Kingdom of Joy in 2018 and recently her second and third collection of poetry entitled Neologisms and Melismos. At this moment are under publication her new books with the titles “Ιn the Mediterranean” “, Poetic Reflections”, “Cappadocian theological references in handwritten verses”,“ The teaching of classical languages in the Italian secondary education and Poetic visions in Paintings”.

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Ivano Barbiero

 Ivano Barbiero

Department Director Music(Piano)



Professional artist.

Pianist composer, with a musical repertoire referring to the classics of international pop music played exclusively on the piano. He studied music, piano and music history from 1979/1988. He has performed in various manifestations of national interest of an artistic and cultural nature in different cities of Italy, this activity has been carried out by the composer for 32 years, has received several accolades from many national cultural artistic associations, is part of the Lions Club International by Francavilla Fontana BR. and the Nastro Azzurro Institute. On many occasions he is invited to perform in vernissage and finissage to inaugurate Pictorial Exhibitions, valuable literary and poetic presentations. On several occasions he had the pleasure of performing in events abroad such as in France and Germany. In his journey, the Maestro has composed several Music that have received different consents that can be listened to on YouTube.

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Olena Talko

 Olena Talko

Department Director Сlassic Vocals (Soprano)



Soprano, full diapason from A# till E the 3rd octave

More than thirty arias of Italian, French, German,

Spanish, Argentinian, Russian, and other composers.

Ukrainian, Reggio nell'Emilia


2016 -post-graduate studies at the G.

present VERDI Conservatory (MILANO)

2000 - 2005 National Music Academy of


1999-2005 classical vocals at the

National Music Academy of

Ukraine. The vocal instructor Galina

Sukhorukova, professor and

the National artist of USSR.

2006-2007 The vocal instructor Viacheslav

Lupalov soloist of National opera of Ukraine and the National artist of Ukraine (bariton).

2007-vocal coach and pianist

present Artyom Reutov (Moscow, Russia).



2013 - 2016 September 2013-September 2016, Voice teacher in  College of Music of Kosenko.

Zhytomir (Ukraine) 2010 - 2016 From January 2010 until May of 2016, soloist of

Philarmonia of Zhytomyrsity Ukraine 2007-2008 State Opera of Slovakia (Marguerite (FAUST, Gounod), Mimi (BOHEME, Puccini)) 2005 - 2006 Practical work at the National Opera of Ukraine.

October 2019, President of the Jury of the Don Matteo Colucci International vocal contest, Fasano (BR) city, Italy June 2019, International Art Award Artemisia, Lecce (LE), Italy for the contribution in Italian


April 2019, opera Turandot in Auditorium

Verdi of MILAN (Italy) conductor Vittorio


December 2018, opera TROVATORE in

Auditorium VERDI of Milan (Italy) conductor Daniel Agiman

July 2018, opera BOHEMA IN Auditorium

Verdi of Milan (ITALY) Conductor Daniel


March 2018, concert for 80th th years of philamonic of Sviatoslav Richter (Ukraine) with Ukrainian Radio And TV Symphony Orchestra, conductor Vladimir Sheiko. January 2018, Concert Tour under the patronage of Italian Institute of Culture of Italy in Belgrad (Serbia) July 2017, Solo Concert of Camera Music Casa Verdi Milan (Italy).

Settember 2017, Concert for the Day of city of BERGAMO (ITALY), Lucia di Lammermoor with symphony orchestra conductor Silvano Brusetti.

May 2017, International Voice Competition

“Santa Gianna Beretta Molla”, Competition

winner, Mesero, Italy.

May-June 2016, opera Kateryna by M. Arkas with symphony orchestra, the capital role of Kateryna (Ukraine).

May 2015, solo recital in philarmony of

Sviatoslav Richter (Ukraine).

November 2014, solo recital for the day of

memory by Galina Vishnevskaya.

October 2013, concert with symphony

orchestra of Kharkov National opera,

conductor Pavel Baginsky.

March 2012, solo recital in Philarmony of

Sviatoslav Richter (Ukraine).

Aprile 2011, solo recital in Philarmony of

Sviatoslav Richter(UKRAINE).

January 2007, Concert tour in Denmark.

February 2006, Concert tour in United


January 2005, Competition “Francesco Vinas”, Barcelona, Spain.

May 2004, Competition “Competizione dell’ Opera”, Dresden, Germany.

2000, Young singer competition, Kiev; been marked by Jury of the competition.

The repertory consist of more than forty romances of such composers as Pergolesi, Scarlatti, Caldara, Bach, Brahms, Schubert, Schumann, Strauss, Liszt, Debussy, Ravel, Sibelius, Rakhmaninov, Tchaikowsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Ippolitov-Ivanov, Glinka, Vlasov, Kosenko, Jerbin, Lysenko, Lyatoshinsky, Bilash, etc.

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 Elisabetta Granieri Galilei

Department Director letteratura



Professor of Literature and Philosophy, University of Catania.

Expert in narrative writing, crime writing, professional writing, argumentative texts, methodology of literary criticism, semiology, new on-line and off-line digital writing, didactic skills of rewriting as a start for re-appropriation, oriented towards the ultimate goal of knowledge and understanding of literary texts.

