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In complexity science, entanglement is what exists before order emerges. The role of quantum entanglement as the precursor to emergent order is much discussed in physics [1]. For instance, Gell-Mann [2] defines an entanglement field as a 'fine-grained structure of paired histories among quantum states'. The notion of the primordial pool which existed before the origin of life is also much discussed in biology [3].

According to Christopher Davia [4] the evolution of life is the evolution of catalysis. Indeed, the biosphere, taken as a whole, may be considered a macroscopic process of catalysis. From the evolution of catalysis, from specific to non-specific, has emerged Man, the most non-specific catalyst on Earth.

In our definition Human Biocatalysts (HB) are human beings able to catalyze human relationships in a very selective way. The activity of a Human Biocatalyst is to interconnect people with reciprocal affinity by selecting them among a huge number of people. A HB is able to stimulate reactions between people through communication, in order to obtain tangible products.

McKelvey has found that an understanding of entanglement from quantum theory can throw useful light on the nature of ties among people and their impact on emergent order in organisations. In terms of human behaviour, he explained that a high correlation between the paired histories of people would mean they think in similar ways; a low correlation would mean they go in different directions [5,6].

Dean Radin has done extensive work on the idea of Human Entanglement. He describes experiments that shown a non-local connection between human beings when they ‘think’ of each other [7].

Entanglement, when included in quantum games [8], makes (somehow) everybody win. Entangled quantum strategies are such that all players cooperate, and classical egoism (destructive) is replaced by quantum altruism (constructive).

Entanglement might explain some form of telepathy, actually quantum pseudo-telepathy [9] between “quantum-minded” players who play a quantum game.

The Quantumbionet is network of people with various backgrounds and cultures, on a global basis to create an ideal platform for sharing the latest thinking in quantum sciences, examining current trends and assessing the likely changes for the future. It include well-known intellectuals, teachers and laboratories supporting the development of sciences and aimed to play an active role on the international stage for human health and wellness enhancement. The network will be the bridge between science and human behaviour.

Theoretical and experimental developments in different fields such as material science, biology, quantum computation etc. have shown that quantum theory cannot anymore be considered as merely pertaining to the "infinitely small". Rather, it is a general "syntax" for describing all the physical reality. In our analysis of nature, this huge change in perspective has the potential of unveiling a much better comprehension of natural phenomena. Quantumbionet intends to promote a systematic, interdisciplinary vision of quantum concepts through workshops and the publication of reviews and of new and original research articles on the new fields of quantum computing, quantum logics, quantum biology, nanobiotechnology, cybernetics, robotics and other complex systems, as well as on the more classical ones like the foundamental aspects of quantum mechanics.



A great leader should mix Science & Art, Public & Private, Politics & Religions and think that this is the Creativity of Life.

(Massimo Pregnolato)

Massimo Prengnolato
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