Fields of activity: linguistics, metalinguistics, the history of Italian literature and the methodology of Italian literary criticism, professional writing; specializing in narrative writing for the page, in writing for the web, in the theory and teaching of various textual typologies and in new multimedia languages seen in the perspective of innovative semiological and methodological developments projected towards the third millennium.

Organizational skills: Ability to design and organize training courses for teachers. (Training courses on the teaching of narrative and creative writing carried out in the state high school "Alessio Narbone" in Caltagirone (CT)); tested experience in the field, in the design and implementation of courses of excellence with relative recognition of university credits. Organizational skills in didactic 

research projects and connection between high school and university on the Italian language and metalinguistics, in particular on the new argumentative language skills (Project "Compita").

Artistic skills and competences: Written production of nursery rhymes, fairy tales, stories and novels; continuous and direct comparison with the world of classical and contemporary arts. In particular: the avant-garde, painting, cinema, music, literature, rhetoric in general and that applied to advertising, semiology and the vast communicative field that has opened up with new multimedia languages.

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 Maria Concetta Lomartire

Department Director Experimental art


Is currently an Art Teacher in Turin.

Her passion for drawing and painting began as a child, she was dedicated to drawing everything that made her relax in a personal diary. Her creativity ranged from figurative to abstract, using a pencil or a simple ballpoint pen as a tool. 
Artist who is interested in everything that belongs to the creative field.
She graduated from the State Artistic High School of Brindisi, architectural address and then graduated in Cultural Heritage, professional in the Archaeological - Architectural and Environment at the University of Salento in Lecce. She participates in various archaeological excavations at the national level, contributing to research and discovery of archaeological sites and studying its peculiarities.
Artist who has immersed herself in the Theory of Form and of chromatic expression so as to make it personal and interesting from the point of view of pictorial representation. She excellent her compositions.
In the figurative field, she is characterized by painting on canvas, chiaroscuro figures, as if to act as sculptural works; the play of chiaroscuro highlights the movement of the drapery, the study of the human body, the pathos and the expression of the face of each represented subject.
The exploration and the artist's instinct currently lead her to always experiment with new artistic proposals. For this she loves to express herself using various materials and everything that inspires her.

She participates in various competitions in the creative field, including in 2015: “What's Next” by Breil, where she presents 3 types of models with autocad graphics, for the new Breil jewel, in steel for women.
His inventiveness is therefore also expressed through the creation of handcrafted jewelry. She is a jewelery craftsman, she uses hard stones, recycled materials, fabric, and various materials without setting limits of creativity, but following her personal inspiration.
Her creations are exhibited in trade fairs, national exhibitions and in the fashion sector of private companies both locally and nationally. Each jewel created is unique, without replicas and without copying.
She participate in various collective and impromptu art exhibitions of national and international interest.


- Various collective and extemporaneous exhibitions at “La Casaccia” Cultural Artistic Association, with 55 years of activity in the selection and promotion of artists in the national and international field;
- Winner of the 1st Extemporaneous Painting Prize, City of Francavilla F. in 2014.
- Exhibition of works in the stand dedicated to her, at the 9th Ediz. of the MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, “Arte in Fiera” Dolomiti in Longarone in 2014.
- She exhibited in a group show of “Artisti Salentini” in San Ginesio, in 2014, sponsored by the Marche Region, the Puglia Region and the Municipality of San Ginesio.
- She was among the selected and exhibited at the ASOLO INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL in 2014.
- She participated by invitation in a collective-competition at the Academy of Cutazza in Martina Franca, with 2 works on display made with recycled material.
- In 2017, she participated at the Francavillese Cultural Center "R.Tardio", in the collective of Painting and Sculpture, 2nd Ed. with the theme: "Poetry meets painting", and was classified in 2nd place, also presenting her own poem attached.
- In August 2020 she was selected and participated in the International Visual Arts Competition "TROFEO Città Bianca", 4th Ed. On line, receiving a Mention of merit from the jury critics.
She - she She exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, impromptu painting with the Proloco of Francavilla F. in various territorial locations.

Exploration and instinct currently lead her to always experiment with new ideas in the artistic field. Her works are often signed LMC, the initials of her surname and first name, of which C stands for Concetta, the middle name of her that she initially had and now goes by the name Concy.

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 Greta Gattuso

Department member-student
 Experimental art

artist student

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Katherine Doyle(Australia)

Doyle K .JPG
ART SCIENCE Katherine Doyle Cockburn Med

Department Director Philosophy


PhD (Science Literacy), Masters in Education (from research: Mathematics Literacy), Bachelor's

Degree (Reading {Literacy}), Diploma in Didactics.

Consultant to the Science Art Center, Australia. (Scientific literacy and Australian indigenous


Research Fellow and Associate,

Associate teacher and tutor for international students of higher level (Griffith University, Australia) Medal of the World Fund for Art 2018 (Science Literacy and Indigenous Perspectives)

2015 George Cockburn Memorial Medal (Science Art Education).

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